August 26, 2017

A few thoughts while offering up prayers for the folks in Texas:

Joe Bastardi at is still saying Harvey is going to circle back around and make a second hit on the Texas-Louisiana border next week. This could truly be a once-in-a-lifetime storm.

…but don’t get me started on the idea Harvey is the result of climate change. But mark my words: you’ll get any number of so-called experts blaming Trump for everything, because he dropped the U.S. out of the Paris climate change accord. As if committing billions of dollars to some third-world, tin pot dictatorship in Africa would make a difference.

The back story behind a very cool song and performance.

So what if John Farrell is a lousy manager, the Red Sox are a hot team right now, right? Maybe so, but his continually-poor in-game managing will cost them in the playoffs.

Good for President Trump. This is about right:

Arpaio was accused by the Obama Justice Department and other left-wingers of targeting Hispanics. Indeed, the legal case that led to his conviction arose from claims of racial profiling. But in Maricopa County, the illegal immigrant population is overwhelmingly Hispanic. Had the County been plagued by mass illegal immigration by Koreans, chances are Sheriff Joe would have targeted Asians. And he would have been right to do so. Sheriffs shouldn’t be expected to check their common sense at the door.

The libs will go crazy over his pardoning Sheriff Joe, but at least he wasn’t a traitor or a terrorist. Sheriff Joe was a controversial figure, but you could never say that he wasn’t doing his job. I miss his annual Father’s Day roundups of deadbeat dads.

There is no other way to put it: Hillary Clinton is a pathetic loser. Thank God she never became president.

David Bowie was wrong when he sang, “We can be heroes”. Truth is, not all of us can. But these men were.

Mark my words: when all is said and done it will be revealed that everything associated with the Charlottesville protest-melee-riot will be revealed as a highly-orchestrated plan to humiliate the conservative right that went awry. I don’t think anyone expected things to get as out of hand as they did, and now the lawsuits will be flying, as well they should. There was no excuse for what happened, but Virginia governor Terry MacAuliffe made sure plenty of leftists got a free shot at the alt-right protestors, and the truth is all starting to come out. When fingers start getting pointed, you know is jig is just about up.

So when Guitar Aficionado magazine asked George Harrison to select his favorite guitar solo ever, and he picked this. Maybe George was just having a laugh of it, but it got me thinking, and I don’t think you can beat either of these: the snarling solo he played during the album version of Let It Be, the melodic, virtuoso part during “The End” (George’s part is the second four-bar piece sandwiched between Paul and John’s), “Marwa Blues”, from his posthumously-released Brainwashed, and my all-time favorite performance of his, the outro in “Cheer Down”. But you can also hear George’s deft touch on Badfinger’s “Day After Day” and two cuts from Lennon’s 1971 album Imagine: “How Do You Sleep” and “Gimme Some Truth”. As the years have gone by Harrison’s star has done nothing but shine more brightly as folks discover just how gifted and (in the case of his Beatles years) how underrated he was as a guitarist and musician.

A first-hand account of President Trump’s Phoenix rally this past Tuesday. Just goes to show when law enforcement is done smartly people have the freedom to express their views as long as they don’t get stupid.

That’s right, Democrats – this is what your Party leadership in Washington sounds like.

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