May 5, 2015

[Ed. note: Now that I’ve got my music collections pretty much done it occurred to me that some music afficianado out there might want to know the contents of each of them so they too, if so inclined, would have a starting point for their own collection or just be interested in checking some of the songs out on YouTube or elsewhere. So here is the first in a series of posts containing the contents of my collections.]

“Zen Surf” was my very first collection. It’s surf music both classical and contemporary, by some bands you’ve heard of but plenty that I’ll bet you haven’t as well. On a hot summer afternoon soaking up some sun or taking a refreshing swim, you can’t beat it. The collection is several years old, but I find it has held up nicely over that time. Surf’s up!!

Aqua Velvets – A Raymond Chandler Evening.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Aqua Nova.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Bamboo Torches.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Big Island Romp.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Day in the Life of a Private Eye.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Femme Fatale.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Gringo.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Guitar Noir.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Hawaiian Blue.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Martini Time.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Mexican Rooftop Afternoon.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Mysterious Mambo.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Napili Nocturne.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Night In Paamul.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Palm Shadows.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Sliver of Moon.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Slow Dance With a Fast Girl.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Subterranea.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Summer At Dreampoint.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Sunlight Dances Upon Her Hair.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Surf Noir Kings Ride Again.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Surf Nouveau.mp3
Aqua Velvets – They Drive By Night.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Tiki Beat.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Tiki Noir.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Tropic Isle.mp3
Aqua Velvets – Venetian Silhouettes.mp3
Aqualads – Aquanettes Theme.mp3
Aqualads – Atlanticus.mp3
Aqualads – Bikini Jungle.mp3
Aqualads – Bon Voyage.mp3
Aqualads – Cat on a Hot Foam Board.mp3
Aqualads – Creeper.mp3
Aqualads – Crystal Cove.mp3
Aqualads – Curse.mp3
Aqualads – Dangerous Curves.mp3
Aqualads – Dark Eyes.mp3
Aqualads – Disintegration.mp3
Aqualads – Dos Whammies.mp3
Aqualads – El Borracho.mp3
Aqualads – El Spectre.mp3
Aqualads – Flatline.mp3
Aqualads – Folly Beach.mp3
Aqualads – Hangin 11.mp3
Aqualads – Haunted Beach.mp3
Aqualads – Hollow Day.mp3
Aqualads – Hotbox.mp3
Aqualads – House of Siam.mp3
Aqualads – Hungarian Dance No_ 3.mp3
Aqualads – Island of Dr_ Pinchot.mp3
Aqualads – It Came From The Sea.mp3
Aqualads – Longboard.mp3
Aqualads – Loose Gypsy.mp3
Aqualads – Margaya.mp3
Aqualads – Night of the Gremmie.mp3
Aqualads – Oasis.mp3
Aqualads – Phantom Point.mp3
Aqualads – Pier #9.mp3
Aqualads – Quasimodo.mp3
Aqualads – Reef Rider.mp3
Aqualads – Rodeo Gals.mp3
