December 31, 2015

And so another year passes into the log books. There was a time when I looked back on years for highlights and lowlights, but the fact is, it’s all relative to what one’s idea of a “good year” and a “bad year” is. Turning 60 makes you focus on the here and now: while, sure, everyone should have a long-term plan in place for what you want to do with the rest of your life, I find myself content with relatively short goals; that way, if you make them it’s all fine and dandy, if you don’t you already know what your next short-term goal is. I find myself trying to cherish every day for what it is and what it brings, good or bad, and trying to make or take something positive out of it. I know I’m alone in that regard.

Personally (to quote Frank Sinatra), I thought it was a very good year. Tracey and I – and her sister Tammy, of course, that’s our nuclear family – maintained our health and our relative happiness (I say relative because I can only speak for myself), and the same is true for my parents and those I love and care for. (I would venture to say from all our gym work that the three of us are, in fact, in better shape at the end of 2015 than we all were at its start!!) And once you get past the basic fundamentals of health and well being, the fact that we all still have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and clean air to breathe and water to drink, everything else after that is truly relative, isn’t it?

Both Tracey and I managed to stay employed for another year – which in this day and age is nothing to sneeze at by any means. We also managed to cut our debt in half: not as much as we would have liked, but considering other factors such as a myriad of car repairs, irrigation system fixes, and a sewer line replacement we still put ourselves in a good place to finish the deed in 2016, God willing. Most importantly, while it took most of the year to do, we finally replaced the car we lost back in August 2014, and my 1999 Saturn with its 163K miles should be able to look forward to a far less taxing 2016.

For the furry members of our household, 2015 was a mixture of sadness and gladness. Our family once again lost a rabbit: Tammy’s much-adored Floppy, which, I think, makes it something like eight straight years where between the three of us we’ve lost a rabbit. It’s not anything anyone is doing wrong it’s just the ebb and flow of beasties coming and going at a given time. (Unfortunately, we expect that streak to continue as I’m guessing our oldest rabbit Cosmo has seen his last New Year’s. But he’s had a great life and we’ll worry about that when the time inevitably comes.) On the positive side of the ledger, Tam’s rabbit Butterscotch was given new friends when Floppy was replaced by “the Ghurkins”, Midget and Bailey who, five months later, remain beyond cute and remind you of why you fell in love with rabbits in the first place.

2015 was the year my golf game made some truly great strides thanks to Hunter Mahan and my swing coach Alex Black. With Goodboys partner “Cubby” Myerow, we finished in second at the 2015 Goodboys Invitational, and, with recent changes in my short game I’ve definitely reached a new plateau that I can (hopefully) build upon that in 2016. Around the Richard hacienda, in addition to the fore-mentioned sewer pipe fiasco, 2015 was also the year of the honeybee invasion and the Tiki bar roof replacement – all major efforts in terms of effort and cost. Here’s hoping 2016 is a little more tranquil in that regard, as there are certainly no major plans for any house or backyard renovations. But, as every homeowner knows, that kind of thinking can change in an instant!

Looking ahead to 2016 I don’t really hope for much. I’d like to stay employed where I am but need to be ready to move to the next challenge if I am not. I’d like for Tracey and I to spend somewhere nice for our 30th anniversary, but that all depends on what progress we make on our debt by the time September 28 rolls around. I’d like to drop the necessary 5-7 strokes to get me to a consistent mid-90s average for my golf rounds. I hope to be a concealed-carrying gun owner. And I’d like to get back to Vegas again, of course. And New Orleans if at all possible – it’s been far too long! But again, in the grand scheme of things, that’s what they call “small ball”. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

What I wrote in last year’s final post still holds true. No matter what 2016 might bring, all one can do is hope for the best and cope with the rest, control what you have control over and deal with what you can’t. It’s important to cherish the small things: the sound of palm trees rustling in a summer breeze, a hot cup of coffee on the patio on a pleasant Saturday morning, and later, a little late-night nitecap under the moonlight. Whacking golf balls on a sun-drenched driving range or golf course. Enjoying a glass of pinot grigio and enjoying the good life at the Parasol Up at Wynn Las Vegas. Being able to use the bathroom every morning without someone (or something) to assist. I mean, I get it – I’ve never taken for granted the stuff most people do. Good health, a job, food on the table, clean water to drink, a circle of loving friends and family. It means the world to me.

Finally, before calling it another year, I would like to say to all who continue to make Goodboys Nation weblog a part of your daily Internet travels a big “thank you!” for your patronage and comments. We may not always agree politically, but it’s OK as long as we respect (or at least tolerate) one another’s views. Maybe a year from now we’ll all be able to look back and say, “there, there, Great White Shank, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” One can only hope.

