November 8, 2015

The big story unfolding as far as the 2016 presidential election is concerned is the final and great revealing of the mainstream media and its utter and blatant dishonesty, hypocrisy, and liberal / progressive activism. For years (and most recently and particularly with Mitt Romney’s campaign) Republican and conservative candidates took the arrows and slings of the media lying down, afraid to offend their elitist sensibilities and risk getting on their wrong side. For years, conservatives allowed the media (and, to be truthful, the GOP establishment) to set the agenda – which, by the way, just happened to coincide with that of the Democratic Party – and dictate how Republican campaigns would be run and perceived.

The entry of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz into the 2016 GOP race has changed all that. Neither plays by anyone else’s rules but their own, and while Trump began the effort to push back against the media and its attempts to frame him in a certain way at the Fox News debate, it took the CNBC debate (and Ted Cruz especially) to give the rest of the GOP field the courage to follow his and The Donald’s lead.

Which brings us to Dr. Ben Carson and the media fiasco that began with a CNN interview that questioned the veracity of his life experiences as written in his book Gifted Hands, and a Friday hit piece by POLITICO blog accusing Carson of lying about a so-called West Point “scholarship” he had written about receiving and Carson’s own campaign admitting to the fabrication. Two hours later, POLITICO was scrambling to downplay the story and whitewash its reporting without apology, and in a follow-up news conference with reporters Carson laid waste upon the gathering, criticizing their reporting, mocking their journalistic practices, and accusing them of a double standard by comparing the way his background was being questioned in a way Barack Obama’s never was back in 2008.

All in all, this is a very good thing, and something to keep an eye on going forward. I mean, to see the jackals in the mainstream media attempting to find intellectual dishonesty in Carson’s campaign while Hillary Clinton is allowed to skate around the utter shameless and blatant lies she has told about Benghazi and her e-mails while Secretary of State, and the utter incompetence she displayed during her tenure as Secretary of State is beyond laughable. No one is saying that Carson’s life, work, and words shouldn’t come under scrutiny, and I’m sure he doesn’t think that should be the case, either – that should go for anyone running for president.

And it’s not just Carson who’s now wise to their games, Marco Rubio has come around as well, and good for him.

For too long the mainstream media has been allowed to get all too cozy with the belief they could bully and shame Republicans and conservatives into submission, but thanks to the efforts of Trump and Cruz that will no longer be the case. And like the cockroaches they are and have always been, they’re now being forced to scatter in the light of confrontation and pushback from the GOP field. The mainstream media thought the 2016 presidential campaign was going to be business as usual, allowing it to serve its rightful position as cheerleaders in the coronation of Hillary Clinton; thanks to the events of the past two weeks they’re now being forced into the unpalatable position of having to do their jobs and being accountable when they don’t.

The GOP is finally fighting back, and that’s a good thing for everyone.

Hat tips to Free Republic and Instapundit for source links!

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