January 2, 2017

With the start of the New Year there is no time to lose, for the calendar beckons. We’ve got a financial advisory firm we can trust, and the challenge we’ve been presented to increase our liquidity. In addition to hitching our financial wagon (two 401Ks and a 403(B)) to the Edelman folks, we’re re-financing and taking out some equity in our house to pay off all our credit cards and start pounding our savings account with the lofty goal of saving $50K by the end of 2017. We’re also reassessing all of our insurance options and need to complete the final documentation on our living trust. There’s a lot of paperwork involved and e-mails flying back and forth, but the goal is to have everything we need to have done for 2017 in terms of re-fi, trust, insurance and our investment portfolio in place by end of the month.

The clock is ticking on my sister-in-law’s divorce from the guy she was married to in Florida for a month or so ten years ago (don’t ask, it’s complicated), and the rules for out-of-state divorces is very strict. We’ve already got all the legal forms assembled and have the initial filing in place, now comes the next phase when the request for a no-fault hearing is requested. We need to schedule the notary public for next weekend so we can file with the municipal clerk on the 9th, so that the final documents can be filed exactly eleven days later as required by law on the same day as Donald Trump’s inauguration, January 20.

Next weekend is closet-cleaning weekend. We’ve been using our closets to store all the old computers and related peripherals and books; now we want to clean them out so we can figure out how much closet space we really have. Tracey has my mom’s cedar chest and wants to use that as part of her overall closet configuration. She also has a significant pile of clothes left over from before she lost all that weight. Lots of stuff to donate to good causes, and January is the perfect time for that!

In between that I have a visit back to Massachusetts planned from the 11th through the 18th to spend some time with my dad and to help him out with some remaining items still left over from my mom’s passing.

There’s some landscaping left to do in the backyard – now’s a good time to get the dwarf date palms planted and established before the heat arrives, and Carmelo’s crew will be handling that next Thursday. We’ve also got to figure out what to do with Cosmo’s area now that he’s gone. Our rabbit Peach shares my office space with me right now, but it would be nice to figure out an arrangement that retains the current amount of space he has along with giving our other rabbit Marlie a roommate. That’s gonna be hard.

Once I’m back from Massachusetts it will time for my odd-year immersion into the Eades diet ahead of my physical and re-upping my life insurance policy. At which time Tracey and hope to start work on getting our Arizona concealed carry licenses and handgun permits.

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