To all of you and your families, my best wishes and prayers to you and yours for the happiest and healthiest of 2016s!

And as is custom every year at this time I’m pleased to say, take us outta here, George! May you rest in peace. You are missed.

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December 30, 2015

…because both he and the people he has on it refuse to take quarter from liberals.

Example #1

Example #2.

Any other questions?

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December 28, 2015

A few thoughts as yet another year gets ready to roll off the calendar…

Prayers and thoughts for the folks whose lives have been lost and uprooted during the Texas twisters on Saturday night. Hard not to think that just a day before they were gathering to open presents and share Christmas with loved ones. Just goes to show you just how precious every day is.

I was doing my Christmas cards but wasn’t much in the holiday spirit so I had my Pink Floyd mix playing. I was diligently working my way through my card list and also had the Heifer International gift catalog in front of me (a tradition in our household going back to our Kentucky years) when Pigs (Three Different Ones) started playing, so I grabbed the catalog and checked off a pig. Two songs later, Sheep came on, so with a chuckle I checked off a sheep. And then I saw on the list I could send honeybees, so remembering my bee adventure from the summer, I checked off an order of them as well. Made for a nice Christmas gift for someone!

Headline: Kentucky’s Mall St. Matthews Shuts Down After Brawls Involving Up to 2,000. I know where that mall is, back in our Kentucky days we didn’t live that far from it. Here’s the kicker, though: no one was arrested? No description other than “youths”? Heh. And people wonder why the media is so distrusted and hated these days….

Check out this “letter to the [Washington Post] editor” by one Alan L. Waters of Bethesda, MD. Hey Alan, here’s an idea – why don’t you practice what you preach and go first! Michael Savage was right when he called liberalism a mental disorder.

So if Hillary Clinton is indeed bringing in both Bill and Chelsea to prop up her flagging campaign what does that say about: a the “strength and stamina” issue Donald Trump has raised, and b) about her strength and independence as a woman seeking to be First. Woman. President.? I’d be curious what her internal polling is telling her.

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December 27, 2015

Another December day, another freeze warning up for our area. As I’m sure y’all can testify to (especially my Goodboys friends back east), it’s been one strange winter thus far. Typically, your average winter in the Valley of the Sun goes something like this: the first week of December (typically around the 7th) you get a period of clouds and rain followed by the first freeze warning of the winter. You wrap your cactuses and cover your fragile vegetation and then get two nights of freezing temperatures. But then the cold is gone and December then reverts back to days in the low-to-mid 60s and nights in the 40s with a sun that shimmers through the high clouds like tinsel on a Christmas tree during the day. At night, the sky with the moon and those same high clouds shines like a chilled martini glass; while a little chilly you can still enjoy a glass of wine on the back patio in shirt sleeves. January is typically tranquil with the occasional chilly day and night in the high 50s and mid-to-high 30s at night. With February comes a repeat of December with a period of storminess followed by the last freeze of the year. So you again wrap up the cactus and wait a couple of days. The cold departs, and then you get around that last week of the month that day where the sun feels different and you know pretty soon you’ll be looking at 80 and the heat season starts over again.

Not this year, though. December has been unusually cold for around these parts, and has been so since the start of the month. And not just chilly but windy as well – the kind that cuts right through you and makes the walk to the mailbox at the end of the street a damned unpleasant task. We’ve had our first freeze, and in minutes I’m about ready to go out and wrap the cactuses all over again because we’ve got another stretch of 3-4 days where the morning lows will be at freezing or below. For the past couple of weeks it has actually been warmer in Massachusetts than it has been here!

Of course, it look as if that’s all about to change and the season will (hopefully) start flipping to something more akin to these parts, but that’s what can happen during an El Nino year.

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December 26, 2015

Across the old British Empire it’s Boxing Day. I hope y’all passed a wondrous and joyful Christmas. Ours was fine but it is good to have it over and done with and get back to the real world. For yours truly it means finally being able to get back to the gym and start getting myself back in some form of shape. For others the holiday season keeps on truckin’, and that’s OK too. A few thoughts on this day after:

This was a big big big day in our nation’s history, and for George Washington, especially. Dude caught those damned Hessians with their pants down (in some cases, literally) and gave the upstart revolutionaries a reason to hope again.

The highlight for me this Christmas was tuning into American Movie Classics and seeing this Frank Sinatra Christmas special from 1957 with special guest star Bing Crosby. Frank had his bachelor pad with the sunken living room and everything goin’ – it was very cool.

Mark Steyn is having himself a purry little Christmas.

