May 7, 2015

[Ed. note: Now that I’ve got my music collections pretty much done it occurred to me that some music afficianado out there might want to know the contents of each of them so they too, if so inclined, would have a starting point for their own collection or just be interested in checking some of the songs out on YouTube or elsewhere. So here is the second in a series of posts containing the contents of my collections.]

Of all my musical collections the one I’m most proud of is “Tropical Breezes”. The concept actually came from a Dish Network channel we once had before we went to DirecTV – it was a combination of Jimmy Buffett’s more laid-back stuff combined with the kind of steel-drum music you’d hear on board a cruise ship, but my collection gradually expanded into all kinds of Latin, classic Cuban, and Caribbean-flavored music spanning artists from Jimmy Buffett to Herb Alpert to Buena Vista Social Club to Frank Sinatra to Texas Tornados to Sergio Mendes to Ibrahim Ferrer to Bob Marley to Kenny Chesney to Cachao to Harry Belafonte to Stan Getz and beyond, and in doing so I found where my musical soul lies. Every time I put it on shuffle there’s beautiful music and surprises beyond anything I originally conceived – the journey far eclipsed any intention I originally had, and my musical horizons expanded far beyond anything I could ever have imagined. The finest of all my collections, on a sunny or tropical-like rainy afternoon it simply can’t be beat.

It’s soothing, it’s eclectic, and best of all, it seems to grow almost every week with new discoveries!

