July 2, 2017

Just in time for Goodboys Invitational weekend. One of my favorite Goodboys preparations is to watch the special features disc on the Jaws whatever anniversary release it was. Not only is it interesting, but Richard Dreyfuss reveals himself to be quite the storyteller.

This is why I can’t bring myself to go to St. Mary Magdalene regularly anymore. The Roman Catholics might have the best theology around, but they’re the biggest hypocrites in the world. Being a pedophile is bad enough, to hand a big cross around your neck as if you’re a servant of Christ is beyond sacrilegious. Both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict – two great Popes, BTW – had a chance to clean house and for whatever reason either didn’t or couldn’t. This new Pope is a social justice warrior moron, I got nothing to do or say to him.

I think the Golden Bear is about right on this. The longer Tiger is away, the tougher it will be for him to come back and compete at the level he is used to. But I figure he figures he’s got enough problems as it is.

Kudos to these pro-Trump activists. That’s the way to do it – convert them with kindness. If this were the liberal left protesting, they would have broken windows and trashed the place.

If this is indeed true, then there’s really nothing left as far as the mainstream media’s obsession with President Trump and Russia goes. It all started with General Flynn, remember? I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that the whole Russia Special Counsel investigation is not about Trump, but about the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama administration’s unmasking of American citizens solely for political gain. The Democrats will rue the day they pushed this TRump / Russia narrative. Now he’s going to each them for lunch.

This is (truly) CNN.

Regarding the hoopla over President’s Trump’s supposedly outlandish tweets about the MSNBC “Morning Joe” team of sleazeball Joe Scarborough and shallow, bitchy Mika Brezninski. The GOP elites in Washington simply can’t comprehend the idea of liberals bashing them on a daily basis and actually having the balls to call them out on it. My view? The only response GOP members should have is “We’ll get Trump to stop tweeting when you start treating him with the respect the office deserves, otherwise go **** yourselves.”

Meanwhile, while the media is focused on Trump and Morning Joe, good things are happening.

This is what a real President stands for.

LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis as a Republican congressman? Could happen

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