Aqualads – Sandymonium.mp3
Aqualads – Seashore.mp3
Aqualads – Shakin’ Not Stirred.mp3
Aqualads – Snake Eyes.mp3
Aqualads – Snowboarding.mp3
Aqualads – Speedshifter.mp3
Aqualads – Storm Surge.mp3
Aqualads – Sun Poison.mp3
Aqualads – Sun Stroke.mp3
Aqualads – Surf! Surf! Surf!.mp3
Aqualads – Surfers Revenge.mp3
Aqualads – Surfing With the Sharks.mp3
Aqualads – Teenage Surf Vampires.mp3
Aqualads – The Dog.mp3
Aqualads – The Last Wave.mp3
Aqualads – Trantula.mp3
Aqualads – Undertow.mp3
Aqualads – Vientos Del Sur.mp3
Aqualads – Washout.mp3
Aqualads – Whirling Dervish.mp3
Aqualads – White Sands.mp3
Atlantics – Big Swell.mp3
Atlantics – Dawn Patrol.mp3
Atlantics – In the Shadows.mp3
Atlantics – Night Star.mp3
Atlantics – Surfs Up.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Axis of Evil.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Beach Blanket Inferno.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Dead Sea Stroll.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Dreamsicle.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Kid of Speed.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Mr_ Exterminator.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Planet From Outer Space.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Pope of Chilli town.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Siouxnami.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Sizzler.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Slaughter Beach.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Toxic Train.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Whole Larva Love.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – WholeLarva Love.mp3
Atomic Mosquitos – Wild Wild Midwest.mp3
Bitch Boys – Did You Bring Your Brass Knuckles.mp3
Bob Vaught The Renegades – Surfin Tragedy.mp3
Brainwashers – Bawunga Bob.mp3
Brainwashers – Sand Pumper.mp3
Bustin Surfboards – Wingnut.mp3
Challengers – Adventures In Paradise.mp3
Challengers – Apache.mp3
Challengers – Banzai Washout.mp3
Challengers – Ross at Sunset.mp3
Cosmonauti – (Death of A) Matador.mp3
Cosmonauti – 7th Level.mp3
Cosmonauti – Bad Moon.mp3
Cosmonauti – Bikini Angel.mp3
Cosmonauti – Blue Surf.mp3
Cosmonauti – Driver.mp3
Cosmonauti – Exotica Fever.mp3
Cosmonauti – First Level.mp3
Cosmonauti – Green Bay.mp3
Cosmonauti – Lazy.mp3
Cosmonauti – Locals Only.mp3
Cosmonauti – Maserati.mp3
Cosmonauti – Mexico Beach.mp3
Cosmonauti – Sea Storm.mp3
Cosmonauti – Spanish Waves.mp3
Cosmonauti – Spring Fiesta.mp3
Daddy a Go-Go – To Sir With Love.mp3
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones – Let’s Go Trippin’.mp3
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones – Misirlou.mp3
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones – Mr. Eliminator.mp3
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones – Peter Gunn.mp3
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones – Surf Beat.mp3
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones – The Wedge.mp3
Eddie and The Showmen – Faraway Places.mp3
Eddie and The Showmen – Lanky Bones.mp3
Eddie and The Showmen – Movin’.mp3
Eddie Montana’s Seal Beach Surf Band – Sleep Walk.mp3
Jack Nitzsche – The Lonely Surfer.mp3
Jan and Dean – Honolulu Lulu.mp3
Jan and Dean – Ride the Wild Surf.mp3
Jan and Dean – Sidewalk Surfin.mp3
Jan and Dean – Surf City.mp3
Jerry Cole and his Spacemen – Deep_Surf.mp3
Kelp – Happy as a Clam.mp3
