May 27, 2017

Since Memorial Day weekend is traditionally (and meteorologically speaking) the very cusp of summer here are a few items worthy of news and notes interspersed with some fine examples of surf music.

The Supertones: “I Surf In Black”

The twins are just starting to get over being sick, so I’ll be spending the weekend doing some light outdoor chores (swimming pool primarily), getting a haircut, hopefully planting some hydrangea (courtesy of Hi’s Silk Flowers), hitting a small bucket to work on my 5-wood and hybrids, practicing some putting, and start work on the 2017 Goodboys Invitational newsletter.

Los Straitjackets: “University Boulevard”

I think the next few weeks are going to be looked upon as a turning point in the Trump presidency. Getting rid of sleazeball and political hack FBI Director James Comey was, in effect, pulling the plug to start draining the swamp, otherwise known as the “Deep State”.

The Madeira: “Crescent Moon”

A fascinating read about lightning-strike survivors. Gotta be safe out there.

The Bambi Molesters: “Point Of No Return”

Back to the Comey firing: the White House can now install its own FBI interim director and start targeting and eliminating the Obama-placed political hacks, law-breakers, and traitors that have been leaking intelligence and subverting the Trump administration at every angle. Make no mistake about it: this is the end result of Barack Obama’s efforts to politicize everything in the federal government in order to implement his radical leftist vision as quickly as possible.

The Sandals: “(Theme From) The Endless Summer”

The Red Sox are starting to get interesting. Were David Price to come back to anywhere near his normal self (I still predict dude’s gonna end up having surgery before the end of the season) and if Eduardo Rodriguez has finally come into his own (a big if) that would give the Sox a starting rotation of Porcello, Sale, Rodriguez, Price, and who cares after that. Their bullpen is always going to be in and out, but closer Craig Kimbrel looks like a different pitcher than last year, confident and pounding the strike zone. If they could only find a halfway decent third baseman (no, Pablo “Fat Pig” Sandoval is not the answer) they could be trouble for someone come the playoffs. But again, a lot of big ifs there – not to mention a long way to go.

Laika and The Cosmnonauts: “Fadeaway”

It’s gotta be increasingly clear to just about everyone except the fawning mainstream media and her cult of followers that the country truly dodged a bullet when Hillary Clinton lost last November. Like Barack Obama, she’s a maniacal and pathological liar. Unlike Barack Obama, she was and always will be a lousy politician – not to mention arguably the most unlikeable presidential candidate who ever ran for office. Had she ever occupied the White House I truly believe the light of American freedom would have been extinguished forever, and quickly – she is that vile and evil.

Messer Chups: “Cemetary Beach”

Back to Hillary: the vast majority of people desperately want her to go away but she won’t because she can’t: years of insufferable fawning over by a mainstream media and the living off of “Clinton Inc.” simply won’t allow it. Her ego continues to be inflated by a cult of leftist lesbians, omnisexual loons, and leftover hags and feminazis from the Sixties. Look, I understand why people would have voted for her as a way to vote against Donald Trump or because they’d vote the Democratic Party line even if Adolf Hitler were running, but I simply cannot fathom the idea of anyone who could enthusiastically pull the lever for someone as ethically challenged, morally bankrupt, functionally incompetent, and intrinsically unlikeable as Hillary Clinton.

The Fathoms: “She’s The One”

You know who had a great coming-out party during President Trump’s first major foreign visit? Melania Trump. I never really “got” the attraction and interest in Michelle Obama: to me she was nothing but a bitter, angry woman who hitched her wagon to Barack Obama, mooched off the taxpayers dime, and fooled everyone into believing she possessed class and grace, of which she had neither. To finally have a First Lady who presents herself as a lovely, classy, and enthusiastic ambassador of this country and her husband’s administration is a joy to behold. No wonder liberals and the mainstream media despise her.

The Ventures: “Ajoen Ajoen”

R.I.P. Roger Moore. He was few, if anyone’s favorite 007, but that didn’t mean the movies he made weren’t entertaining and pure escapist fun.

The Sandals: “Wingnut’s Theme”

Mark my words: this is a huge scandal that’s just starting to break. Forget about anything Richard Nixon might have ever done – the depth and the scope of the Obama administration spying on private Americans is going to be breathtaking. Me? I might be wrong here, but I don’t think any of this was Barack’s doing, at least directly: he just liked being president and told Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett to do whatever it took to keep pushing his radical agenda forward.

Insect Surfers: “Polaris”

And thank God someone has taken the reigns to protect the country from a leftist agenda attempting to wipe out this country’s history and further their own self-righteous, fascist agenda. I mean, where would it all end? George Washington owned slaves – should we take down the Washington Monument? The only thing the Progressive Left understands is someone who punches back twice as hard as they do, legally or physically. They’re cowards emboldened only by the echo chamber of their own social media, and a cancer in this country that needs to be extracted and destroyed.

Aqua Velvets: “Spanish Blue”

Hard to believe what has happened over at FOX News in such a short time. Like millions upon millions of conservatives I stopped watching FOX News a long time ago. I do enjoy FOX Business Channel, where they have accumulated some really good talent over there during the day (Maria Bartoromo, Stuart Varney, and Trish Regan especially). Now if they could only do something about that nighttime line-up…

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

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