March 9, 2017

…because, after four weeks I’m actually starting to feel better.

Yes! Funny, while doing grocery shopping the other day I heard a Billy Joel song and was reminded for the, like millionth time, just how much I hate his music. It truly is akin to dishwater. Like anything by the Cars, it sounds old and sonically sterile. Joel’s music comes across as phony, self-serving, and all much ado about nothing. Most of all (and worst of all for an artist), it’s boring. For someone who supposedly prides himself on painting pictures about other peoples’ reality, there’s nothing real about it, as if he’s merely mouthing words because he thinks they sound good. I would never say he’s a fraud, but I think his music is fraudulent.

…that being said, I do admit to liking “A Matter of Trust”, but it’s mostly because of the grungy guitar that drives the song. It certainly isn’t that dopey, pretentious count-in.

It’s about time someone at the USGA started talking sense about how far the guys on the PGA Tour are hitting the ball and what to do about it. The answer is not in lengthening courses – all that does is push the technology even further. You’ve got all these beautiful courses out there designed by people with the character of the course in mind – courses that deserve to be seen and played by today’s athletes that simply cannot be because of how far they can hit the ball. Not only that, technology has destroyed the character of the game: all it is now is bash the ball as far as you can hit it without worrying about being penalized for it. What good is that?

Regarding President Trump’s and the GOP’s push for replacing Obamacare, I’m going to sit back and see what happens. For one thing, the GOP’s options are fairly limited because there’s no way on earth they’ll get 60 votes in the Senate for approval – heck, I would argue it’ll never get to the Senate for a vote because it’s pointless. The way I see it, I think the GOP will chip away at the mandatory parts of Obamacare, then have a final bill they know will go down to defeat, but one that ultimately compares favorably with its predecessor. Then the GOP will use Obamacare as a wedge issue in the 2018 midterms to bash the Dems up for re-election with the goal of picking up 5-7 seats in the Senate and getting within striking distance for full repeal in 2019.

For all you Dems and liberals out there who thought Trump’s promises to get tough on trade were nothing but a joke: this is what winning feels like.

As is this. And just to think, we’re only 40+ days in to the Trump presidency.

As is this. You know, everything the Democrats, liberals, and whiny social justice warrior snowflakes touch these days goes to crap. Makes me wonder if they’ll ever pull their heads out of their butts. I sure hope they don’t!

OK, I know it’s only early March, but there are alarm bells already going off in my head about this Red Sox team. I know on paper they have a killer outfield and are strong defensively up the middle in the infield, but David Price’s injury is going to hurt the starting ro’ much worse than folks suspect. I don’t like Pablo Sandoval at third, I don’t care how many pounds he’s supposedly shed, Mitch Moreland is nothing special at first base, and the Leon/Vasquez combo behind the plate isn’t going to make anyone shudder in fear, either. I’m going on record as saying right now that they appear to be overrated, and it wouldn’t bother me one bit were they to get off to a slow start so that manager John Farrell gets canned. He’s a lousy manager, and there’s no real depth on this team to bail him out if anyone else gets injured.

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