Alan Jackson / Jimmy Buffett – Its Five O Clock Somewhere.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Bahama Mama.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – I Wish You Love.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Indian Love Call.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Jamaica Farewell.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Joyful Fantasy.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Juanita Morel.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – La La Jam.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Lovers Anniversary.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Manha De Carnival.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Mary Ann.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Mathilda.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Once I Loved.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Samba De Orfeo.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Serenade.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Yellow Bird.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Dancing in the Street.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Girl From Ipanema.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – I Feel to Dance.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – O Nosso Amor (Our Love).mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Sugar Bum Bum.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – The Return of the Bull.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Three Little Birds.mp3
Alzonia the Southern Caribbean Steel Band – The Island.mp3
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Antigua.mp3
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Caribe.mp3
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Corcovado.mp3
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Tide.mp3
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Wave.mp3
Astrud Gilberto – Amor Em Paz.mp3
Bob Marley – Redemption Song.mp3
Bobby_Bloom – Montego Bay.mp3
Brazilian Tropical Orchestra – Desafinado.mp3
Brazilian Tropical Orchestra – Samba de Uma Nota So.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Amor de Loca Juventud.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Candela.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – De Camino a La Vereda.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Dos Gardenias.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – El Carretero.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – El Cuarto de Tula.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – La Bayamesa.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Murmullo.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Orgullecida.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Pueblo Nuevo.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Veinte Anos.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Y Tu Que Has Hecho.mp3
Cachao – Africa Viva.mp3
Cachao – Isora Club.mp3
Cachao – Juan Pescao.mp3
Caribe Producers – Marimba Nova.mp3
Chris Isaak – I Wonder.mp3
Chris Isaak – South Of The Border.mp3
Chris Isaak – Yellow Bird.mp3
Chubby Checker – Limbo Rock.mp3
David Shelley – A Gentle Mind.mp3
David Shelley – Groovy Nights.mp3
David Shelley – Hot And Happy.mp3
David Shelley – Island Sunset.mp3
David Shelley – Jump (Marimba Feature).mp3
David Shelley – Palm Tree Paradise.mp3
David Shelley – Sea And Sand.mp3
David Shelley – Sunny Day.mp3
David Shelley – Warm Breeze.mp3
David Shelley – With Soul.mp3
Desi Arnaz Orchestra – Babalu.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – A Pirate Looks at 40.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Changes in Lattitudes.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Cheeseburger in Paradise.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Grapefruit, Juicy Fruit.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – He Went to Paris.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Its Five OClock Somewhere.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Jamming for J..mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Jolly Mon.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Son of a Sailor.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Volcano.mp3
Frank Sinatra – Bonita.mp3
Frank Sinatra – Change Partners.mp3
Frank Sinatra – Don’t Ever Go Away (Por Causa de Voce).mp3
Frank Sinatra – Drinking Water (Agua De Beber).mp3
Frank Sinatra – How Insensitive.wma
Frank Sinatra – I Concentrate on You.wma
Frank Sinatra – Meditation (Medita‡ao).mp3
Frank Sinatra – Off Key (Desafinado).mp3
Frank Sinatra – Once I Loved (O Amor en Paz).wma
Frank Sinatra – One Note Samba.mp3
Frank Sinatra – Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado).mp3
Frank Sinatra – Someone To Light Up My Life.mp3
Frank Sinatra – The Girl From Ipanema.mp3
Frank Sinatra – This Happy Madness (Estrada Branca).mp3
Frank Sinatra – Triste.mp3
Frank Sinatra – Wave.wma
Gary McFarland – Desafinado.mp3
Gary McFarland – Flamingo.mp3
Gary McFarland – O Morro.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Beyond The Reef.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Day O.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Hanalei Moon.mp3
Greg MacDonald – La Paloma.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Limbo Rock.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Pearl Shells.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Quando Quando.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Sea Breeze.mp3
Happy Sound Orchestra – Blame It On The Bossa Nova.mp3
Harry Belafonte – Day-O (Banana Boat).mp3
Harry Belafonte – Island In The Sun.mp3
Harry Belafonte – Jamaica Farewell.mp3
Herb Alpert The Tijuana Brass – Cantina Blue.mp3
Herb Alpert The Tijuana Brass – Flamingo.mp3
Herb Alpert The Tijuana Brass – Tangerine.mp3
Herb Alpert – Last Tango In Paris.mp3
Herb Alpert – Save The Sunlight.mp3
Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass – A Beautiful Friend.mp3
Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass – Panama.mp3
Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass – She Touched Me.mp3
Ibrahim Ferrer – Como Fue.mp3