John Hinderaker of Power Line blog is showing off his fifty year-old Nativity set. I’ll admit, our set never made it out of the garage this year. I just never got in the spirit. But I still remember the set my parents had. Wonder whatever happened to it?

A big thank you to WCRI in southern Rhode Island / southern Connecticut for brightening our house with Christmas music in a classical style over the past two days. Listening to WCRI throughout the year makes me feel a little bit closer to home, and their Christmas festival of music makes it even more so.

OK, that’s enough for now. Take me away to Christmas Island, Jimmy!

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December 25, 2015

…from everyone at Goodboys Nation weblog and the Goodboys!

Hey, I always thought Ebenezer Scrooge got a bad rap – after all, he was just trying to protect what he earned from the do-gooders.

Contrast the class of our previous President with the lack thereof of the current, er, occupant of the Oval Office.

The Twelve Days of Feminist Christmas.

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December 24, 2015

I know it’s Christmas Eve, but if you want to know the truth I’m not feeling very Christmassy. I’m just glad we’ve now got two fully-functioning cars for the first time in over sixteen months. Fuhgeddaboudit, Santa – I’m satisfied with that as a Christmas present! Here are a few thoughts while everyone else is out there getting in the season.

Really folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

Wanna hear a great Christmas story? Check this out. Some folks talk the talk, others walk the walk.

Don’t say The Great White Shank isn’t ahead of the curve. I toldja about the Left and the mainstream media going all apoplectic about Donald Trump’s schlonged comment about Hillary, and they followed (as did Hillary’s campaign) suit just as predicted. A day later and several veteran columnists backing up Trump that it’s just NYC slang? Err… not so much. The Donald wins another round.

If I’m Hillary, I’m taking this tweet from The Donald very seriously. If she doesn’t I have two words for her: Jeb. Bush.

The Black Lives Matter folks are cockroaches and need to be stomped. Someone’s gonna get hurt one of these days.

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December 23, 2015

That’s right, cats and chicks of all ages, it’s that time of year again. I know the guy’s still sitting in a prison cell, whacked out, burned out, and for all intents and purposes checked out of society and the rock n’ roll world he was once such an iconic part of. But heck, it is the Christmas season and I know it’s not REALLY Christmas until I slap into my CD player the best damned rock n’ roll Christmas record of all time. Which is (for those of you cats and chicks who may not be hip to these kinds of grooves), Phil Spector’s magnificent “A Christmas Gift For You”.

I know what you’re thinking – that’s just The Great White Shank spoutin’ his “yeah-i-know-he’s-in-jail-for-murder-but-believe-me-Phil-Spector-really-was-a-genius” bull$hit, but in this case you need to give me a break. ‘Cause it’s not just me, it’s a whole range of critics across the media spectrum, from Rolling Stone (who rated it #142 in its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time), to bloggers like Hip Christmas and BlogCritics. BC’s praise of the album and its greatness is especially spot-on:

A Christmas Gift For You contains thirteen performances, all captured during that incredible early sixties period when Spector was producing these amazing records. You already know all of the songs, as they have all become tried and true radio staples at Christmas time over the years. Song for song, the wall of sound production — with all of its bells, whistles, and strings — captures all the magic and wonder of Christmas like very little music I can think of. When you hear these songs, it’s like being instantly transported to a kinder, simpler time. It really does feel like Christmas.

In addition to the Ronettes and Crystals classics already mentioned, the standouts here include Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” and a version of “White Christmas” so gorgeous you’ll be checking your window for snowflakes. On Bob B. Soxx And The Blue Jeans’ “The Bells of Saint Mary,” the bells and the castanets ring gloriously amid a swirl of gospel-charged backing vocals.

So the thing is, Phil Spector’s recent legal troubles aside, this record just doesn’t sound any different to me. For my money, it’s still the single greatest Christmas record ever made. And tougher sell that it may be these days, it will definitely be on my CD player when the guys and I get together for some Christmas cheer next weekend.

For me, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it.

The album, considered by many to be Spector’s finest piece of collective work (The Ronettes’ “Be My Baby”, The Righteous Brothers’ “(You’ve Lost That) Lovin’ Feelin'”, and, of course, Ike and Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High” being singular achievements), had a bumpy ride on the road to becoming a much-loved and respected holiday pop classic. Originally recorded during the summer and fall of 1963, it was understandably overlooked in those tragic weeks following the assassination of JFK and then virtually forgotten. It was only until its re-introduction to the public on the Beatles’ Apple Records label in 1971 – at the urging of John Lennon and George Harrison (both of whom utilized Spector on their first post-Beatles’ solo albums following his work on Let It Be) – that the album got radio play and finally earned its long-deserved place in pop music history.

