January 24, 2017

It’s another gray day here in the Valley of the Sun. Actually, it’s been a pretty damned gray January. We’ve had quite a bit of rain this winter, something you won’t hear too many folks complain about here in the Desert Southwest. More importantly, they’ve been getting a lot of snow north of us and in the West in general, which will be great for raising those reservoirs and, of course, Lake Mead.

One of the hot items on my to-do list for January was getting my sister-in-law’s divorce work off my plate. We did the whole thing through DivorceWriter.com, and figure we saved ~ $200 bucks by not paying a lawyer to know all the rules (they are extensive) and the process (very complicated), and do all the paperwork and the running around. As long as you don’t share property, financial assets and children (as was in this case), it’s definitely the way to go. And, better yet, I can get 1/2 off my next divorce! Unfortunately (or fortunately), I don’t expect to take them up on their offer.

Wanna hear something strange? While Tam and I were hanging around the Superior courthouse last Friday waiting for her paperwork to be processed, we noticed that we had begun her divorce process by initially filing on November 22nd, the anniversary of JFK’s assassination, and ended it with our final filing on January 20, the date of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Don’t know what that means, but, like they say, it does make you go, hmmmmm…

It was great to see the Green Bay Packers get smoked by the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game. Everyone around here thinks Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is akin to a god, but to me he seems like a whiny punk, as if nothing that ever happens is his fault. Is he a good quarterback? Sure, but folks around here seem to think he’s one of the all-time greats, even – if you can believe it – better than Tom Brady. The same was true about Peyton Manning. But the Patriots, and especially Bill Belechick and Brady, are so incredibly hated around these parts that folks can’t see straight through their jealousy and envy.

So this is the week Tiger Woods returns to the PGA Tour. Sure, he’s talking big, but after seeing what’s happened the last two weeks on tour, in the back of his mind he has to be wondering whether he can keep up with the youngsters anymore. And Tiger has to know he’s just one awkward swing from saying bye-bye to his career.

I’d be interested in seeing what some of my Goodboys pals who frequent the gym think about this. Technology is just changing so fast. I mean, we just did a re-fi on our home and not once did we have to make copies of and/or fax anything anywhere. All the documents were signed and processed electronically. The only thing old-fashioned was having the notary visit our house and go through the pile of paperwork to sign and notarize, but I’ll bet even that goes the way of the kiwi in the next five years.

This doesn’t seem right to me, and I’m surprised the media isn’t making a huge deal out of this.

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