Ibrahim Ferrer – Nuestra Ultima Cita.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Aloha.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Brazil.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Island In The Sun.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Islande.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Jamaican Farewell.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Kingston Town.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Peanut Vendor.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Red, Red Wine.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Tocame.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Volare.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Yellow Bird.mp3
James Taylor – Mexico.mp3
Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme.mp3
Jan Hammer – Miami Vice Theme.mp3
Jan Hammer – Theme from Miami Vice.mp3
Jason Roseman – Always On My Mind.mp3
Jason Roseman – Jammin.mp3
Jason Roseman – Ojos Espanoles (Spanish Eyes).mp3
Jason Roseman – Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus).mp3
Jason Roseman – Steel Drum Planet (Pan Planet).mp3
Jason Roseman – Stir It Up.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – A Pirate Looks at Forty – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – A Pirate Looks at Forty.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Back To The Island.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Banana Republics.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Banana Wind – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Banana Wind.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Barometer Soup.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Boat Drinks – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Boat Drinks.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Boats To Build.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Brown Eyed Girl.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Changing Channels.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Coconut Telegraph.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Come Monday.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Creola.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Death Of An Unpopular Poet.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Defying Gravity.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Delaney Talks To Statues.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – False Echoes.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Fins.wma
Jimmy Buffett – Floridays – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Floridays.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Frenchman For The Night.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Havana Daydreamin – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Havana Daydreamin.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – He Went to Paris.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – I Have Found Me A Home.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – If The Phone Doesnt Ring, Its Me.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Incommunicado.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Island Fever.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Jamaica Mistaica.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Jolly Mon Sing.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – LAir De La Louisiane.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Life Is Just A Tire Swing.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Lone Palm.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Love In The Library.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Lovely Cruise.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Margaritaville – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Margaritaville.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Migration.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Nautical Wheelers.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – No Plane On Sunday.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – On A Slow Boat To China.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – One Particular Harbour – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – One Particular Harbour.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Pacing The Cage.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Somewhere Over China.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Son of a Son of a Sailor.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Stars Fell On Alabama.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Stars On The Water.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Steamer.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – The Pascagoula Run.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – They Dont Dance Like Carmen No More.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Volcano – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Volcano.mp3
John Blakeley / Ron Nagle – Man Overboard.mp3
John Blakeley / Ron Nagle – Maruca.mp3
John Blakeley / Ron Nagle – Pearls of Wisdom.mp3
Johnny Nash – Stir It Up.mp3
Kenny Chesney – Hemingways Whiskey.mp3
Kenny Chesney – Keys In The Conch Shell.mp3
Kenny Chesney – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems – Copy.mp3
Kenny Chesney – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems.mp3
Kenny Chesney – Tequila Loves Me.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Come Monday.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Coral Reef Song.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Light Footin.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Margaritaville.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Montego Bay.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Rum Coca Cola.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Sarah.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Tobago Jam.mp3
Larry Hall – Sitting In Limbo.mp3
Larry Hall – Under The Sea.mp3
Lifescapes – Azure Skies.MP3
Lifescapes – Coral Reef – The Ocean’s Place.MP3
Lifescapes – Happy As A Clam.MP3
Lifescapes – Head In The Sand.MP3
Lifescapes – Heaven’s Beach.MP3
Lifescapes – Manana.MP3
Lifescapes – Manoa Valley.MP3
Lifescapes – White Sands.MP3
Lifescapes -Angel Fish.MP3
Lifescapes -Conch & Circumstance.MP3
Lifescapes -Shark Fin Soup.MP3
Lifescapes -The Perfect Wave.MP3
Lifescapes-Dance On The Half Shelf.MP3
Los Jets – Magic is the moonlight.mp3
Los Jets – Reptile.mp3
Luiz Bonfa , Stan Getz , Antonio Carlos Jobim – S¢ Dan‡o Samba.mp3
Mambo All-Stars Orchestra – Mambo #5.mp3
Marimba Chiapas – Corazon De Roca.mp3
Marimba Chiapas – Sinceridad.mp3