Kelp – Shrimp Cocktail.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Beach Bunny.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Bikini Banzai.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Jill the Spy.mp3
Laika and The Cosmonauts – Crosstown Canyon.mp3
Laika and The Cosmonauts – Enchanted Rock.mp3
Laika and The Cosmonauts – Endless Summer.mp3
Laika and The Cosmonauts – Fadeaway.mp3
Laika and The Cosmonauts – Floating.mp3
Laika and The Cosmonauts – Hi Lo.mp3
Laika and The Cosmonauts – Lands End.mp3
Laika and The Cosmonauts – Mary’s Theme.mp3
Laika and The Cosmonauts – The Freefaller.mp3
Long Boards – Going Nowhere.mp3
Long Boards – Rollout.mp3
Los Straitjackets – At The Seashore.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Beach Bag.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Can You Dig It.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Cantina (Electric).mp3
Los Straitjackets – Close to Champaign.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Dreamland.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Fur Sophia.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Isnt Love Grand.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Lawnmower.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Lonely Apache.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Low Tide.mp3
Los Straitjackets – My Heart Will Go On.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Nightmare in Monte Cristo.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Pacifica.mp3
Los Straitjackets – The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt.mp3
Los Straitjackets – Theme From Magnificent Seven.mp3
Los Straitjackets – University Blvd..mp3
Los SuperAvengers – Cave Surfing.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – Cotton Candy.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – Diablo del Mar.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – El Avenger.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – GBF.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – Lulus Lullaby.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – Lydia.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – Moon Over Lathrop.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – Perfect Wave.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – Postal Assassin.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – SharkAttack.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – Surfers Dream.mp3
Los SuperAvengers – The Dude.mp3
Martini Kings & King Paris – Bongo Mambo.mp3
Martini Kings & King Paris – Lets Rumble.mp3
Martini Kings & King Paris – No Drink til Cabo.mp3
Martini Kings & King Paris – Return to Bikini Beach.mp3
Martini Kings & King Paris – Shadows On the Sand.mp3
Martini Kings & King Paris – Steelin a Wave.mp3
Martini Kings & King Paris – Surfin Sitar.mp3
Martini Kings & King Paris – The Kings Ride.mp3
Mermen – Big Day At The Bay.mp3
Mermen – Krill Slippin.mp3
Mermen – Sand.mp3
Mermen – Splashin With The Mermaid.mp3
Mermen – The Goodbye.mp3
Metalunas – The Curse of Pier 13.mp3
Metalunas – The Wet Set.mp3
Mighty Surf Lords – Away.mp3
Mighty Surf Lords – Itapos;s What She Does.mp3
Mighty Surf Lords – Moonshot Part 3.mp3
Mighty Surf Lords – Murph The Surf.mp3
Mighty Surf Lords – Six Gun Surfer.mp3
Mighty Surf Lords – Surf Ace.mp3
Mighty Surf Lords – The Bluest Reef.mp3
Nova Surfer – The One I Love.mp3
Ralph Rebel – Spanish Fly.mp3
Retroliners – Dr. Yes.mp3
Retroliners – Harlem Nocturne.mp3
Retroliners – Planet Fear.mp3
Retroliners – Rumble In The Stratosphere 2002.mp3
Retroliners – Underneath The Bunker.mp3
