September 24, 2017

The only thing I will say to NFL commish Roger Goodell and all major sports enterprises and teams is this: do you really want to go there? You want to be on the side of people disrespecting the flag? You really want to go there? Really?? You do know the direction this is ultimately going to go, don’t you?

Look, I don’t care about a person’s political philosophies and affiliations. I don’t care how ignorant they are or might be. You don’t like or believe in our national anthem and flag, and respect the generations of men and women who died fighting for your right to be as ignorant as you are? Fine. I respect your right to believe what you believe. But you do not have the right to insult the very people who pay your salary and the advertisers who have paid damned good money that has afforded you the means the ability to achieve the lifestyle you have been able to achieve.

I don’t claim to know what’s going on inside your head, but it seems to me this country and its freedoms have been pretty damned good to you to enable you to make a living doing what you love to do and actually make money (and a hell of a lot of it), doing it. That’s what makes this country what it is. But you insult and degrade the blood sacrifices made by generations who came before you – generations that didn’t have half of the benefits you have been given – and died for you on beaches in France, in the biting cold of Korea, in the rice paddies in Vietnam, or in the flea-infested deserts of Iraq. You desecrate the sacrifices both they and their families made. But you don’t know that, and you why? Because you’re stupid, and because you’re ignorant.

It’s pretty damned easy, I’m guessing, to walk out on the runway into a stadium of 60K folks and think your sh*t doesn’t stink, and that your petty and ignorant gesture actually means something. Spare me your fuc*in’ social justice bullsh*t. Here’s a question: how many professors allowed you to skate through classes at college to enable you to attain the kind of lifestyle you now are able to achieve in that oh-so-evil capitalist America?

The system worked pretty damned well for you, didn’t it?

You may not think there’s a whole lot I can do beyond this blog that will have an impact on you and your ignorance. But there are sponsors out there who are paying some serious dough-re-mi to allow you to achieve the lifestyle you have. And I can tell those sponsors to go fu*k themselves if they insist on supporting a sport that supports the denigration of our flag and our national anthem. You know the saying, money talks and bullsh*t walks? Well, I’m guessing that in the weeks ahead you’re going to find out just how far your sponsors are going to be willing to go in allowing this kind of cancer to spread. Because that’s what it is: like it or not, you are role models to young people.

Methinks the NFL is about to have a sh*tstorm come down upon it. The one thing advertisers with the big bucks will not, and cannot, tolerate is controversy. You started it. The President called you on it. Now let’s see who blinks first. I got news for you: it won’t be the advertisers.

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