April 17, 2017

A items to start the week:

The 2017 Masters has been history for a week now, but for some it will remain a precious memory forever.

I guess my Augusta National is Portsmouth Country Club, where the view upon turning into its oak tree-lined lane with its clubhouse at the end of the driveway doesn’t look a whole lot different. It’s a drive I’ve made many times, and it’s one I never tire of. Hopefully I can play it again sometime this year. All I need now is a set of clubs!

Folks might notice I haven’t posted much about the politics lately, and that’s because I haven’t got a lot to say. I’m pretty much with the Prez on just about everything he’s done to date. He’s pretty much as advertised – impulsive, unpredictable, still feeling his way around who the players are and what is and is not possible. Unlike the nattering loons in the mainstream media, I don’t think a president’s first one hundred days means squat outside of setting a tone for the rest of his presidency. Talk to me in six months as to whether I think he’s doing a good job or not.

That being said, this seems about right to me:

“It has become increasingly clear to me that there was widespread wiretapping of President Trump and his associates and that the underlying justification was pretextual — it was actually intended to spy on a political opponent. And it is equally clear that the nonsensical post-election tale that Russia colluded with Trump so that he could beat Hillary Clinton was a coverup tale to justify the unmasking and leaking of some of the information — particularly about General Flynn — which has taken place. The prior administration was so confident Hillary would win that they left their tracks uncovered and afterward were desperate to hide the truth so they projected and whispered the Russians were colluding with Trump.”

The whole Trump/Russia thing only makes sense when you accept the fact that the mainstream media is nothing more than a group of Democratic Party operatives.

…and they still can’t believe that Hillary Clinton lost the election. And they’ll never accept it. Nor will she. When will people finally wake up to the fact that she was, and was always, a lousy politician who headed up a lousy campaign? But I guess it’s easier to say that it was the Russians who through Donald Trump decided she shouldn’t travel to Wisconsin at least once during the campaign.

I can’t say I’ve agreed with Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on much, but if he keeps this up I might have to start paying more attention to him. I’ve watched her in action during a number of Senate confirmation hearings and she’s an embarrassment to the Senate. Not, unfortunately, to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I’ll bet. All the more reason to live in Arizona.

President Trump is right, you have to wonder who’s funding these organized protests. Me? The moment I see Barack Obama’s medical records and college transcripts then I’ll ask PDJT to release his tax returns.

I miss the team of Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy. Thanks, YouTube!

I miss Warren Zevon. Thanks, YouTube! Another must listen is Mohammed’s Radio, with Lindsay Buckingham and a (then) Stephanie Nicks doing on background vocals.

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