Reverb Galaxy – 10 Miles to Nags Head.mp3
Reverb Galaxy – Balkan Stomp.mp3
Reverb Galaxy – BlueSunset.mp3
Reverb Galaxy – Dark Pulsar.mp3
Reverb Galaxy – In the Shadows Shadow.mp3
Reverb Galaxy – Invasion.mp3
Reverb Galaxy – La Cantina de los Malditos.mp3
Reverb Galaxy – Revvin the Woodie.mp3
Reverb Galaxy – Sinister Island.mp3
Richie Allen and The Pacific Surfers – Surf Man.mp3
Richie Allen and The Pacific Surfers – The Quiet Surf.mp3
San Andreas Fault – Encantada.mp3
San Andreas Fault – Fault Herald.mp3
San Andreas Fault – Go Sleepy.mp3
San Andreas Fault – Sympatico.mp3
Sandy and the SurfSonics – Playa Encatada.mp3
Sandy and the SurfSonics РSue¤a California.mp3
Sandy and the SurfSonics – The Radical Rider.mp3
Sandy Nelson – Casbah.mp3
Satans Pilgrims – Seaside Run.mp3
Satans Pilgrims – Super Stock.mp3
Sharkskins – Flamenco Surf.mp3
Sharkskins – The Mild Bunch Rides Again.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Big Foot.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Cavalier.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Fog City.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Lost in the Shadows.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Lost Train.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Rattlesnake.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Red and Blue.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Run.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Snatch.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Sweet December.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Swept Away.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – The Bold and Brave.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Tumble Bug.mp3
Shig and the Buzz – Twilight.mp3
Surf Raiders – Sunset at Makaha.mp3
Surf Raiders – Tsunami.mp3
Surf Raiders – Wave Walkn.mp3
Surf Report – 3 Rolled Tacos.mp3
Surf Report – Ace of Spades.mp3
The Aquamarines – The Aquamarines – Beyond the Sea.mp3
The Bambi Molesters – Breeze And I.mp3
The Bambi Molesters – Cecilia Ann.mp3
The Bambi Molesters – Into The Crimson Sunset.mp3
The Bambi Molesters – Lazy Girls Hangout.mp3
The Bambi Molesters – Standing On The Nose In A Stylish Manner.mp3
The Bambi Molesters – Sweet Spot.mp3
The Beach Boys – Boogie Woodie.mp3
The Beach Boys – California Girls.mp3
The Beach Boys – Catch a Wave.mp3
The Beach Boys – Do It Again (50th Anniversary).wma
The Beach Boys – Do It Again.mp3
The Beach Boys – Don’t Back Down [Alternate Take].mp3
The Beach Boys – Don’t Back Down.mp3
The Beach Boys – Girls On The Beach.mp3
The Beach Boys – Lonely Sea.mp3
The Beach Boys – Sloop John B.mp3
The Beach Boys – Still Surfin’.mp3
The Beach Boys – Stoked.mp3
The Beach Boys – Summer Means New Love.mp3
The Beach Boys – Surfin’ Safari.mp3
The Beach Boys – Surfin’ U.S.A..mp3
The Beach Boys – The Rocking Surfer.mp3
The Beach Boys – The Surfer Moon.mp3
The Beach Boys – The Warmth of the Sun.mp3
The Beach Boys – Your Summer Dream.mp3
The Belairs – Mr. Moto.mp3
The Belairs – Panic Button.mp3
The Belairs – Peter Pistol.mp3
The Belairs – Vampire.mp3
The Bomboras – War Of The Satellites.mp3
The Breakaways – Island of the Sea.mp3
The Breakaways – Journey to the Stars.mp3
The Breakaways – Longboard Lesson.mp3
The Breakaways – No Surf.mp3
The Breakaways – Shark Breath.mp3
The Breakaways – Surfin Sam.mp3
The Breakaways – Waves of Change.mp3
The Centurions – Bullwinkle Pt. II.mp3
The Centurions – Holiday Girl.mp3
The Chantays – Crystal-t.mp3
The Chantays – Descanso Daze.mp3
The Chantays – Nightsand.mp3
