October 9, 2016

…it’s pretty obvious to just about anyone who watched tonight’s debate that Donald Trump mopped the floor with Hillary Clinton – his “you’d be in jail” comeback to her is, to date, the line of the campaign, but it wasn’t Hillary who was the loser in tonight’s debate, it was Bill Clinton, whose reputation is pretty much in tatters after Trump rolled out a number of his accusers – i.e., victims – from way back and gave these women a voice the mainstream media has sought to stifle for decades.

Bubba, you might want to put some ice on that.

Rather than poke around the usual ground trod by the usual political talking heads I’m going to offer y’all a perspective that you won’t hear anywhere else, and it’s something you can take to bank because, as you know, The Great White Shank is always right when it comes to these kinds of things.

I can’t help but think that a number of Democrats (African-Americans especially) who still adore Bill Clinton (remember, he’s the “first black president”, right?) is going to hold it against Hillary big time for allowing this issue to enter into the race, and they’ll have a damned good reason for doing so. Think about it: if Hillary had just kept her mouth shut when the infamous Trump video came out on Friday and said something to the effect that she won’t comment on something that happened ten years ago, she’s running for President in 2015, yadda yadda yadda – you know, deflect it instead of attack – none of this would have happened. Not only would she have been seen as a “bigger person” (I know, hard to imagine), but knowing what she knows about Bill’s, er, issues, it would have shown the mark of a skillful politician.

But that’s not Hillary. A less tin-eared politician would have recognized the potential danger and trap, and would have side-stepped the issue. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it. And when she opened that door she gave Trump the chance to counterpunch and open her husband to ridicule and embarrassment. (Of course, it kind of makes one wonder if this wasn’t some form of subconscious payback for what Bill had done to her, but that’s another issue entirely.)

At this point it doesn’t matter. Mark my words: this is going to hurt Hillary politically amongst Democrats who loved her husband and their former president. They will see her as a traitor to him and his legacy. And they won’t forgive her for it.

Just something to think about.

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October 2, 2016

We’re on the cusp of “Arizona winter” with the nights this coming week dropping down to near 60, but we won’t be here for it, as we’re traveling to Vegas, baby to renew our 30th anniversary vows at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. But before we go, just a few thoughts and comments involving current events.

Congratulations to Team USA on winning the Ryder Cup. Didn’t watch a smidge of it because I really wasn’t in the mood and had too many other things going on, but that Mickelson / Garcia match sounds like it was a blast, and Patrick Reed has shown himself to be a true Ryder Cupper – an American version of Seve and Ian Pouter. I’m sure Arnie is smiling at that heavenly 19th hole.

…and speaking of the Ryder Cup, did you see this? What a cool thing to do. Reminds me of one of the great Goodboys stories of Christmas past. We’re at a wedding being held at a golf club and a bunch of teenagers are out on the putting green messing around. They’re trying to sink a 20-ft. putt and fellow Goodboy “The Funny Guy” Andrusaitis is giving them shit. They challenge him, of course, so he walks down onto the green – in his dress suit – grabs a putter from one of the kids, and promptly sinks the putt. A great moment.

And congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for winning the American League East crown and making the 2016 post-season. I’d feel a whole lot better about their chances against the Cleveland Indians in the first round if they hadn’t looked so dismal over the past week. Their Achilles’ heel this entire year has been their streakiness, I guess we’ll see whether having a few days off before starting anew helps.

…and while we’re on the topic of the Sox and baseball, congratulations to David “Big Papi” Ortiz for a farewell season as good if not better than anyone has ever put up. He’s leaving at the top of his game, and his impact on the Red Sox will never be forgotten.

To tell you the truth, I think it was Donald Trump himself who released his 1995 taxes to the New York Times. They’re so desperate to take Trump down they really couldn’t help themselves. You know what they show? He’s not only a good businessman and following the letter of the law, but doing nothing different than the Clintons (or anyone else, for that matter) would do. It wouldn’t be the first time that Trump has spunked the media, and they deserve it.

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