January 9, 2016

Been a hard week at work and at home so it’s always good to toss up a new post if only to catch up on things.

Say, that YUUUGE Donald Trump event in Lowell, Massachusetts was just minutes from where I used to live on a number of occasions. And it certainly got the mainstream dino-media’s attention. Wish I had been there!

Lots of folks just don’t get the Trump phenomena, but Mark Steyn has a post that’s a must-read from start to finish.

I’ve watched this video multiple times and it still gives me chills. Never been anything like it, and never will. Just watch Secretariat turn on the afterburners after the final turn. Amazing.

I never thought I’d be writing this, but the last two weeks have been so very bad to the Hillary Clinton campaign that I can easily see a scenario where either Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren are trotted out to replace her due to “health reasons”. Both her campaign – and the candidate – has been a disaster; Hillary is bad enough, but she’s now taking hubby Bill’s reputation down with it.

If you want to know why most people don’t trust the media anymore you can’t do better than the massive cover-up involving Muslims sexually assaulting German women during New Year’s celebrations. It’s absolutely sickening.

…Same with that moron mayor of Phildelphia claiming that police offer shooting had nothing to do with Islam even after the shooter said he did it in the name of Islam.

I’ll say it again: Michael Savage was right when he wrote that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Now this is what I call a video!

When you get to the NFL playoffs it’s inevitably the ability to play disciplined football that allows you to move forward as much as raw talent. The Cincinnati Bengals found that out the hard way!

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January 4, 2016

When you think it of, nothing has changed in the last four days except for the fact there’s now a “6” at the end of the year instead of a “5”, yet I find my mindset changes. Do others feel the same? Me, it makes me want to do more house cleaning, as if getting rid of 2015’s dirt and dust will somehow make a difference. But it’s still just the same kind of housecleaning one would do any other time of the year.

But with January comes a mindset change in terms of music. In the spring my mind turns to surf music – probably in the anticipation of the summer months. Come summer through early fall I enjoy classical music. Fall usually brings with it a desire to hear Pink Floyd music mixed with classical. January? For some reason a new year makes me want to dust off my Exotica and Tropical Breezes music collections. I rang the New year in listening to some classical Cuban music, and with all the fireworks and smoke in the neighborhood I was waiting for the Fidelistas to come pouring over the back wall!

And while Les Baxter and Martin Denny are the mainstays of classic Exotica, the Tikiyaki Orchestra’s Swingin’ Sounds for the Jungle Jetset is as good as it gets when it comes to modern Exotica. Their follow-up to Swingin’ Sounds, Aloha Baby! is also top-notch, while the predecessor, Stereoexotique makes me think of Kava Kon, for some reason. But it’s all good.

January is also a month for cleaning up my Blogroll links, replacing outdated links, removing sites I no longer frequent, and adding new ones I’ve discovered. To that end, I found a great new blog about all things Las Vegas, called Vital Vegas. I know of a few Goodboys who’ll want to check that one out!

Francois, Newfoundland is on the other side of the island from where my Mom’s family is from, but I still enjoy this video tribute to that part of “The Rock” so much, it makes me want to just melt away and disappear to the land of (part of) my heritage. Just the phrase “Canadian Maritimes” has always had a magical ring to it.

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January 3, 2016

Final weekend of the year without PGA Tour golf until next December. This week I’ll be enjoying (like all my Goodboys cohorts) watching primetime golf in beautiful Hawaii. Always nice.

…and Hawaii will certainly look nicer than it’s expected to be around here. Today it is sunny and 70, starting tomorrow through next weekend we’ll see a series of El Nino storms expected to bring between 1 – 2 inches of rain here to the Valley. Too bad for the snowbirds looking to play golf in the “Valley of the Sun”, but around here we all know that if you can get any chance for rain you take it!

You somehow knew before the end of his final term the Obama administration would be getting around to trying every way possible to reduce the number of guns in America, and he’s about to go full throttle. You can expect Democratic state legislatures to start heavily taxing guns and ammunition to make it gun ownership less attractive and affordable, but that will only have the effect of increasing the underground movement of guns from “cheap states” to expensive states”. Glad I live in Arizona!

…and with this you see the final leg of liberalism come into play. There’s abortion, increased taxes, and gun control. They’d like to add climate change as well, but they know the vast majority of Americans know it’s bullshit. They can’t make abortion more readily available than it already is. They can’t increase taxes with a Republican-led congress, and “blue states” are running out of things to tax even more than they already are, so gun control is the only avenue left to rally the troops.

Hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday season. Even at work you can tell people are holding out until the very last minute before everything goes full throttle in 2016. I think that’s a good thing – they’ll be plenty of time for work starting tomorrow!

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January 1, 2016

A brand spankin’ new year is upon us. Blank pages ready to be written on from experiences both good and bad, from hopes and dreams to be realized and dashed. It’s all kind of frightening, when you think of it, isn’t it? After all, it’s easy to take comfort in what has already come to pass…

All I know is that today I’ll be taking down the Christmas tree and the house lights. And good riddance to them, I say – I never got into the Christmas spirit but for a few precious hours during my time in Vegas and back on Christmas Eve, so, frankly, it’s a relief to get things back to normal and start to see what the New Year brings with it.

Happy 2016, everyone!

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