The Chantays – Pipeline.mp3
The Closet Surfers – Faster Punky.mp3
The Closet Surfers – From the Can.mp3
The Closet Surfers – Go-Swami-Go.mp3
The Closet Surfers – On Ta Cabo.mp3
The Closet Surfers – On Toward The Sun.mp3
The Closet Surfers – Surf at 7.mp3
The Closet Surfers – Surfin ta Sunset.mp3
The Closet Surfers – Under the Deep Blue Sea.mp3
The Cocktail Preachers – Blue Velvet.mp3
The Cocktail Preachers – Last Ride.mp3
The Cocktail Preachers – Margarita Meltdown.mp3
The Concaves – Eyes Of The Sea.mp3
The Concaves – Lil Walquin.mp3
The Concaves – Reflecting Tides.mp3
The Deuce Coupes – Monkey Si.mp3
The Deuce Coupes – Nite Prowler.mp3
The Deuce Coupes – Tijuana Gasser.mp3
The Diamondheads – Big Daddy Dirt Pile.mp3
The Diamondheads – Dented Fender.mp3
The Diamondheads – Diamond Head at Dusk.mp3
The Diamondheads – El Monte.mp3
The Diamondheads – Figs.mp3
The Diamondheads – Firewater.mp3
The Diamondheads – Intentional Walk.mp3
The Diamondheads – Lava Bed.mp3
The Diamondheads – Married to a Mermaid.mp3
The Diamondheads – Night_Surf.mp3
The Diamondheads – Patapsagogo.mp3
The Diamondheads – Waving.mp3
The Eliminators – Bone Cruncher.mp3
The Eliminators – Boneyard.mp3
The Eliminators – Chief Whoopin Koff.mp3
The Eliminators – Dawn Patrol.mp3
The Eliminators – Doho.mp3
The Eliminators – Johnny’s Noseride.mp3
The Eliminators – Latinia.mp3
The Eliminators – Moment of Truth.mp3
The Eliminators – Monte Carlo Blues.mp3
The Eliminators – Parafin Jungle.mp3
The Eliminators – Punta Baja.mp3
The Eliminators – Rincon.mp3
The Eliminators – Sunset Glide.mp3
The Eliminators – Surfin’ Spies.mp3
The Eliminators – The Breeze and I.mp3
The Eliminators – The Lonely Sea.mp3
The Fathoms – Aqua Beat.mp3
The Fathoms – Castle Island Dream.mp3
The Fathoms – Cerveza On Dee Mesa.mp3
The Fathoms – Dagger Bones.mp3
The Fathoms – Dark Secret.mp3
The Fathoms – Fathom This!.mp3
The Fathoms – Midway A-Go-Go.mp3
The Fathoms – Mimis Theme.mp3
The Fathoms – Panito.mp3
The Fathoms – Pony Expresso.mp3
The Fathoms – Rat Bike.mp3
The Fathoms – Shes The One.mp3
The Fathoms – Tail Waggin.mp3
The Fathoms – The Palomino.mp3
The Fireballs – Tequila.mp3
The Ghouls – Coffin Nails.mp3
The Ghouls – Voo Doo Juice.mp3
The Gremmies – Sunset Beach.mp3
The Gremmies – Tijuana Nights.mp3
The Ho-Dads – Legends.mp3
The Hodaddys – Wave Walkin.mp3
The Impacts – Beep Beep.mp3
The Impacts – Blue Surf.mp3
The Impacts – Lisa.mp3
The Impacts – Sea Horse.mp3
The Kilaueas – Antenna Moon.mp3
The Kilaueas – Black Sands.mp3
The Kilaueas – Caravan.mp3
The Kilaueas – Luna Tiki.mp3
The Kilaueas – Orchid Avenue.mp3
The Lively Ones – Bustin Surfboards.mp3
The Lively Ones – Crying_Guitar (Surfers Lament).mp3
The Lively Ones – Paradise Cove.mp3
The Lively Ones – Surf Rider.mp3
The Low-Fi Drifters – Hang em High.mp3
The Low-Fi Drifters – Johnny Remember Me.mp3
The Low-Fi Drifters – Love Goddess of Venus.mp3
The Low-Fi Drifters – Some Velvet Morning.mp3
The Low-Fi Drifters – Surf Angel.mp3
The Low-Fi Drifters – The Lost Inca.mp3
The Marketts – Beyond The Beach.mp3
The Marketts – Out Of Limits.mp3
The Marketts – Surfer’s Stomp.mp3
The Mel-Tones – Breakers At Hanalei.mp3
The Mel-Tones – Cabo Del Cabo.mp3
The Mel-Tones – In Praise Of The Lime.mp3
The Mel-Tones – Mission To Mazatlan.mp3
The Mel-Tones – Papakolea Beach.mp3
The Mel-Tones – Polynesian Adventure.mp3
The Mel-Tones – Reef Patrol.mp3
The Mel-Tones – Sands Go Vermilion.mp3
The Mel-Tones – The Perfect Wave.mp3
The Mel-Tones – Tiki Cabana.mp3
The Mel-Tones – Vista Del Mar.mp3
