December 23, 2016

You know, I had every real intention of just turning the page and moving on with Donald Trump’s election in a true non-partisan fashion. I really did. After all, following Barack Obama’s election in 2008 you didn’t see a complete and utter meltdown on the conservative right. Oh sure, you had the likes of Rush Limbaugh saying that he hoped Obama’s presidency would be a failure, but what else would you expect from him? And, of course you had the birthers trying to delegitimize Obama’s presidency with the prospect that he might have actually been born in Kenya. But it wasn’t even close to the total, complete, utter meltdown that is happening on the Left – and I’m not just only talking about the loony, moonbat, batshit-crazy Progressive left. I’m talking about liberals and Democrats (some of which are Goodboys friends, sad to say) who think the Trump candidacy is something akin to the apocalypse.

And it’s everywhere: Trump is Hitler, Trump is going to repeal the 1st amendment to the Constitution. Trump is going to round up all Muslims and illegal immigrants and put them in internment camps. Trump is going to start a nuclear war with Russia, or China, or both. Trump is going to try and undo everything Barack Obama did during the eight years of his presidency (now that’s something I’m willing to believe!), the Trump family is going to turn the White House into their own personal money-making and money-laundering operation (not that something like that had ever happened before!), Trump is reckless, Trump is stupid, Trump wants dirty water and filthy air, Trump is the new head of the white supremacist movement – I mean, it’s everywhere and to an extent that even I – someone who thought he knew just how moronic, juvenile, and intolerant liberals can be – never thought possible. And the guy hasn’t even been sworn into office yet!!

What you’re really seeing out there is the true face of liberalism in all of its ugly forms, unmasked and in bloom for everyone to see. I’ve always said that liberals worshipped at the triune God of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity in the most jaded kind of way, for liberals are the most intolerant, unaccepting, and non-diverse people you will ever meet. Tolerant? Sure, their tolerant of folks who think, believe, and act the same way they do. Accepting? Sure, but toe the line when it comes to acceptance or risk being cast out into the darkness as a pariah. Diverse? Diversity stops at the line of liberal and progressive thought. Otherwise, you’re a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, monster whose thoughts, views and actions are not just to be condemned, but destroyed.

I guess yesterday and the news of that “the husband” of that gay couple berating Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue flight that was boarding while she and her kids sat in coach. I mean, how unhinged do you have to be to even think of doing such a thing? How warped must your world and world-view be to think that such behavior is acceptable? And while I recognize there are loons on both ends of the political spectrum, the fact that the actions of this moron were not only not condemned by the political left (an oxymoron, BTW, for with the left everything is political), it was actually applauded as some kind of brave, speaking truth to power kind of moment.

So I’ve had enough. Not to the point where, unlike many on the left, I refuse to even tolerate (there’s that word again) friendships, and family members who might have voted for Trump, I’m unwilling to keep as friends and family members those I know who either voted for Hillary or didn’t vote for Trump (and that would be the majority of them, I think). No, I have a life. I have the capability of accepting into my circle of family and friends those who don’t think or act as I do or vote as I did. And while I very rarely – if ever – agreed with anything Barack Obama or his parasitic wife ever did during his presidency, even if faced with, say, Moochelle Obama, sitting next to me in coach (not that that would ever happen!), I would treat her with respect, probably even offer to buy her a white wine and ask for a picture of us. ‘Cause that’s the kind of guy I am.

No, nothing like that. The only thing I will say to those, no matter who you are, unable to extract yourselves from the five stages of liberal denial (disbelief, shock, anger, grief, and meltdown) is this: your agony brings me tidings of great joy.

And I have one piece of advice for you all as well: get over it and grow up. Oh, and while you’re at it, get a life. Life is too short, too precious, and all too fleeting to allow yourselves to exist in such a pathetic bubble where you can’t even accept the fact that Donald Trump is, for better or for worse, your president. To disown family members and break friendships over a presidential election is stupid, but I’m guessing those folks weren’t very good friends or family members to begin with. You don’t have to like it. You don’t even have to accept him as your president. You can protest him (peacefully and in a way that doesn’t inconvenience others) all you want. But why not at least give the guy a chance? Chill out and decompress. Stop and smell the roses. Breathe deeply the fragrant air of God’s creation. Take a break. Sure, the last year and a half have been stressful, but the country survived eight years of Barack Obama and will survive Donald Trump. I guarantee it.

But if you insist on carrying on like you’ve been doing to date, blowing everything completely out of proportion to reality, don’t expect any space of comfort or sympathy here, for you have none and will find none.

Besides, if all you Democrats out there really had any desire to look at reality – and I’m not talking the kind of so-called “reality” being spewed out by the likes of NPR, CNN, MSNBC, or the Boston Globe, New York Times, or Washington Post – you’d find that Donald Trump’s presidency is the least of your concerns:

Your party leadership is geriatric, decades older than the average for their Republican counterparts. Years of steady losses at state level, masked by the personal popularity of Barack Obama, have left you without a bench to speak of – little young talent and basically no seasoned Presidential timber under retirement age. The fact that Joseph Biden, who will be 78 for the next Election Day, is being seriously mooted as the next Democratic candidate, speaks volumes – none of them good.

Your ideological lock on the elite media and show business has flipped from a powerful asset to a liability. Trump campaigned against that lock and won; his tactics can be and will be replicated. Worse, a self-created media bubble insulated you from grasping the actual concerns of the American public so completely that you didn’t realize the shit you were in until election night.

Your donor advantage didn’t help either. Clinton outspent Trump 2:1 and still lost.

Your “coalition of the ascendant” is sinking. Tell all the just-so stories you like, but the brute fact is that it failed to turn out to defeat the Republican candidate with the highest negatives in history. You thought all you had to do was wait for the old white men to die, but anybody who has studied the history of immigration in the U.S. could have told you that the political identities of immigrant ethnic groups do not remain stable as they assimilate. You weren’t going to own the Hispanics forever any more than you owned the Irish and the Italians forever. African-Americans, trained by decades of identity politics, simply failed to show up for a white candidate in the numbers you needed. The sexism card didn’t play either, as a bare majority of married women who actually went to the polls seem to have voted for Trump.

But your worst problem is less tangible. Trump has popped the preference-falsification bubble. The conservative majority in most of the U.S. (coastal enclaves excepted) now knows it’s a conservative majority. Before the election every pundit in sight pooh-poohed the idea that discouraged conservative voters, believing themselves isolated and powerless, had been sitting out several election cycles. But it turned out to be true, not least where I live in the swing state of Pennsylvania, where mid-state voters nobody knew were there put Trump over the top. Pretty much the same thing happened all through the Rust Belt.

That genie isn’t going to be stuffed back in the bottle. Those voters now know they can deliver the media and the coastal elites a gigantic fuck-you, and Republicans know the populist techniques to mobilize them to do that. Trump’s playbook was not exactly complicated.

As they say, read the whole thing. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

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  1. No, today is nice day, and we are not offended by it. (You really should learn the proper use of commas.)

    Comment by Mannie Mankowicz — February 9, 2017 @ 6:13 am

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