January 22, 2016

Question: What does that supposed icon of the conservative movement National Review have in common with the likes of Jane Fonda, Harry Belafonte, Michael Moore, Saul Alinsky, and other card-carrying members of the radical Left?

Answer: It too has come out strongly against Donald Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States.

Hard to believe on this end – I mean, over the past eight months or so National Review first tried to ignore Trump, but then as he rose in the polls and then stayed at the top I noticed their columnists becoming more vocal and strident in their various columns and online posts, to the point where the only thing missing was the drooling. And in the past couple of weeks, two of their most highly respected journalists, Charles Cooke and Kevin Williamson, became absolutely unhinged at everything and anything Trump. And to now see NR come out with an edition dedicated to trashing Trump and his campaign, well, I guess I’ve now seen it all.

A few thoughts:

First and foremost, one has to understand that William F. Buckley’s creation is not the same breed of cat it once was, either in terms of quality and/or influence. It remains, I’m guessing, an influential voice in the center-right conservative movement, but it just reeks of RINO (Republican In Name Only) thinking with its support for open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants. And as a willing accomplice in the New York-Washington mainstream media cabal, its chardonnay-swilling cocktail party elitists have barely been able to contain their disdain for the conservative right and the Tea Party movement. Ol’ Bill used to say to vote for the most conservative candidate you could get who could win. And while it is true a single vote hasn’t been cast yet, given Trump’s standing in the polls, where he’s light years ahead of whomever might be second given the poll, it seems strange (at least to me) for NR to give any Republican, let alone Trump, the deep-six at this point in time. But maybe they think they still have enough influence on conservatives to pull votes away from Trump before the primaries start a week from Monday in Iowa. Personally, I doubt it.

Secondly, I don’t see how this hurts Trump in the least. Just yesterday we were hearing Ted Cruz and others starting to refer to Trump as the Washington establishment’s candidate because of all the negativity surrounding Cruz’s supposed temperament and his inability to get along with members of Congress (who obviously can’t stand the guy). With a political and media establishment icon like National Review now coming out so strongly against him, that will only play to Trump’s position as the true outsider in a year where no one seems inclined to support insiders. In addition, what this does is confirm the suspicions of most true conservatives that NR is not really one of us anymore, that their staff would much rather lose a presidential race showing good form and little passion (like John McCain and Mitt Romney’s campaigns did) then actually win.

Finally, it’s not just Donald Trump that National Review has an issue with, it’s Trump’s supporters as well, whom they obviously see as a bunch of dumb morons who lack the ability to distinguish between “proper” candidates like Marco Rubio and Jeb! Bush, and a bombastic, plain-speaking egomaniac like Trump. As a part of the GOP establishment, NR is horrified at the very idea that someone like Trump could actually win. I’m guessing both Trump and those supporters who even know what National Review is will wear this particular action as a badge of honor.

Personally, I’ve always said that my support for Trump has as much to do with seeing the GOP establishment burned to the ground and left to rot in political hell as much as it does with the candidate himself. Trump is the very antithesis of what National Review is, and what the GOP establishment is. He’s a doer, not a talker. He’s not afraid to speak plainly, and he eschews political correctness, open borders, and illegal immigration. He’s not interested in playing the game to get along, his only concern is to win. It’s no wonder NR fear Trump’s ascendency! And the fact that you’ve now got NR coming at Trump from the right at the same time the Fondas, Belafontes and Moores of the world come at him from the left, well, that reminds me of that old World War II adage that if the flak you’re taking is thick, it must mean you’re over the target.

Rock on, Donald – you must be doing something right!

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1 Comment
  1. You don’t start a war against a clown.

    You just ignore him.

    Comment by Dave Richard — January 22, 2016 @ 4:59 pm

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