The Mel-Tones – Youll Never Surf In This Town Again.mp3
The Mysteriums – Kon-Tiki.mp3
The Mysteriums – Peace Pipe.mp3
The Nebulas – T-16.mp3
The Nebulas – Torque Wrench.mp3
The Nebulas – Von Schlieffen Plan.mp3
The Neptones – Sandstorm.mp3
The Neptunes – Beguiled.mp3
The Neptunes – Mermain in Heaven.mp3
The Neptunes – Talking To Trees.mp3
The Penetrators – Checkpoint Echo.mp3
The Pyramids – Penetration.mp3
The Reckless Reefers – Ankle Snapper.mp3
The Reckless Reefers – Lahaina Moonlight.mp3
The Reckless Reefers – Long Walk Off a Short Pier.mp3
The Reckless Reefers – Paddlin Out.mp3
The Reckless Reefers – Riff Tide.mp3
The Reckless Reefers – Sandcrawler.mp3
The Reckless Reefers – Step Into The Liquid.mp3
The Reckless Reefers – Surfer Girl.mp3
The Reckless Reefers – Throwspray.mp3
The Reckless Reefers – Wet Feet.mp3
The Reverburritos – Hammerhead.mp3
The Reverburritos – Martini Sunset.mp3
The Rip Chords – Wiameah Bay.mp3
The Ripsnorts – Betrayal.mp3
The Rumblers – Boss.mp3
The Sandals – 6-Pak (2000).mp3
The Sandals – 6-Pak.mp3
The Sandals – Agunus Night.mp3
The Sandals – August Rain.mp3
The Sandals – Close To My Heart.mp3
The Sandals – Decoy (2000).mp3
The Sandals – Decoy.mp3
The Sandals – Driftin’ (2000).mp3
The Sandals – Driftin’.mp3
The Sandals – Good Greeves.mp3
The Sandals – Jet Black (2000).mp3
The Sandals – Jet Black.mp3
The Sandals – La Madre.mp3
The Sandals – Lonely Road (2000).mp3
The Sandals – Lonely Road.mp3
The Sandals – Mexico.mp3
The Sandals – Mundacca.mp3
The Sandals – Ohh-La-La.mp3
The Sandals – Out Front (2000).mp3
The Sandals – Out Front.mp3
The Sandals – Outer Wave.mp3
The Sandals – Pleasure Point.mp3
The Sandals – Route 1.mp3
The Sandals – School’s Out.mp3
The Sandals – Scrambler (2000).mp3
The Sandals – Scrambler.mp3
The Sandals – Soul Something.mp3
The Sandals – Summer Breeze (2).mp3
The Sandals – Summer Breeze.mp3
The Sandals – Summer’s Gone.mp3
The Sandals – The Endless Summer Composite.mp3
The Sandals – Theme from the Endless Summer (1998).mp3
The Sandals – Theme From The Endless Summer (2000).mp3
The Sandals – Theme from the Endless Summer.mp3
The Sandals – TR-6 (2000).mp3
The Sandals – TR-6.mp3
The Sandals – Trailing.mp3
The Sandals – Wild as the Sea (2).mp3
The Sandals – Wild As The Sea (2000).mp3
The Sandals – Wingnut’s Theme (Slow Version).mp3
The Sandals – Wingnut’s Theme.mp3
The Sandals – Winter Spell.mp3
The Sandals – Yellow Dove.mp3
The Sentinals – Sunset Beach [LP Version].mp3
The Space Cossacks – Metsakukkia.mp3
The Space Cossacks – Mir Rescue.mp3
The Space Cossacks – Moroccan Adventures.mp3
The Space Cossacks – Space Probe.mp3
The Space Cossacks – The Defector.mp3
The Space Cossacks – The Jewel Of Duende.mp3
The Super Stocks – Coffin Nails.mp3
The Super Stocks – Gridiron Goodie.mp3
The Super Stocks – Malibu Blues.mp3
The Super Stocks – Midnight Run.mp3
The Super Stocks – Muscle Beach Party.mp3
The Super Stocks – My First Love.mp3
The Super Stocks – Newport Beach.mp3
The Super Stocks – Oceanside.mp3
The Super Stocks – Redondo Beach.mp3
The Super Stocks – Santa Barbara (Alternate Take).mp3
The Super Stocks – Surf Route 101 (2).mp3
The Super Stocks – Surf Route 101.mp3
The Super Stocks – Surfin’ Scene.mp3
The Super Stocks – The Last Walk.mp3
The Super Stocks – Untitled Demo 1.mp3
The Super Stocks – Untitled Demo 3.mp3
The Super Stocks – Untitled Demo 4.mp3
The Super Stocks – Untitled Demo 5.mp3
The Super Stocks – Ventura (2).mp3
The Super Stocks – Ventura.mp3
The Supertones – El Rollo.mp3
The Supertones – I Surf In Black.mp3
The Supertones – Morgan.mp3
