August 17, 2017

A few random thoughts as I frantically try to catch up from that extended absence:

It’s amusing, sad, and all too predictable to watch the mainstream media and Beltway “UniParty” politicians go all loony and apoplectic over President Trump’s unwillingness to lay sole blame for the violence resulting from that “Unite The Right” protest over the planned removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia that turned into a wild and violent melee, resulting in the death of a young women and injuries to a bunch of folks. Anyone who has watched the videos can clearly see that there were two camps that were spoiling for a fight: a bunch of white nationalists who joined up in support the original protest, and anti-fascist “Antifa” protesters who showed up ready to make sure heads were busted. There’s no virtue on either side – thus the President was right (as usual) in putting the media and weasely politicians on their heels.

…the point being, there is such a thing as the right to free speech and assembly, and it’s obvious Virginia law enforcement were instructed to stand down and allow the violence to escalate. Here’s hoping a few civil lawsuits make the city and state pay for not keeping the peace and the two parties separate from each other. There’s really no excuse for what was allowed to happen.

Mark me down as in favor of the PGA of America’s decision to move their major from August to May starting in 2019. It makes sense in so many ways: 1) it compresses the majors into a four-month period, 2) it allows the PGA TOUR to move up the Fed Ed Cup a couple of weeks and get the season over before the college and professional football seasons get underway in earnest, and 3) most importantly, it allows the professional golf season to actually have an off-season – something that every other professional sport has. It’s good for the game, and it gives the PGA Championship a chance to try some locations in the south and southwest that heretofore would never be considered for a major. Who knows, maybe Scottsdale, Arizona?

Samuel Adams Grapefruit IPA is a discovery, a better beer for summer than even their Summer Ale. I like them both, now I have some variety for summer quaffing!

…but it’s ridiculous to see Sam Octoberfest at the supermarket when the outside temperatures are still over 100. Can’t they wait until at least, say, Labor Day?

The Red Sox are a very dangerous team right now. Rafael Devers is working out at third base better than anyone had reason to hope, and so is starting pitcher Doug Fister. Depending on how David Price comes back, it’s not hard to see how formidable they could be in a short series.

13 Alfred Hitchcock movies you have to see before you die (in a shower or otherwise).

This sounds like good news to me. Funny how no one in the mainstream media is giving President Trump any credit whatsoever, If this were President Obama, OMG, they’d be nominating him for another Nobel Peace Prize!

Word around is that President Trump will issue a pardon for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio during a rally next week. I certainly hope so. Did he have a monumental ego? Yes, Did he do everything to resist the Obama administration’s attempts to thwart his efforts against illegal immigration? Yes. But Sheriff Joe’s criminal contempt conviction was just retaliation from a liberal Obama judge appointee. It’s the right thing, and will be a popular thing, for the Prez to do on behalf of “America’s Sheriff”.

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