July 6, 2016

Because it was always in, and any reasonable person cynical enough to know how Washington works in general, and the way the ├╝ber-political and recklessly-lawless Obama administration and the breathtakingly-corrupt Clinton machine all work together in particular ought to have known that. Never mind Hillary’s prior statement that “no person should be too powerful to jail”, or Elizabeth Warren’s tweet from earlier this year:

The next president can honor the simple notion that nobody is above the law, but it will happen only if voters demand it.

…Democrats now have as their presumptive nominee someone who has been proven to (not just be suspected of) knowingly and blatantly, on numerous occasions, and in public and on videotape, lying about her activities and involvement in the State Department e-mail scandal. And worse than that, even if her actions might not have been seen as rising to a level that would result in criminal charges – something still quite open to debate – you have someone who treated this country’s intelligence and intelligence organizations with such reckless disregard that anyone not named Clinton would have had their security clearances yanked by now.

Of course, none of this will matter to the most hardened liberals and supporters of Hillary Clinton: like her, they believe laws are only for the little people. For liberals, it’s the political agenda that matters and matters only, and if it means having one of the most vile, corrupt, and dishonest career politicians in memory who best represents your Party at the top of your ticket, well, so be it. Because for liberals and Democrats, it’s not about the rule of law, it’s all about pushing that agenda forward. And for the Clinton machine, it’s all about keeping the money flowing into that criminal enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation / Global Network and preparing Chelsea Clinton and her equally-corrupt and incompetent husband to assume the role of the next generation of shakedown artists and politicians that will infect the Democratic Party and the American political system for decades to come.

Others may disagree, but I don’t think James Comey’s press conference yesterday did Hillary any good. For one thing, he point-by-point challenged all of Hillary’s prior assertions about her conduct, revealing her to be a liar of the highest magnitude, thereby confirming the suspicions of a wide number of Americans who already didn’t see her as trustworthy. Secondly, it’s my view that Comey knew damned well that there was no way the Obama administration and Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice would ever support any recommendations for charges of any kind the FBI’s investigation might have brought forth – the fix being in almost from the very start – so he simply decided to lay out the basic facts as he knew it in a way the average American could understand. And in doing so, he provided Donald Trump and the GOP with ammunition beyond their wildest dreams – just a look at this YouTube video would tell even the most political novice that.

Had Comey’s investigation brought forth recommendations or even formal charges against Clinton, she could have used the old “vast right-wing conspiracy” argument to play the victim card and present her own evidence to the contrary to bolster her supporters and reassure Democrats who still held on to a shred of evidence that she had, in fact, been telling the truth all along: Hillary could say all would be revealed in time and that ultimately she would be vindicated. Thanks to James Comey, that is no longer possible, and no matter what she does or how she tries to move on with “business as usual”, the video evidence will be shown over and over that she lied repeatedly to the American public, and there will be no getting away from that. Republicans and conservatives already knew her unsavory qualities to the nth degree; now Bernie Sanders supporters and independents who hadn’t really been paying attention to date know it as well.

The stench that will surround Hillary and her candidacy will only grow over the next days and weeks as American are rightly left to wonder whatever happened to the rule of law in the country. Has our political system grown so corrupt, and so separate from the average Joe, that someone like Hillary Clinton can be above the law? If they hadn’t believed it before, most people now know that the rule of law no longer applies to Washington and the politically connected. I believe – and again, I may be wrong – we’re heading towards the greatest constitutional crisis since Watergate. Anyone who thinks this story is going away anytime soon is deluding themselves.

Of course, it’s hard not to ignore the political implications of all this. I’m still not convinced Clinton will be the Democrats’ nominee. As it is, Hillary already needed every centrist Democrat and independent that came out to vote for Barack Obama in 2012 in order to beat Donald Trump. Now, on top of being a soulless, uncharismatic, and uninspiring candidate to start with, these voters also have someone shown to be a liar and untrustworthy to handle American intelligence to consider voting for. Donald Trump may not be everyone’s (or anyone’s) alternative choice, but compared to the baggage Hillary is now carrying – this on top of the baggage she had already been carrying – the average American now has a clear choice, and you can expect Trump to push the “crooked Hillary” meme every step of the way. And given James Comey’s press conference yesterday, it’s going to be increasingly hard for Democrats to defend her being at the top of the ticket.

Joe Biden has to be licking his chops.

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