August 23, 2015

Me? I spent the weekend doing anything but what I should have been working on, which is: cleaning the house and getting the back yard prepped for sowing clover (my way of reducing water as opposed to grass that is much thirstier). Still…

I read this and wonder what became of the Democrats as the party of the “common man”:

Among the places where Mrs. Clinton enjoys stalwart support are the Hamptons, where she and Mr. Clinton have spent the past several summers, walking their dogs on the beach, attending clambakes and raising money for their family’s philanthropic foundation. This summer, the fashion designer Tory Burch is among those hosting fund-raisers for Mrs. Clinton.

Alan Patricof, a longtime donor and friend, said the pancake breakfast he and his wife, Susan, were hosting for Mrs. Clinton on Aug. 30, for up to $2,700 per person, had almost reached capacity at more than 300 people.

300 people? How about the 30,000 folks Donald Trump attracted in Mobile, Alabama the other night. You know how you know The Donald is getting under the Republican establishment’s skin? When they recruit flacks like the National Review’s Quin Hillyer and Mona Charen to write hit pieces on their behalf. The current Republican Party needs to have a fork stuck in it. Given the choice between Democrats like Barack Obama and so-called Republicans like Jeb! Bush and John Kasich, give me the former – at least you know what they stand for.

Even the idea of this being publicized tells me that national Democrats have followed the mainstream press and turned on Hillary Clinton. At this point she really has no excuse for the months of outright lies she has told. Listen, I know Democrats and how they think: it’s one thing to be a liar, it’s a whole ‘nutha thing to be a liar and an awful candidate. The Dems gave her a mulligan because of Barack Obama but now it’s a case of “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. Mark my words, Hillary Clinton and her candidacy for the Democratic nomination are toast.

Speaking of a possible Biden candidacy: if given the choice between Joe Biden and Jeb! Bush I’ll gladly pull the lever for the former. Jeb Bush is a mealy-mouthed, milquetoast suck-up of a politician that believes in nothing but getting elected. I don’t care what anyone says, he’s no conservative. Same goes for John Kasich. And the same goes for any politician that Karl Rove supports. These people are the poster-children for everything that is wrong with the GOP.

I’m done with Accuweather as my go-to site for all things weather-related. They’ve been infected with “global warming disease. Lots of storms? Global warming. Not enough storms? Global warming. Too much rain? Global warming. Not enough rain? Global warming. Too many Pacific typhoons? Global warming. Not enough Atlantic hurricanes? Global warming. My new site is Weather Underground, especially Dr. Jeff Masters’ blog. It’s worth adding to your Favorites.

Sure, Tiger Woods had a decent weekend at the Wyndham Championship – hey, he made the cut, right? But I’m still not convinced. Sedgfield was a course where he didn’t need to hit driver much at all; while those classic Tiger stingers he hit with his 2-iron showed he’s crawling his way back, he’s not going to be able to get away with that on a normal PGA Tour venue. He had a couple of good days with his short game but he sure seemed to get sloppy all around on the weekend. He’s coming along for sure, but anyone who thinks he’s ready to challenge at a major is kidding themselves.

…but you can’t deny the draw is all about him. Even I found myself yelling at the TV screen and the cadre of aging Tour pros and FedEx Cup playoff wannabes they were showing; I just wanted to see how Tiger was playing.

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