July 8, 2016

This is going to be an unpopular post, I’m guessing, so if you have a particular aversion to the truth my suggestion is to bypass this and check out the next one which I guarantee will be a heckuva lot more benign.

First of all, thoughts and prayers are going out today for the police officers killed and wounded during the ambush that ensued last night in Dallas. I suppose one can express surprise that this sort of thing could happen in America these days, but I’m not surprised – not in the least. Because this is exactly the kind of thing that can happen when you have a President who has done nothing – and I mean absolutely nothing – to temper the flames of racial violence in this country since he was elected 7 1/2 long years ago. Anyone with a right mind has to admit that race relations right now are at their lowest ebb since, perhaps, the early ’60s. Why is that? I thought the first black president was elected primarily because as a “community organizer” he knew how to bring people together. What a miserable failure on all counts he has been!

One need only to look at the statements Barack Obama has made anytime there has been violence involving whites and blacks. He called Trayvon Martin, a punk who was up to no good being where he was and when he was, “the son he would have had”. Michael Brown was troubled man who had stolen from a convenience store before reaching into a police cruiser to try and take the gun away from a police office. Who did Obama support? The rioters in Ferguson, Missouri. Obama also backed the rioters in Baltimore after the Freddie Gray incident. Look, no one is saying that any of these folks deserved to die; all I’m saying is that Barack Obama went out of his way to take the sides of the those he felt a kinship towards and created an adversarial relationship in the black community with the police. And now given his decidedly milquetoast reaction to the dead police officers in Dallas, it’s clear Barack Obama despises the rule of law and sides with law-breakers and killers.

From the very start Barack Obama has set as his first objective to divide Americans along every line possible: race, class, religion, political affiliation. It was his Attorney General Eric Holder who approved the running of guns to the Mexican cartels for the expressed purpose of seeing the committing so many crimes that Americans would rise up and demand greater control on guns. It was his administration that empowered Lois Lerner and the IRS to target conservative groups. Along the way Barack Obama used executive privilege to push his own political agenda involving illegal immigration regardless of the Constitutional constraints placed upon his office. Since his inauguration both he and his administration spokespeople have on countless occasions blatantly and purposely lied and obfuscated at every possible opportunity; along the way the pussies in the Republican congress stayed silent.

A pox on both of their houses.

I’ve written about this subject before and I’ll restate it again: if you want to call me a racist, go ahead (after all, that’s the rage these days), but the problems in the African-American community are largely self-inflicted: between voting in one regime of corrupt Democratic politicians after another, choosing to play the race card over self-empowerment and self-improvement at every opportunity, and living as virtual slaves on the Democratic Party plantation as one generation of Democrats after another push legislation and policies responsible for the virtual destruction of the African-American family unit. What you have going on these days is nothing but the result of, and the affirmation of, fifty years of Democratic Party social agenda. As a black man, Barack Obama was in a unique position to speak “truth to power” and bring both political parties together to address long-standing (and valid) concerns in the African-American community, but he chose instead to be a divider rather than a uniter. He and those he has surrounded himself with are a cancer that has been foist on this country, and it will take decades to undo the damage both he and his administration has done.

If that’s even possible.

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