October 5, 2017

So this is what life is like this time of year in the Valley of the Sun. Don’t even think about trying to play golf, or even hitting balls. The golf courses are pretty much all closed until ~ the 20th because everyone has reseeded their summer Bermuda and planted winter rye. And it’s happening across thousands upon thousands of front lawns where everything once glorious green is now the color of wheat waiting for the landscapers to do their thing.

R.I.P. Tom Petty. Truly one of the greats. He had a quirky, kind of goofy, laid-back persona but a knack for writing songs with great hooks and equally-cool music videos. Had a great, no-nonsense band that just churned out no-frills rock. He’s now in heaven with his Traveling Wilbury mates Roy Orbison and George Harrison (the latter with whom he co-penned the incredible “Cheer Down”, which marries Petty’s sense of melody and lyric with a truly virtuoso performance by Harrison). He went too soon, but I have a feeling he got every ounce out of the life he lived and enjoyed it all.

In the days ahead you’ll read dozens of stories like this one, but this one in particular is tough. Very tough. Prayers go out for not only the dead, but for those who survived. They’ll need all they can get.

…along those same lines, now that’s a smart phone!

Talk about your dangerous jobs! Maybe KFC isn’t such a bad gig?

The President’s Cup was a snoozer, for sure, but it definitely underscores just how much young talent the U.S. has out there. Methinks Europe is going to have their work cut out for them in next year’s Ryder Cup.

You probably won’t hear a lot of this from the usual media suspects – they’re far too interested in bashing President Trump – but I think this is a big deal. European nations ignore at your own risk.

I think this is exactly right. The media keeps looking for ways to see President Trump stumble, but all he does is show them how petty and ignorant they are. The President doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and the media just can’t fathom it.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Kelly’s problem is that she forgot who she was. Her show was amped up by the killer ratings she would get when sandwiched between powerhouses like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, but her ego took over. Talk about someone screwing up their career, and royally!

…speaking of ruining one’s career: that moronic Democrat mayor of San Juan. Surely she realizes what a jerk she looks like. You diss the President of the US in public and then when he criticizes you for your incompetence you double down on stupid? Good luck with that, honey…

And a final thought for y’all’s consideration: here is where the NFL protests and the Vegas massacre intersect politically, and you tell me where I’m wrong: The same people supporting the protesting of the flag and our national anthem because they believe that police shootings of innocent civilians is an epidemic are now the same people telling us that we need gun control and that only the police should have guns. …And you tell me that liberalism isn’t a mental disorder?

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October 3, 2017

A few thoughts about the mass shooting that took place in Vegas Sunday night:

1. It makes me heartsick to even have to blog about this. I love Vegas, and for the same reason most other folks do – it’s a place to go to get away from the troubles of the world, not find yourself a victim of it.

2. The sad truth is, if someone wants to commit mass murder there’s not a whole lot to stop them unless their family, friends, and neighbors somehow pick up the scent. Just like what happened in San Bernadino and elsewhere, it’s gonna come out that folks knew about this guy and what he was capable of, and whether out of fear or just blindly going on about their daily lives said nothing or did nothing.

3. Want my take on it? No? Well, I’ll give it to you anyway: the guy was a loon and a gambling addict who got tired of losing at the casinos and decided to teach Vegas a lesson it would never forget. You read this and perhaps the motive becomes fairly obvious. Think about it: can you imagine the impact on Mandalay Bay alone? Would you want to book a room there now? I sure wouldn’t. Not only will it be forever stained by being the scene of this tragedy, but they’re going to get ass sued up the yang-yang for damages by any and all affected. I’m not sure that’s right, but if in fact they allowed the guy to check in under his girlfriend’s ID that’s a major problem and neglect on their registration desk’s part. I know every time I’ve checked in to any hotel – never mind in Vegas – they always ask for an ID to go with the credit card on file. Not that it might have prevented the massacre if he was forced to show his ID and not allowed to register if he didn’t, but that in itself opens the door very wide for lawsuits.

4. It’s so predictable what happens whenever there’s a mass shooting. Generally speaking, you get (most) politicians and civic leaders offering up sympathies, prayers, and concerns for the victims and their loved ones, then liberals and Democrats who don’t even wait for the bodies to cool before they traipse in front of the cameras and call for gun control. It’s sickening, but then again you’re talking about sick people who see everything through a political lens and are sick in their very souls. Michael Savage has called liberalism a mental disorder, and it’s people like this and this and this that only confirm Savage’s diagnosis.

5. You can look at the vast majority of mass casualties by gun violence in a single setting and see two common threads: the guns were illegally purchased, and they occurred in a gun-free zone. I’m OK with tightening up regulations wherever it makes sense, but gun control ain’t the answer. It’s the mature response in times like this to recognize that guns don’t kill people, people do.

6. It makes me wonder about stadium settings and how many baseball parks and football stadiums are within shooting range of a hotel or high-rise buldings. I guarantee you Toronto Blue Jays players and the folks at Skydome see the world a bit differently today. Same thing with the Cubs and Wrigley Field, and any number of other locales.

7. It also makes me wonder why no one has attempted this kind of thing before. I mean, you have a virtual killing field anytime you have high-rise buildings and a concert or a sporting event within range. At least the poor folks at the Highway 91 event could at least start running. Can you imagine a full stadium with people seated in tiny rows and aisles as a means of escape? Not to mention the players on the field. It’s a sad state of affairs for someone to contemplate, but that’s the world we live in.

8. And it makes me recall that visit to Vegas a couple of years ago when me and fellow Goodboys “Killer” Kowalski and “Doggy Duval” McLaughlin were staying at the Palazzo, and Killer and I witnessing those Iranians starting to bust up the bar in the middle of The Venetian casino. It all happens so fast around you, but who knows what would have happened if those guys decided to shoot up the place instead of smashing a bunch of $50K chandeliers. I guarantee you if they had I wouldn’t be blogging right now.

9. Kudos to the Wynn for taking additional security measures. I’ll be going there in December – can’t wait – but you have to be realistic about things in this day and age. And it’s going to be everywhere. It’s sad, but that’s the way it is: you can bet this kind of thing will be springing up all over the casinos, clubs, and hotels.

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October 2, 2017

It’s going to be a great post-season in Major League Baseball, I think. There is a lot of excitement here in the Valley of the Sun for the Arizona Diamondbacks because of the way they man-handled the L.A. Dodgers during the regular season, but first they have to get past the Colorado Rockies in that one-game playoff. I can tell you who the Dodgers will be rooting for!

The Red Sox will be playing the Astros in the first round of the playoffs. Not too many people are giving the Sox a chance, and I have to agree with the so-called “experts”. The Sox are a mess right now. Of course, they do have the most dominant closer in the major leagues in Craig Kimbrel, but in my view it all comes down to the offense, and there’s no question the Astros hit the ball a helluva lot better than the Sox do. Right now there are a lot of holes in the Sox lineup, forcing them to work too hard to manufacture runs.

I love the enthusiasm the Minnesota Twins bring to each game and I’m hoping they’ll beat the Yankees. Whoever wins that series won’t matter, because I see the Cleveland Indians going all the way this year in a repeat of last year’s World Series matchup.

So, my predictions work out like this:

Astros beat Red Sox in the ALDS
Indians beat Twins in the ALDS

Dodgers beat Rockies in the NLDS
Cubs beat Nationals in the NLDS

Indians beat Astros in the ALCS
Cubs beat Dodgers in the NLCS

Cleveland beats Cubs in the World Series

Play ball!

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