July 21, 2016

I’m guessing you’ve all been wondering where I’ve been since two days before Goodboys Invitational weekend. I’m around, but things have been kind of hectic since getting back to the Valley of the Sun, so I’ll ask your indulgence on that. A number of posts are coming, but here’s a spoiler alert: the pic on the main page ain’t gonna change anytime soon. 🙂

About Donald Trump’s acceptance speech tonight: if I’m a card-carrying Hillary Clinton Democrat I’m shaking in my boots right now, because Donald Trump made one of the most unique and forceful acceptance speeches I’ve ever seen this side of Ronald Reagan. Only the most indoctrinated and inebriated Hillary supporter could have missed the broad brush being painted by Trump tonight. It was a speech Mitt Romney could have never given. It was a speech John McCain could have never given. And, I’m most pleased to say, it was a speech no Bush could have ever given.

Trump tonight not only spoke to his Republican base (especially when it came to Supreme Court judges), but he spoke to inner-city African-Americans and Hispanic Americans. He spoke to steelworkers in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and coal workers in Kentucky and West Virginia. Simply put, he spoke to just about everyone the likes of Hillary Clinton would expect to be serving her, not likewise, and his populist message is gonna make a dent. You’ll never hear it from the likes of the New York Times and the Washington Post, nor CNN and NPR, but Donald Trump is a once-in-a-generation figure, one who transcends the usual party politics. There is no one out there in the American politicl landscape who could have given the kind of speech Donald Trump gave than Donald J. Trump.

How good was the speech? Even PowerLine blog’s John Hinderaker, hardly a Trump enthusiast, offered the following:

Still, it was an excellent night for Trump. To begin with, he demonstrated that he can deliver a well-crafted speech and stay on message. There were no random riffs, no weird digressions. Trump knew his speech, and didn’t need a teleprompter to deliver it. His message was powerful, hitting on one populist theme after another–law and order, terrorism, Hillary’s incompetence, economic stagnation, illegal immigration, cronyism, trade, and so on. His attacks on Mrs. Clinton were devastating. Have we ever seen a Republican presidential candidate so willing to take the gloves off? Not during my lifetime.

The press will spin this one feverishly, but their only realistic hope is that not too many people were watching. It was a great night for Donald Trump and the Republican Party–if, as always, you assume that Trump represents what we have thought of as Republicanism.

I guarantee you’ll hear from the crazed moonbats in the mainstream liberal media picking this word or that phrase out of Trump’s speech, but I can equally guarantee you they’re doing it primarily out of fear: fear that in his acceptance speech Donald Trump struck a unique chord in American politics. Fear that Hillary Clinton can’t hold a candle to Trump in terms of being able to relate to the average American Joe struggling against monumental odds to try and make ends meet. Fear that Hillary Clinton truly is the reckless and lawless incompetent that Donald Trump has portrayed her to be. Fear that Donald Trump is not your average Republican candidate that Democrats can use the same old and tired playbook against.

I’m guessing that there will still be a hard-core group of Democrats who will be willing to let bygones be bygones and allow a criminally-incompetent and reckless b*tch like Hillary Clinton represent their party in November’s general election – that’s OK, I’ve seen and come to understand insanity in my own intra-family travels. But tonight’s speech by Donald Trump imprinted upon Hillary the stench of politics as usual – the graft and the criminality that goes with being the ultimate Washington insider. Were Hillary to project a likeable persona and the guile of a professional politician I might say otherwise, but I have a feeling that many folks are going to see the most phony, corrupt, and unlikeable politician in American history try to match what Donald Trump did tonight and be repulsed by it.

Great job, Donald Trump.

Filed in: Politics & World Events by The Great White Shank at 21:49 | Comments (2)
  1. Enjoyed the speech too. Wasn’t sure how he would do, but it was well-written and presented passionately. Particularly liked the “I’m with her” “I’m with you – the American People” line. It will be an fascinating fall campaign season. Looking forward to your continued observations.

    Comment by Goose — July 22, 2016 @ 9:52 am

  2. Thanks, Goose! And ur humble correspondent will be there to the very end! 🙂

    Comment by The Great White Shank — July 24, 2016 @ 11:05 pm

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