August 15, 2016

Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, and now Milwaukee. But there is also Detroit, Chicago, and Washington, DC. The headline: Lying Black Folks to Death. I would go so far as to say that, given the Democratic Party’s stranglehold on inner-city politics over the last half-century and the devastation it has caused in terms of countless lives lost and wrecked families (not that you’ll hear anything about this in the mainstream media), the appropriate headline should be “Lynching Black Folks to Death”:

When it comes to the problems of black Americans, the left outdoes itself in the art of deception. Virtually every assertion of the violent Black Lives Matter hate movement is a falsehood. Even the name of this vicious collection of groups is offensive. When challenged by those who respond with “All Lives Matter,” the BLM people thug-splain that what they really meant was “Black Lives Matter too.” But this assumes that white people don’t know this, that blacks in this country are treated as if their lives matter less than others.

The facts tell a different story. In about 85% of crimes involving whites and blacks, blacks were the attackers, whites the victims. Racial hatred of whites is at least — at least — as virulent among blacks as racial hatred of whites is among blacks. Assertions that black people can’t be racist are just more lies.

What’s truly disgraceful about the state of Black America – to heck with the term “African-American” (something which in my view has not only outlived its leftist connotation but serves to diminish the fact that we are talking about fellow Americans here) is that this is all the doing of the Democratic Party and the leftist, socialist, big government philosophy it espouses. You can’t really blame Republicans and the GOP in this; until recently they were the ones who were (emphasis on were) the party of less government, less regulation, more school choice, and the upholding of traditional values.

No, the Democrats own this – and no one more than Barack Obama, whose policies, words, and actions have not only done zilch for blacks in America during his presidency, but have resulted in the worsening of race relations to a point I never thought possible – something I believe he has done purposefully.

The only way out of this miserable abyss for Black America is to vote for someone who has never once played one group of Americans against another in terms of race, class, or gender. The only Americans Donald Trump is playing against one other are the Washington elites and their cohorts in the mainstream media waging war against the average everyday American trying to better themselves by working hard and doing whatever it takes to provide for themselves and their families. These Americans have lost their voice in Washington – a “Uniparty” exemplified by Bill and Hillary Clinton who use whatever connections they can to fill their own pockets through their connections to the connected and the wealthy, not just here in America, but worldwide. The Washington elites – of which Bill and Hillary Clinton and that criminal enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation are the poster children – are concerned only for themselves and protecting and consolidating the power and influence they have, and the money that goes along with it.

It’s a joke to think that Hillary Clinton cares one iota about the plight of inner-city youth and their broken families. All Hillary and her fellow Democrats care about is making sure the folks on the plantation they have worked so hard to create over the past 50+ years dutifully show up to vote on Election Day. And the fact that here at the dawn of the 21st century there is, in this country, such a chasm between the haves and the have nots who occupy so many Democrat-led inner cities is not just shameful, it is a disgrace. And to think that putting another Democrat in the White House is going to change things is laughable.

Black America needs to take a serious look at Donald Trump.

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