So what exactly is it about A Christmas Gift For You that makes it both a holiday pop classic and a piece of work sufficient enough to warrant recognition among rock’s all-time greatest works? David Sprague, in his review, puts it simply: “[Spector’s] “wall-of-sound” technique is perfectly suited to the music of the season, as he proves with layer upon layer of piano, sleigh bells, buoyant percussion, and, of course, those legendary Spectorsound harmonies.”

True enough, but it’s only after you buy it and crank it up VERY loud that you start to appreciate not just the massive sound Spector lovingly and painstakingly crafted, but the way his session players and musical artists make the most out of the material given them. Here, Spector’s artists The Crystals, The Ronettes, Darlene Love, and Bobby Sheen are simply vocal instruments in the overall mix, working within the material and the arrangements, not overpowering them. Listen closely, and you begin to see how the subtleties within each arrangement illustrate Spector’s respect for both the material and the genre that brought him such fame and respect in his day:

* On “White Christmas”, Darlene Love’s lead is beautifully understated (something virtually unheard of in this post-Whitney armageddon of Britneys and Christinas who sound like wailing alleycats in heat). And listen to how the pianos, basses, and saxes (alto and tenor) underscore the rhythm, and how beautifully they finish the song’s fade-out. Magical.

* On “Frosty The Snowman”, Ronnie Spector takes a harmless children’s tune and turns it into a holiday pop masterpiece. Her earnest vocal is the showpiece here – think ‘Frosty’ meets ‘Be My Baby’, with enough warmth and sweetness to turn ‘the Frostster’ into a puddle of lukewarm H2O. Loved hearing it in that iconic scene in GoodFellas where Jimmy goes nuts with everyone buying expensive stuff after the Lufthansa heist.

* On “The The Bells of St. Mary’s“, Bobby Sheen’s lead is sweet and soulful out in front of a driving rhythm highlighted by chimes and Hal Blaine‘s amazing drumwork on the fade-out. Oh, and that’s Darlene Love doing the “yeah, yeah”‘s towards the end.

* The Crystals’ version of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” rejuvenated the classic so much so that the artists as varied as the Jackson 5 (ugh!) and Bruce Springsteen, among others, felt it necessary to pay it homage with their own versions. Listen for how the bells tinkle out Brahms’s Lullaby behind La La Brooks’ spoken intro – talk about attention to detail!

* On “Sleigh Ride” The Ronettes give a big fat wet kiss to Leroy Anderson’s classic arrangement; their now-classic “ring-a-ling-a-ling-a-ding-dong-ding” back-up is pure icing on this sweet holiday confection.

* “Marshmallow World” is a fun piece – dig the opening piano with an absolute ton of echo on it. And listen to how the saxes underscore the piano/guitar rhythm – you’re talkin’ Wall of Sound here, baby! The mix has always sounded a little muddy to me, but I think that’s just the sheer number of musicians playing at the same time – Phil always did his mixing live while the entire ensemble was playing. Darlene Love’s vocal is energetic and playful, a great performance.

* “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”. You don’t get the #2 slot on my Top 10 Christmas list for nothing. Simply put, there is nothing wanting in this recording – the performances are top-notch throughout. Ronnie Spector’s lead is both devilish and sexy, and the arrangement rocks. Listen for the piano fills and the sleighbells workin’ behind the saxes. It almost sounds as if Ronnie is slurring her s’s here (‘kishing’ Santa Claus); I think she’s doing it deliberately so I fall in love with her voice all over again every year at this time.

* On “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, listen for the guitar riff (Tommy Tedesco? Barney Kessel?) that frames the song throughout, a style similar to what Brian Wilson would later employ on The Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds” a couple of years later. There’s also a piano (and guitar?) doing something funky from the instrumental break onward, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what it is.

* “Winter Wonderland” is a faithful and fun rendition. Listen for those trademark shimmering strings featured throughout – they sound kinda funky to me – and how drummer Hal Blaine absolutely beats the daylights out of his toms on every fill. Darlene Love’s vocal is both soulful and fun. A magnificent arrangement.

* “Parade of The Wooden Soldiers”. OK, listen to how the strings behind The Crystals’ rollicking performance absolutely shimmer like glistening snow, especially behind the trumpet solo in the middle. No one – and I mean NO ONE – could make Christmas pop music like Phil Spector. (If you doubt me, just listen to John & Yoko’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”) Again, Hal Blaine’s drum fills on the fade-out are pretty intense.

