November 16, 2015

While I decidedly come from the other side of the political persuasion, I don’t think there is any question that, unless you’re a wild-eyed, social-justice warrioring moonbat, the Democratic Party – and liberalism in general – is coming off one of the worst weeks in its existence. I know it’s almost impossible in this day and age where everything is Fifty Shades of Gray and absolutes (I won’t use the terms “black” and “white” so as not to offend my progressive friends) are hard to come by, but looking back at last week it is hard to see anything positive on display that liberals can hang there hat on. Shall I do a re-run for y’all?

Saturday / Sunday: All the bleatings by illegal immigration activists over Donald Trump’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live” not only had no impact, but resulted in the show’s best ratings in years. All those “Hey Hey Ho Ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” chants not only were ignored by the vast majority of the American public, but the $5K reward offered up for anyone to disrupt the proceedings by yelling that Trump was a racist was ultimately paid to millionaire Larry David, who only used those words as a prop for The Donald’s opening monologue. Money well spent, eh liberals?

[An aside here: what is it about that vapid “Hey Hey Ho Ho” chant anyways? It tells you everything you need to know about liberals and liberalism that they can’t even upgrade a 60s-era protest chant with something more modern and intellectually more interesting? It just shows that, like Hillary Clinton, liberalism is stuck in the Sixties and hasn’t come up with a unique idea since Richard Nixon was in the White House. But I digress…]

Monday – Friday afternoon: College campuses across the country erupt in a hissy-fit over such monumental issues as Halloween costumes, the use of phrases in e-mails, and the lack of safe spaces when confronted with the (gasp!) First Amendment rights of people who happen to disagree with these tantrum-tossing snowflakes. A college professor at Missouri is shown verbally and physically assaulting a cameraman, and a student is shown verbally assaulting a professor in an expletive-ridden tirade. College liberalism is exposed for the totalitarianism it now represents, and all of America thus becomes witness to the spoiled and insufferable monsters the Baby Boomer generation have inflicted on the country.

Tuesday: The GOP debate (this time on FOX Business) once again racked up impressive ratings while showcasing a slate of candidates (Ohio Governor John Kasich being the notable exception) that showed they could discuss substantive issues involving the economy without the debate dissolving into chaos and name-calling. Democrats, of course, called the whole proceedings boring and meaningless, but then again, that’s the typical Democratic response whenever anyone attempts to actually, you know, seek to discuss issues rather than (especially when it comes to Barack Obama) vacuous symbolism.

Thursday: Democratic Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schulz (a.k.a. “Debbie Downer”), pressed by none other than MCNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Hillary Clinton’s laughable claim that she attempted to join the Marines back in 1975, actually ends up defending GOP candidate Dr. Ben Carson on his claims that the mainstream media’s attempts to make hay out of his childhood memories is much ado about nothing.

Friday morning: President Barack Obama is shown in a TV interview asserting that the growth of ISIS “has been contained”.

Friday night: The terrorist attacks in Paris not only end up showing the President’s earlier claims to be absurd, but a president completely out of touch with reality. Liberals and social justice warriors all over are quick to use the Paris dead to further their own political agendas as Missouri college students can’t understand why the attacks are getting more publicity than their cause is, and liberal blogs blame conservative rhetoric for the attacks.

Saturday night: The Democratic challengers for their party’s presidential nomination debate to miniscule ratings. Progressives and millennials who tuned in are once again shocked to see an elderly white grandmother, an elderly white Socialist, and a milquetoast white middle-aged former governor as their only candidates for President. (Liberals looking for diversity as far as African-American and Hispanic representation missed that opportunity in Tuesday’s GOP debate.) Who knows what progressives and social justice warriors were thinking when Hillary proudly proclaimed she “was from the Sixties” and was happy to take money from Wall Street because she used it to rebuild New York after 9/11? And Bernie Sanders equating the rise of ISIS on climate change. And it was pretty pathetic to watch all three candidates – less than a day after the Paris attacks – go through calisthenics to not use the words “radical” and Islam” together in the same sentence. Talk about a lack of seriousness and substance! But that’s today’s Democratic Party for you.

So there you have it. All in all, a pretty revealing and not very good week for Democrats and liberalism in general. I’m not making this up, folks – The Great White Shank is just telling it like it is. Y’all can draw your own conclusions.

A hat tip to Free Republic and Drudge for the links in this post.

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