June 13, 2016

I say this with all due respect to my liberal friends and acquaintances: your religion – and make no mistake about it, liberalism is a religion to its subscribers who fiercely ascribe to its three basic tenants of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity – is going to get us all killed.

Look, it would be nice if we could all live in a world of peace, love, and understanding. A world that didn’t all those stupid “IMAGINE” and “COEXIST” bumper-stickers you see on Smart Cars and ’87 Toyotas tooling down the interstate with their drivers texting at the same time. I, too, despise hatred, violence, and the kind of intolerance and religious ideology that leads to what transpired in Orlando the other night. But that ain’t how the human race works, sunshine, nor how it has ever worked.

And as much as y’all want to make this latest act of radical Islamic terrorism – words our President just cannot seem to bring his lips to utter – to be about gun violence and the prevalence of guns in our society, this time that isn’t going to fly. And you know what? Somewhere in the backs of your supposedly open-minded liberal minds – you know, the kind of minds that call Donald Trump Hitler, or those who support him racists simply for the fact he wants to protect American jobs and secure our country’s borders – I think you know damned well that it won’t.

You know why? Because in this case the shooter was not only a licensed gun owner and carrier, but because of the position he held and the weaponry he was being allowed to carry he had to go through hours of training in order to obtain the job he had. And that includes, I’ll betcha, all the stupid sensitivity training that every company’s Human Resources organization (neither human nor a resource, I might add) now forces everyone to attend. And why? Because modern-day liberalism has created a fertile bed for lawsuits if anyone so much dare as to look at someone else the wrong way.

This country is drowning in political correctness, and it is all because of liberalism. I will guarantee you that, just like with the Boston Marathon terrorists and the San Bernadino shooter, people knew who this guy was, knew what was going on inside his head, but were afraid to say anything for fear of reprisal, or if they did it went nowhere. And that’s because modern-day liberalism and the political correctness so espoused and enforced by social media, our public university systems, and the mainstream media have made it virtually impossible for people to say anything for fear of losing their jobs or being outed as intolerant, or racist, or sexist, or a xenophobe or homophobe. My God, look at all the shit Donald Trump is taking, all because he – gasp! – wants to protect American workers first and the viability of our health care system and social programs by reducing the impact of illegal immigration!

Say what you want, liberals, about gun violence, but it wasn’t guns that killed and maimed all those people in Boston or attacked those police officers in New York City. And it isn’t guns being used to stab bus riders or run down pedestrians in Israel. And to try and make it about action instead of ideology and motive, is, frankly, starting to piss me off. What was the motive in Boston? What was the ideology? In Paris? On 9/11? In Madrid? In London? In San Bernadino? At Fort Hood? In Orlando? There’s a common thread running through all of these incidents, but you can’t tell the truth about them because then the tenants of your whole religion collapse like a house of cards. Because then you’d have to admit that tolerance, acceptance, and diversity is just a one-way street when the terrorist who hates everything you stand for wants to shoot your collective asses simply for flying commercial, or meeting friends in a nightclub, or watching a road race. You’d then have to admit that there are bad people out there who want to kill us simply for who we are and the freedoms we stand for.

I’m guessing because of your collective ideologies you wouldn’t have had any problem with the FBI infiltrating Ku Klux Klan organizations and meetings back in the 1950s. After all, those were hate groups, right? Well, perhaps now that a shooter has gone after the one demographic so near and dear to your collective hearts – that being gays – might you consider giving Islamic mosques the same kind of treatment? As Matthew Hennessey writes in CityJournal.org:

I have a different idea. I think it’s well past time that we took off the gloves. Let the FBI surveil the mosques. Let the NYPD surveil the mosques. Let these agencies do what needs to be done without fear of offending the ACLU, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or the self-loathing secular liberals whose first thought when they hear about attacks like this is, “Oh, no. This will help Trump.”

I know how all you liberals will respond. They’ll be the usual flowers, stuffed animals, balloons, and the obligatory candlelight vigils – gotta have a candlelight vigil, right? – amidst the wreckage and waste, human and otherwise. They’ll be the usual hash tags and peace symbols (has someone already started selling T-shirts with “Orlando” on the front with a peace sign in the “O”?). And, of course, you’ll see the cable networks inundated with talking heads pushing gun control and blaming the NRA and intolerant conservatives for the climate that produced Sunday morning’s massacre. It’s all so predictable and equally pathetic.

Listen, it’s time to grow up, liberals, and remove the rose-colored glasses from your collective heads. But you won’t, because then you’d have to admit that all the high-fallutin’ ideals you so espouse – indeed, everything modern-day liberalism stands for and has ever stood for – is nothing but a crock of shit. Or worse, something that will get you, and all of us, killed in the end simply for who we are and where we live.

But that’s OK, you just go ahead and keep thinking it’s Donald Trump who’s the enemy.

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