* “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)”. Arguably the showpiece of the album. If you want a true holiday audio feast, come inside Mr. Spector’s kitchen where everything – including the kitchen sink – has been tossed in here. Shimmering strings and double acoustic bass (how does he get that sound?) create the necessary tension, then horns introduce a TOTALLY PUMPED and unleashed Darlene Love vocal that leaves nothing – and I do mean NOTHING – in the tank. The grand build-up to close the song is classic Spector: layers and layers of guitar, piano, strings, and percussion back the call-and-answer vocals between Love and the backup singers (a seventeen-year-old Cher‘s voice can be clearly heard) until the tension is finally released in a tidal wave of vocal calisthenics, soaring strings, drum fills, and piano arpeggios. Simply put, one of the great pop vocal performances of all time.

* “Here Comes Santa Claus” is anticlimactic following Love’s tour de force, but it’s to Bobby Sheen’s credit that his straight, if understated, reading becomes the showpiece on this song. The trumpet solo in the middle has a ringing, jazzy touch to it which compliments Sheen’s soulful vocal.

What truly makes A Christmas Gift For You such a remarkable achievement is the success Spector achieved in fusing together what was then a radical way of interpreting familiar holiday songs without, as he would write in the album’s liner notes, “losing for a second the feeling of Christmas and without destroying or invading the sensitivity and the beauty that surrounds all of the great Christmas music.” More than anything else, Spector respected the music he was trying to interpret as his own. In the end, this is what makes this work an enduring classic for the ages.

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December 22, 2015

The big run-up to Christmas starts tomorrow with my annual “Holiday Ode to St. Phil”. I need to check out all the links to see if they still work, so give me a day, OK? In the meantime:

Good news on the Saturn front – the transmission issue has something to do with the engine to tranny solenoid (?) and should only cost $400 max to fix. If that’s true and the repair is successful, we’d be back to having two functioning cars since August 22, 2014. Can you believe it?

Wonder if this comment will get Donald Trump the Jewish vote. But seriously folks, of course, the mainstream media and feminists everywhere will be totally unhinged over this, but if they haven’t gotten the fact that The Donald is an alpha male yet, they never will. And you can tell from the video Trump’s just playing off the crowd like some borscht-belt comedian. He’s enjoying himself, and I guess that kind of thing isn’t allowed in politics anymore.

…but it would be a mistake to think Trump’s comment was anything off-the-cuff and careless – Trump is clearly baiting Hillary into a male vs. female battle that he feels she cannot win. First of all, for someone who plays the gender card as much as Hillary does, there’s nothing much feminine about her. She wants everyone to believe she’s a warm, caring grandmother, but she’s a cold, calculating, disingenuous, lying b**** – and the fact is most people know it. Rush Limbaugh is right when he says that Hillary Clinton reminds every guy of his ex-wife, and Trump is gonna play that angle up to a “T”. If Hillary does indeed get the Democratic nomination she has no clue what she’s in for.

It’s stories like this that makes fans love Phil Mickelson so much.

A classy move by the Red Sox organization. Sure, Wade Boggs had his foibles but between his hitting and defense he was the best third baseman the Red Sox ever had (sorry Butch Hobson, Joe Foy, and Frank Malzone!).

Heard the Beach Boys’ Mike Love’s Christmas offering for the season, and it’s OK though not really much of an improvement over the Beach Boys 1977 version. Sure, his vocal performance seems more spirited (although you can hear the Autotune especially during the final verse) as is the overall production, but the background vocals lack the quality of the Beach Boys. Still, it’s worth a solid B.

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December 21, 2015

It’s the shortest day of the year, and I can’t decide whether Shawn Colvin, Annie Lennox, or Loreena McKennitt do my favorite version of “In The Bleak Mid-Winter”. (OK, I know December 21st is not “mid-winter”, but the songs seems appropriate for this day.)

On to other stuff…

Normally I’m not much into conspiracy theories, but in this Barack Obama presidency where things like this are happening, I’m willing to believe this. He and the Democrats are going to get us all killed.

Maybe this is the ISIS recruitment video Hillary was talking about on her bathroom-breaking Democratic debate performance no one watched?

…and speaking of The Donald he hit the trifecta on the Sunday morning news shows, beating Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos, and Howard Kurtz like a bunch of rented mules. They tried every gotcha question they could come up with, but Trump threw it all back in their faces in a trio of virtuoso performances.

I remember us Goodboys talking about this kind of thing happening when we were in Las Vegas. After all, there were the group of Iranians busting up The Venetian’s casino bar last year. You just never know what’s gonna happen anymore.

I never saw this video before, came upon it looking for other vids. But it’s totally Pink Floyd.

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