The Supertones – Shanghai Surf.mp3
The Supertones – Twango.mp3
The Supertones – Victory At Sea.mp3
The Surf Kings – Morpheus.mp3
The Surf Kings – The Tower.mp3
The Surf Mariachis – Baja.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Blue Velvet Flashback.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Garage Jam.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Pretty Daddy.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Primitive E.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Road Trippin’.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Rust Colored Leisure Suit.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Sea Snake.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Seaside Heights.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Skullaballo.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Speedo.mp3
The Surf Zombies – Submarina.mp3
The Surf Zombies – The Is.mp3
The Surf Zombies – The Meat Grinder.mp3
The Surf Zombies – They Feed at Night.mp3
The Surfaris – Surfer Joe.mp3
The Surfaris – Wipe Out.mp3
The Surfin Gorillas – Summertime Surf.mp3
The Surfonics – The Secret Sea.mp3
The Swamp Coolers – Escape From El Diablo.mp3
The Swamp Coolers – Route 66.mp3
The Torquays – 9 Miles To Stuckeys.mp3
The Torquays – Jamaican Me Crazy.mp3
The Torquays – Milagro Del Mar.mp3
The Torquays – Shadowcaster.mp3
The Torquays – Shoreline Serenade.mp3
The Torquays – Speedboat.mp3
The Torquays – Splash Zone.mp3
The Torquays – Sunset Cruise.mp3
The Torquays – The Pike.mp3
The Torquays – Twilight At Trestles.mp3
The Torquays – Wailea.mp3
The Trade Winds – New York’s a Lonely Town.mp3
The Trashmen – Surfin’ Bird.mp3
The Turtles – Surfer Dan.mp3
The Untamed Youth – Contentment.mp3
The Untamed Youth – Russian Roulette.mp3
The Vara-Tones – Beyond The Blue.mp3
The Vara-Tones – El Sereno.mp3
The Vara-Tones – Groo-V-Chicken.mp3
The Vara-Tones – Midnight In Mazatlan.mp3
The Vara-Tones – Nite Creatures.mp3
The Vara-Tones – Ocean Meets Land.mp3
The Vara-Tones – Siboney.mp3
The Vara-Tones – Sunset At The Wedge.mp3
The Ventures – 13 Jours en France.mp3
The Ventures – After Midnight in Shinjuku.mp3
The Ventures – Ajoen Ajoen.mp3
The Ventures – Baja.mp3
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The Ventures – Web Surfin.mp3
The Ventures – Wild Weekend.mp3
The Ventures – Zonked.mp3
The Vulcanes – Moon Probe.mp3
This Spy Surfs – 99apos;s Midnite Ballet.mp3
This Spy Surfs – Its Not Over.mp3
This Spy Surfs – To Russia With Surf.mp3
Tiki Ti – Italian Surf Mob.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Makaha.mp3
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Urban Surf Kings – Chicken Pot Pie.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Espresso Twist.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Giant Cow.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Legend of Bog Road.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Mojave Hadji.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Night Flight to Venice.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Paging Omar.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Ray Gun Rampage.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Seven Faces of Dr Surf.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Surf Kings Stomp!.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Tango el Rollo.mp3
Urban Surf Kings – Twisted Brain.mp3
VonRippers – Media Nocturne.mp3
Zorba The Greeks – Shockwave.mp3
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May 2, 2015

