December 11, 2015

I’ll have a follow-up post on my Las Vegas trip in the next post but wanted to post a few thoughts before the end of crazy work week (even with the days off):

I’m not much into the Christmas spirit, but if anyone’s music can put me in the spirit it’s Frank Sinatra. So I hope you enjoy Mark Steyn’s post about one of Frank’s Christmas classics.

Like I’m guessing most ordinary Americans (and unlike the absolute hysteria expressed by the mainstream media and everyone within the New York / Washington political elite on both sides of the political aisle) Donald Trump’s recent comments about putting a hold on all Muslim immigration bothers me not a whit. As Steyn himself writes:

This is why the public is not joining the media, the Democrats and the GOP establishment in getting the vapors over Donald Trump’s comments about Muslim immigration. The men pulling the triggers in Paris and San Bernardino are men with French, Belgian and US passports, but they are not “French”, “Belgian” or “American” in any meaningful sense. They regard their primary identity as Muslim – and their citizenship as a mere travel document. So it doesn’t require a large leap to wonder whether Islam is, in fact, an issue.

Instead, media commentators are arguing that the fact that all these “28-year-old California men” and “23-year-old Strasbourg men” are going bananas demonstrates that there’s nothing to fear from all these zillions of “Syrian” “refugees”. These “Syrians” are harmless. The real loonies are all these “homegrown” Americans and Europeans. Our cities would be a lot safer if we had more Syrians and fewer Americans and Europeans.

As I said to Sean Hannity on Monday night, one reason why Trump’s “outrageous” remarks never dent his numbers a whit is because to significant numbers of people he sounds far less insane than the mainstream consensus – now insisting that all these psycho “American” and “European” terrorists demonstrate why we’d be much better off letting in millions of “refugees”.


As I mentioned to my Goodboys friend Ben during a lengthy and boisterous political discussion while walking down The Strip, I’m at the point – as a lot of Donald Trump supporters are – where I really don’t care what Trump says anymore. The fact that the GOP establishment is in bed with the Democrats (and they’re doing more than just sleeping with the enemy, if you ask me) only makes me want to vote for him more. You see, I want to see the GOP and its establishment destroyed. The fact that I can get a flyer in the mail advertising a gathering featuring John McCain and Mitt Romney as “true conservatives” tells me all I need to know about today’s Republican Party. Back in the day if you lost a presidential election you were kryptonite as to Superman; today it’s now a virtual badge of honor. Like I say, burn it to the ground.

Personally, I knew Wade Miley was going to be gone as soon as he had that vocal altercation with Red Sox manager John Farrell after being pulled out of a game this past season. You can’t show up a manager and expect to be kept around. Hence, he’s now a Seattle Mariner.

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