May 10, 2017

A few thoughts and comments at the midweek:

We had some pretty strange weather these past few days here in the Valley of the Sun. On Saturday we hit a high of 101, approximately ten degrees higher than normal, then saw the high on Sunday drop to a cool 72. Last night we actually had a quarter inch of rain from a storm moving across the state that actually brought the rain in from the southeast. Very unusual, considering: a) May is usually our second driest month (behind November), and b) rain from the southeast typically doesn’t happen until the monsoon season. And then tonight, bright moon shining down on the swimming pool from a hole in the clouds while rain poured down creating stars on the water. The air so clean and finally dust free, the cornstalk rustle of the palm trees – wish y’all could have seen it, it was a beautiful sight.

Yesterday morning, I was taking a break between calls and was talking to my neighbor John, and he remarked how we were living in paradise: the temperatures in the low 70s and a little humidity in the air – we could have been in a town outside San Diego. Not only that, but the houses in our subdivision are at the highest re-sale values he’s ever seen. You see, we’re benefitting not just from a rebounding economy – thank you President Trump! – but from all the building they are doing to the east and southeast, which is just making our location ten minutes from all the main freeways around here that much more desirable. In real estate, location is everything.

…Of course, in order to sell you have to somewhere to move. And right now we’re pretty content as to where we are.

I already liked VP Mike Pence, but knowing the Pences have a bunny for a pet only reinforces my view he’s a good man with a good family. You can even follow Marlon Bundo, “Bunny of the United States” on Instagram. He’s cute.

Just finished reading Robert Lusetich’s “Unplayable: An Inside Account of Tiger’s Most Tumultuous Season” and found it fascinating. Folks tend to forget that before his cheating-on-Elin scandal erupted Woods was playing at a very high level. It’s incredible to think we’ve now gone nearly nine – count ’em – nine years without Woods winning another major. He was, and remains, a complex individual – one who, even with the incredible career he has had, I have little doubt would admit that he underachieved during his professional career. He futzed around with his swing too many times and made some questionable choices off the course that resulted in injuries he never should have had. Most importantly, he’s never sounded as if he were truly happy – a sad way to go through life. His father’s passing had an incalculable impact on him, but even before that he never projected himself as anything more than a brand to be cultivated and sold.

Frankly, I’m amazed FBI Director James Comey lasted this long. His handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail affair was beyond incompetent, and he should have been amongst the first fired by Trump. He knew damned well what Hillary Clinton had done, knew what laws she had broken, but chose politics over the rule of law in order to accommodate the Obama administration, Loretta Lynch’s corrupt Department of Justice, and Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

…If I were Robbie Mook, Hillary’s former campaign manager, Comey’s firing should have him terrified – for his former boss. Hey Hillary, I’ve got two words you might want to write down for future reference: Grand Jury. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if AG Jeff Sessions reopens the Hillary investigation and lets the courts decide whether what Hillary did as far as her e-mail server and classified information go rise to the level of prosecution.

…But somehow I think she already knows the answer to that question. I will say this: Donald Trump is holding one very large bargaining chip when it comes to the Democrats, and the funny thing is they’re too clueless to even realize it.

I tried to tell y’all based on what I saw of them in Spring Training, the New York Yankees are for real and are going to give the Sox and Orioles all they can handle in the American League East. And outside of a couple of players, they’re not an unlikeable bunch. I’m not sure they have enough pitching, but neither do the Sox. And don’t be fooled by the Sox’ offensive explosion of the past weekend – the Twins are awful. Wouldn’t surprise me to see the Sox and the Yanks go down to the wire as far as who finishes in first.

…along those same lines, it’s too bad the Sox had to bench CF Jackie Bradley, Jr.; he’s one of the players I truly enjoy watching. But after 3+ years it’s pretty clear that while he’s an incredibly-gifted CF, he’s also a frustratingly streaky hitter – something you just can’t have in a lineup with offensive holes at both 3B and catcher.

…along those same lines, isn’t OF Andrew Binentendi fun to watch? He’s going to be a good one.

Hard to believe, even with the mainstream media so damned biased against the Republicans, that this story isn’t getting more play. I think it’s clear that Hillary Clinton’s failed run for the presidency (I’ve got the book and can’t wait to start reading it) was the result of totally corrupt Democratic Party machine headed by the equally-corrupt Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Talk about a swamp needing to be drained!

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