November 14, 2015

Thoughts, prayers, and support go out to the French and the people of Paris after yet another unspeakable act of terror by Islamic fundamentalists.

The title of this post comes from one of my all-time favorite generals, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Both he and another of my favorite generals, William Tecumseh Sherman, understood the darkness of the human soul. They had both seen the capacity of humans to inflict death and misery on one another, and they understood – more than anyone else could – that the only way out of war was victory, and to make war so miserable in its totality that no one afterwards would ever want to experience it again.

When I think about the various acts of terrorism being conducted by Islamic fundamentalists, or radical Islamists, or whatever you want to call them (personally, gutless cowards come to mind), I tend to think a little more radically than those poor vulnerable privileged snowflakes you see trying to play radical social justice warriors all across college campuses these days. I happen to take a rather dim view towards not only radical Islamists, but the Muslim population in general who you never see or hear come out on the cable networks to denounce the actions of radical Islam and its practitioners. In my view, their silence is as much an indictment on them as those who have perpetrated acts of terror in Spain, in London, in Mumbai, in New York City, in Lockerbie, in Boston, and any number of other places. It is their lack of words and actions that tell me deep down they support the actions of those who would willingly slaughter innocent people for the cause of jihad, or whatever grievance they might think they have.

Truth is, I was going to use this Saturday post to condemn Donald Trump for his bizarre rant against the Republican field on Thursday night in Fort Dodge, Iowa, but the fact is, everything he has said to date – the wall, deporting illegal immigrants, and sending all Syrian refugees back where they came from – are spot on. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if The Donald’s approval ratings go up 15 points in the coming days.

About the title of this post.

I believe the time has come to nip the cancer of Islamic fundamentalism in the bud, and big time. It’s not gonna be pretty, and lots of innocent people are gonna get caught in the middle, but I’m thinking the U.S., Israel, Russia, and China all have it in their interests to wipe Islamic fundamentalism off the face of the earth. They all know the risk to political stability within their borders. They know who the major and minor players are in the Middle East. And they the powers most at risk by the rise of a radical Islamic caliphate – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, others. So why not pool intelligence and wipe out the bad guys militarily? Between that and the West shutting down all immigration in the West for the next two years you’re gonna make it really difficult for the cancer to spread.

The same holds true in the U.S. Sorry all you limp-wristed, do-gooder liberals who love to play the multicultural, diversity, tolerance game. Like it or not, Donald Trump is right. It’s time to build a wall and shut down immigration for a couple of years while we sort out who is here legally and who is not. If you’re here illegally (and yes, that includes families with children who were born here, sorry snowflakes!) that means you gotta go back to where you came from. If your record is spotless and you have skills that are needed, maybe we’ll welcome you back. Otherwise, hasta la vista, baby. Life isn’t fair – never was, never will be. You broke the law and now you gotta pay the price.

You’re never going to eliminate terrorism completely. But you most certainly can make the very idea of committing acts of terrorism so painful and so unattractive that those who seek to spread it will have a hard time recruiting converts to the cause. The poor victims of Paris should not have died in vain. It’s time to start taking blood from blood. It’s time to kill them, and kill them all.

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