September 12, 2016

Now that my top ten greatest albums of all time thing is done (whew! that was a lot of writing!), here are ten thoughts for today and what promises to be a most interesting week on a number of fronts:

1. Anyone who has watched the video of Hillary Clinton collapsing after leaving the 9/11 commemoration can only come to one conclusion: that is one sick woman. She didn’t just faint, she dropped like a rock and was tossed into that van by Secret Service agents like a sack of potatoes. I’m no fan of Hillary’s by any stretch of the imagination, but I found it sickening to watch – I truly hope it’s nothing serious. But I have to repeat, that is one sick woman, and it’s not “dehydration” or pneumonia”. I’m seriously wondering if her campaign will last the week.

2. The conservative blogsphere has been speculating about her health for quite some time – check this out and this out – either of which would make sense, especially given her horrific public appearance last Monday. If either are true her campaign for president is, like, the last thing she should be concerned about.

3. I hadn’t seen this interview that she did with CNN on Friday, but thanks to Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit here it is. You look at Hillary and listen to her voice, and you tell me if this woman is healthy. She looks and sounds awful – hence, her collapse today shouldn’t have been surprising.

4. The media thought we so-called “alt righters” or “deplorables” (in Hillary’s terms) were nutjobs about calling attention to her health. They also silenced those who openly questioned Hillary’s health. Now they’re going to have to face the fact that Hillary’s health is now a bona fide issue in the campaign, and the media will be forced to cover it. At the very least, she will now be forced to release her full medical records.

5. Me, I’ve always sensed something was up, and I never bought the idea that she wasn’t actively campaigning because her campaign was convinced she already had the election wrapped up. There’s no such thing in politics as a sure thing – anything can happen. Her lack of campaign appearances – and, when she did, how short and staged they were – came across to me as more than odd. I think we now know the answer as to why.

6. So if you’re the Democrats what do you do now? Go with a safe choice like VP Joe Biden? Bernie Sanders, since he came in second in the Democratic primaries? Or do you go radical, choosing someone like Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, or even Michelle Obama? We are in uncharted waters here (to say the least!), and anything could be possible.

7. Does this mean Dr. Drew can get his show back?

8. The Red Sox / Blue Jays slugfest yesterday was as entertaining a game as I’ve seen in a long time. Two games up in the American League East, the Sox have some thinking to do about their pitching staff. Do they give Clay Buchholz another start? Do they go back to knuckleballer Steven Wright? And what about that bullpen? It was good to see Koji Uehara back in there and appearing to throw well. If they can get six innings out of their starters, having a combination of Brad Ziegler and Koji to set up closer Craig Kimbrel could make the Sox, with their offense, pretty dangerous in a five or seven game series.

9. Who wouldn’t want to see a Red Sox – Cubs World Series? Can you imagine the various subplots – not the least being Cubs GM and former Sox GM Theo Epstein? Who knows, it could happen…

10. Tom Brady who?

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