Martini Kings – Las Nuedas.wma
Martini Kings – Sloop John B.mp3
Martini Kings – So Danca Samba.wma
Martini Kings – Summer Samba.wma
Martini Kings – The Girl From Ipanema.wma
Martini Kings – Wave.wma
Martini Kings – Yellow Bird.wma
Mongo Santamaria – Linda Guajira.mp3
Mongo Santamaria – Watermelon Man.mp3
Noro Morales – Isla Verde.mp3
Perez Prado – Patricia.mp3
Perez Prado and His Orchestra – Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White.mp3
Ralph Robles Octet – Solamente.mp3
Ramone Stagnaro – Emerald Bay.mp3
Ramone Stagnaro – Lechuguilla.mp3
Ramone Stagnaro – Los Encantos.mp3
Ramone Stagnaro – Tropical Storm.mp3
Randy Peterson – The Water’s Edge.mp3
Reggae Beat – Is This Love (Reggae).mp3
Reggae Beat – JammingPunky Reggae Party (Reggae).mp3
Reggae Beat – One LovePeople Get Ready (Reggae).mp3
Reggae Beat – Red Red Wine (Reggae).mp3
Reggae Beat – Three Little Birds (Reggae).mp3
Robert Symons – Bermuda Is Another World.mp3
Robert Symons – Calypso Medley (Yellow Bird; Island in the Sun; Jamaica Farewell.mp3
Robert Symons – Fight.mp3
Robert Symons – It Might as Well Be Spring.mp3
Robert Symons – La Vie en Rose.mp3
Robert Symons – Morning Dance.mp3
Robert Symons – You Only Live Twice.mp3
Sergio Mendes Brasil 66 – Mais Que Nada.mp3
Sergio Mendes – Berimbau.mp3
Sergio Mendes – ConSolacao.mp3
Sergio Mendes – Shes A Carioca.mp3
Sergio Mendes – So Nice.mp3
Sergio Mendes – Tristeza Em Mim.mp3
Sheldon Burnett – Moon over Miami.mp3
Simon & Garfunkel – So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright.wma
Stan Getz – The Girl From Ipanema.mp3
Steel Drum Island – Mexico.mp3
Steel Drum Island Collection – Volume 3 – Guantanamera.mp3
Steel Tropics – Bon Voyage.mp3
Steel Tropics – Caribbean Dreams.mp3
Steel Tropics – Emerald Shores.mp3
Steel Tropics – Isabel.mp3
Steel Tropics – Journeys.mp3
Steel Tropics – Little Trini Jam.mp3
Steel Tropics – Mangoes.mp3
Steel Tropics – My Island Girl.mp3
Steel Tropics – Rain Walk.mp3
Steel Tropics – Sly Mongoose.mp3
Steel Tropics – Sweet Calypso Woman.mp3
Steel Tropics – Trade Winds.mp3
Steelasophical – Bamboleo.mp3
Steelasophical – Besame Mucho.mp3
Steelasophical – Girl from Japan.mp3
Steelasophical – How Insensitive.mp3
Steelasophical – I Have a Dream.mp3
Steelasophical – Let it be Me.mp3
Steelasophical – No Matter What.mp3
Steelasophical – Perfid¡a.mp3
Steelasophical – Soca Salsa.mp3
Steelasophical – Streets of London.mp3
Steelasophical – Summertime.mp3
Steelasophical – Tico Tico.mp3
Steelasophical – Tropical Surprise.mp3
Stephen Bishop – On And On.mp3
Syd Marsh – Beach Cruisin.mp3
Syd Marsh – Dreams of Montego Bay.mp3
Texas Tornados – Little Bit Is Better Than Nada.mp3
The Beach Boys – Kokomo.mp3
The Carnival Steel Drum Band – Redemption Song.mp3
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Beautiful Cuba.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Goza Mi Mambo Cubana.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Macorina.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Mambo.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Que Bueno Baila Usted.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Social Club de Marianao [Marianao Social Club].wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Suavecito.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Amaila Batista.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Guajira Clasica.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – La Bella Cubana.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Si Me Pudieras Querer [Vocal Version].wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Tenia Que Ser Asi.wma
The Penthouse Playboys – Twilight in Havanna.mp3
The Sandals – Gypsy Moods.wma
The Sandals – Oriental Sunset.mp3
The Sandals – Secret Garden.wma
The Sandals – Tradewinds – Copy.mp3
The Sandals – Tradewinds.mp3
The Sandals – Warm Winds.mp3
The Sandpipers – Guantanamera.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Ocean Ambience.mp3
Tim Heintz – Magens Lullaby.mp3
Tim Heintz – Rio Del Mar.mp3
Tim Heintz, Dan Higgins – A Quiet Cove.mp3
Tim Heintz, Dan Higgins – St. Croix.mp3
Tim Heintz, Dan Higgins – Trunk Bay.mp3
Tim Heintz, Dan Higgins, Grant Geissman – Cypress Grove.mp3
Tim Heintz, Dan Higgins, Grant Geissman – Guadalupe.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman – Infinite Blue.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman – Paradise.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman – Trade Winds.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman, Dan Higgins – El Yunque.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman, Dan Higgins – Southern Exposure.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman, Dan Higgins – Suenos.mp3
Tim Heintz, Jim Walker – Bajada.mp3
Tim Heintz, Ramone Stagnaro – Thunder Island.mp3
Tito Rodr¡guez Y Su Conjunto – Flamingo.mp3
Tm Heintz, Dan Higgins, Grant Geissman – Whispering Wind.mp3
Tropics Steel Drum Band – Dave And Augustineapos;s Bossa.mp3
Tropics Steel Drum Band – Island Sunshine.mp3
Tropics Steel Drum Band – Touch De Moon.mp3
UB40 – Red Red Wine.mp3

Filed in: Uncategorized by The Great White Shank at 00:29 | Comments (4)
  1. I have a wonderful collection of Bahamian music…love it.

    Comment by Jana — May 7, 2015 @ 6:16 pm

  2. This collection has really taken a life of its own. It’s so vast that when you play it on Media Player with shuffle on you get something different every time.

    I’m reading “The General In His Labyrinth” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez – one of my all-time favorite authors – and reading it while “Tropical Breezes” plays softly in the background is one of life’s incredible joys. And having the queen palms rustling by the swimming pool out back at the same time ain’t so bad, either!!

    Comment by The Great White Shank — May 7, 2015 @ 10:54 pm

  3. It is my goal to be able to come and visit with y’all in the near future. I have friends moving to Albuquerque in the fall and another who lives in Santa Fe. It could be my Great Southwest Adventure. Miss you both every day.

    Comment by Jana — May 10, 2015 @ 5:15 am

  4. […] 2011 release Frenesi, but it makes for a delightful – and welcome – addition to my “Tropical Breezes” music collection. Latin-swing classic/romantic/ballad/dance music under a bright moon and rustling palm trees never […]

    Pingback by GoodBoys Nation - Archives » This and That — June 4, 2015 @ 10:24 pm

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