57 + 60 = 117

There’s a history of this kind of thing, you know. It’s like the Houston Astros going 22-10 during Spring Training and getting everyone’s hopes up, only to see their Opening Day starter get shelled, then losing the first 14 of fifteen games to start the season.

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything – there’s not a whole lot of comfort to be taken from a performance like today. It was a disaster from start to finish. On the range before the round I couldn’t seem to find any tempo whatsoever. On the course, it wasn’t bad enough that I was flogging the dog from start to finish, I had to be rescued by the Pro Shop because of my cart’s dead battery not just once, but twice! I mean, how often does that kind of thing happen? And, judging from my hideously swollen left-hand pinky finger, it would appear I fractured something on a swing out of a sand trap on #7 (one of three attempts to get out of the sand, BTW).

My goal of hitting fairways? A joke – I only hit only two all day. And the fact there are only two Callaway Supersofts remaining out of my original dozen tells you all you need to know there.

More than anything else, just like Tiger at Torrey Pines and the Phoenix Waste management Open, I found myself totally lost on a part of my game I used to take great pride in – my sand game. Sitting in a cold, dark Mexican restaurant and nursing a margarita afterwards I recounted the carnage resulting from my sand game; of those 117 strokes 22 of them – 22! – were directly related to sand traps. Whether it was taking two or three tries to get out, or hitting my out into water, it was, to be truthful, embarrassing.

There’s little comfort I can take out of today’s performance, and, to be truthful, I’m not sure where the road leads from here. I hit my irons OK, but my distance control was way off and I never felt comfortable over the ball. My course management was abysmal, but that’s gonna happen when things start spiraling out of control: you start trying to force things and nothing good ever happens from that. My short game was OK, but when you’re already looking at double-bogey or worse when you’re chipping onto a green who really cares? And what do you do when you find yourself out of position on virtually every hole?

The good thing is that the Pinot Grigio is cold. And it’s rewarding to see that my 26.1 handicap didn’t change as a result of today’s debacle. But that’s little comfort right now.

It may not have been pretty, but at least I looked good stinkin’ up the joint. And I never lost my composure – I just kept my head down and proceeded to double par the next hole. So there’s something to be said from that.

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May 1, 2015

OK, so today serves as the true “Opening Day” of The Great White Shank’s 2015 golf season when I tee it up at Stonecreek Golf Club up the road in Phoenix. The swing, as mentioned in prior posts, is as ready as it will ever be, having been reconstructed completely from scratch courtesy of my fitness trainer Tony Bate, PGA golfer Hunter Mahan, PGA professional Brady Riggs, and yours truly. Four months of weekly work at the range, a few practice rounds in Las Vegas and here, and, most recently, some heavy-duty work on my short game and putting have set the stage for the great unveiling.

It’s time to unleash the hounds.

The Callaway clubs are the same, but the Wilson 50 orange balls are a things of the past: I’m playing white Callaway Supersofts this year. The Hawaiian shirts, long a staple of my golf attire, are also gone – they’re now strictly reserved for post-round nights on the town, having been replaced by the more traditional look of shorts and (brightly colored) polo shirts. I’ve been working hard to get myself into shape, so like they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Some might guess that my only goal this year is to win my sixth Goodboys Invitational championship. While that would be nice, that’s not it by a longshot. The goal this year is three-fold: 1) hit more fairways, 2) hit more fairways, and 3) you guessed it – hit more fairways! I finally have a highly repeatable golf swing that seems to be holding up quite well under various conditions – especially with my irons and hybrids. My 3-wood and driver are coming around but remain a work in progress. Now, with less than three months to go until July’s Goodboys Invitational weekend, for better or worse it’s time to start posting numbers.

I enter the 2015 season a 26.1 handicap, tied with that cagey marsupial “Possum” Shepter. It would be nice if I could shave a point or two off that number before the end of the season, but I’m not gonna worry about that right now.


…then let whatever will be will be and enjoy the ride.

Let’s get it on.

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