July 24, 2016

I have to admit, I’m enjoying greatly the fact that it turns out it’s the Democrats, not the Republicans, whose national convention has turned into a nightmare with all the Wikileaks e-mail scandals now hitting the fan. The only think I’m missing is the popcorn: something I just won’t eat now that me and my teeth have entered their seventh decade of use.

But am I surprised? Hell, no. Anyone who has frequented this blog since its inception knows that there are few as more tuned into the utter and blatant hypocrisy of the Democratic Party – and liberalism in general – as The Great White Shank. I’ve been telling y’all all along that with the Democrats it has always been, and will always be, about getting elected. Democrats will say anything and do anything to push their agenda forward, even if it means supporting someone as corrupt, inept, and vile as Hillary Clinton.

Back in 2008, it took someone with the truly unique charisma, timing, and African-American identity as Barack Obama to push Hillary to the side of the curb; otherwise, Democrats would have been more than happy to make sure Hillary “had her chance”, as if in Democratic Party politics giving someone with a vagina a chance at the presidency trumped experience and raw political talent. And as she showed then, Hillary turned out to be a completely inept candidate: someone both politically tone-deaf and totally incapable of beating an opponent who had virtually nothing else going for him but his skin color.

Fast-forward ahead to 2016: the Democratic National Committee, wanting to ensure that nothing like 2008 were to happen again, greases the skids to ensure Hillary, and no one but Hillary, gets the nomination. The only problem? Everything associated with the DNC’s electronic communications, just like with Hillary’s e-mails while Secretary of State, have been hacked by Wikileaks, allowing the entire world to see not just how the inner machinations of the DNC work (something I’m sure being no different from their Republican counterparts), but their treatment of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and, more importantly, the inherent racism and hypocrisy of the so-called “party of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity”.

As it turns out the DNC is nothing more than a reflection of their Party members when it comes to religious intolerance (seeking how to use Sanders’ Jewish heritage against him), and referring to their Hispanic outreach as “taco bowl engagement”. Can you imagine how the mainstream media would erupt if these kinds of communications came from Republicans? Oh, but there’s more. That they are not just in cahoots with all your faves in the National media, but joined at the hip to ensure that Hillary’s campaign received the most favorable coverage, and that Donald Trump’s didn’t. No surprise there: I’ve been telling y’all the same thing for years.

But I guess what gives me the most joy about the Wikileaks e-mails is how they’ve upset the applecart when it comes to the mainstream media, who spent the last two weeks telling us all just how much in disarray the Republicans were, and how their convention was one controversy after another, how much of a failure it was, and how “dark” Donald Trump’s acceptance speech was. Everything delivered from the same echo chamber. As it turns out, it’s not the Republicans who are in disarray at all, but the Democrats. That vile snake Debbie Wasserman-Shulz having to resign her post, only to have that equally-vile snake Donna Brazile take over for her as interim chair. And now apparently she’s gone. And that’s all without taking Bernie Sanders’ supporters into consideration. How are they going to handle this, both at the convention and at the voting booths in November?

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of folks.

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