July 2, 2016

If there was any doubt whatsoever that Hillary Clinton is truly concerned about the FBI investigation into her shabby and reckless (and perhaps criminal) use of a private e-mail system to conduct official State Department business while Secretary of State and using the State Department as a vehicle to shake down connections world-wide to contribute to her and Bill’s Clinton Foundation, one look no further than the scandal that has erupted over Bill Clinton’s off-the-cuff visit with Attorney General Loretta Lynch while there respective planes sat on the tarmac at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport this past Monday.

Originally, Lynch characterized the visit as purely social, and one where the two of them met solely to discuss the grand kids (!) and such – a comment that, rightly so, was viewed as an insult to the intelligence of every American over the age of five. And a comment that resulted in some serious damage control at a hastily-called press conference.

Very seldom, if ever, do I agree with Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, but he is right on target here in noting that, not only does this stink to high heaven, but now, no matter what the FBI were to come up with in terms of findings and/or charges against the former First Lady and Secretary of State, the very presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, it will be widely viewed that the fix is in:

A big part of politics is appearances and perceptions. If something looks bad, people will likely conclude it is bad — even if there’s no actual evidence or proof of its relative badness. Politicians know this; it’s why they don’t wear funny hats or get in tanks (anymore).

And it’s why Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch should have known better when they huddled privately at the Phoenix airport earlier this week. Lynch is the nation’s top cop and, as such, oversees the FBI, which is conducting an investigation into whether Hillary Clinton or any of her associates broke the law in setting up a private email server for her electronic correspondence during her four years as secretary of state. Meeting privately with the former president of the United States who also happens to be Hillary Clinton’s husband looks really, really bad.

And, lest there be any doubt about how this meeting ended up taking place, Ken Kurson’s article in The Observer is beyond incredible in that in this day and age Bill Clinton’s actions should be so brazen:

According to the source, the FBI agents protecting Lynch “knew former POTUS was in town and another executive was coming and knew Lynch was coming so we knew there’d be congestion. We were waiting for her plane to touch down at the executive terminal area of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor where it’s best suited to control. Clinton’s plane was on the ground already. But he wasn’t there. We had been hoping to get him out before she arrived, just to avoid too much traffic. They [their planes] were 75 yards apart. We have a procedure we do to clear [space for] a motorcade. As we were ready to receive her, I saw the other motorcade coming in—we were like, ‘great timing.’ ”

The source was being sarcastic in saying “great timing,” indicating that it would have been better logistically for Clinton’s plane to take off before Lynch’s arrived, to avoid the congestion of two motorcades on the tarmac at once. The source indicated that Clinton’s people at the airport didn’t know what was taking Clinton’s motorcade so long to arrive and speculated that the delay was engineered specifically so that Clinton would not have left before Lynch arrived.

“Then I see Clinton walking over. His detail guys ran over to hers and said he’s coming. ‘He’s closing.’ He walked straight there to the Air Force guy at the door and next thing I know he’s going up the steps [of her plane].” Asked about the Air Force detail, the source later clarified to the Observer that “There was an Air Force airman at the base of the stairs of the [Lynch] aircraft, as you always see on TV with POTUS.”

According to the source, “Nobody knew this was coming. We just knew to be aware there were other events going on. There was no planned meeting. It was just chance contact. The fact is, he just started walking over. I don’t think it was pre-arranged. He just started walking over and [even her security] can’t tell him, ‘you can’t do that.’ He walked in her plane for at least 20 to 25 minutes and the FBI is standing face to face with the Secret Service and just chatting on the hot tarmac like, ‘what the hell.’ ”

You have to read the whole thing to believe it.

Given all the above one truly has to wonder whether Democrats are really going to be that willing to go the well with a candidate as unsympathetic as Hillary Clinton. Folks can say all you want about Republicans and Donald Trump as their presumptive nominee, but last I checked, Trump wasn’t the one asleep at the switch (both figuratively and practically) when Ambassador Christopher Stevens and four brave Americans were killed in Benghazi. And it wasn’t Donald Trump pushing that inane, nearly-immediately discredited narrative that the attacks there were spontaneous and all over a YouTube video. Last time I checked, Donald Trump wasn’t under a potentially criminal investigation by the FBI for recklessly – against the advice of her closest advisors – running a totally unsecured e-mail system for her State Department business. Last time I checked, Donald Trump’s closest associates weren’t pleading the Fifth repeatedly during interviews with the FBI. Last time I checked, it wasn’t Donald Trump’s wife ambushing the Attorney General on her plane while it sat at an airport.

I’ve said all along that I don’t believe Hillary Clinton will end up being the Democratic nominee. I still think it’s going to be a Joe Biden / Elizabeth Warren ticket come November. Hillary Clinton has more baggage than the cargo hold of a fully-booked Boeing 747. People don’t like her. People don’t trust her. People know she’s as phony as a four-dollar bill and someone who will say and do anything to become President. She’s entirely shameless and without virtue of any kind, someone without any shred of integrity; she’s a vile (I would include evil), self-serving, elitist politician who couldn’t even be elected the dog-catcher’s pooper-scooper if her last name wasn’t Clinton.

But, at least in my mind, that’s the basic difference between Republicans and Democrats: Republicans aren’t afraid to beat each other up over any question of character or impropriety whatsoever (one look at what happened to Herman Cain and Todd Akin in 2012 will tell you that), whereas Democrats appear to have no scruples whatsoever when it comes to supporting their candidates. They can cheat (William Jefferson), be completely unethical (Charlie Rangel), and it doesn’t matter: they’ll give you every reason in the world why they support the likes of Hillary Clinton.

I would respect any Democrat who had the guts to say that by her actions involving the use of her State Department e-mail and what happened at Benghazi that Hillary Clinton is completely unqualified to be President and should be forced to drop out for the good of the Party and the country. Joe Biden? Bernie Sanders? While I don’t agree with much either of them stand for politically, both are true statesmen and worthy of the Democratic Party nomination were it to be given them. Compared to Hillary Clinton they’re paragons of virtue. The fact that there are Democrats out there – and I’ve heard them and talked with them – who unabashedly continue to support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, with all of her baggage and the scandals surrounding her, begs credibility; hence, I have zero respect for their political beliefs and will not humor them in political debate.

But I guess that’s why what Bob Hope so famously (and accurately) said about Democrats still holds true today.

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