May 24, 2017

Tomorrow is Opening Day for The Great White Shank and his new clubs, as we begin the road to the 2017 Goodboys Invitational over at the demanding and unrelenting Superstition Springs Golf Club. I’ve hit ten buckets of balls, off grass, mats, and dirt, and at some point you just have to say this is as good as it’s gonna get, trust your swing, and get the hell out there where every shot means something. Of course, I’ll have the after action report here at the Nation – good, bad, or indifferent. In the meantime, a few thoughts from what has been a damned hectic week thus far:

The mainstream media can keep dwelling on the non-existent 2016 election Trump campaign/Russia connection but if they were playing the role of true journalists instead of Democratic Party hacks they’d have to admit the President has had one hell of a successful week. His trip to the Middle East has been nothing short of historic, resetting boundaries and repairing the damage of eight years of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and submitting a budget that actually is actually based in reality unlike anything Barack Obama submitted during his presidency.

And I like the whole theme of the way the Trump administration is framing the arguments around that budget, pitting the Washington establishment against Joe Taxpayer. Of course, liberals and the media will howl about supposed “cuts” in social programs, but the fact is in Washington language a cut is what happens when you’re not continuing to increase a particular agency’s budget at the same rate as in previous years. My God, that would be like me saying I’m cutting my credit card spending because I’m only putting $5K on my credit cards in 2017 instead of $8K as in the past five years.

Beach Boys fanatics all over are all a-lather over the upcoming “Sunshine Tomorrow” release, featuring remixed tracks from their Wild Honey album as well as other unearthed rarities and unreleased tracks, circa 1967. Ought to be a good one.

At some point someone, somewhere, is going to have to stand up to the loony liberal left and its social justice warriors and say, “enough is enough”. I truly believe that day is coming – and soon – but it ain’t here yet.

The only lesson I’m willing to take from the terror attack in Manchester is what Confederate General “Stonewall Jackson” replied when asked how his army could prevail in the face of an enemy who outnumbered him: “Kill them, kill them all.” And I’m not kidding about this: you find out who the bomber trained with and who his accomplices were, and you kill them. And then find who they trained with and who their accomplices were and kill them. If you want to end savage behavior, you have to be a savage. There is no moral equivalency when it comes to death. Do it enough and at some point radical Muslims are gonna run out of volunteers.

It isn’t yet, but this is gonna be a big story. And folks are soon going to learn just how the Obama administration truly operated behind the scenes.

Back in the days when battleships looked really cool. The Texas was a sister ship of the Maine. And it wasn’t just battleships – that applied to aircraft carriers, too.

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