May 31, 2015

From my post on January 21:

After much consultation with my team and advisors I have chosen to end my relationship with Superstition Springs Golf Club in Mesa, and will be moving my formal base of operations to Papago Golf Course in Phoenix effective immediately.

This is no reflection on the people or the facilities at Superstition Springs. Over the past decade I have come to know every inch of its driving range, chipping area, and putting green. I have met some very nice people there and have grown particularly fond of that hitting space on the far left side (adjacent to Alex Black‘s reserved practice area) with the moguls to the left and the 100-yard marker (which has never spent a day 100 yards out) smack-dab in the middle of my own little fairway. I will remember fondly the shady area on the west side of the practice green – especially on those blazing hot days of June and July when I’m doing my final Goodboys prep. The putting green was always a good challenge. And the course itself? Well, let me just say I won’t miss the fourteenth and seventeenth holes with all that water; only once in all the times I’ve played there have I ever been able to bogey either of them.

It’s an early monsoon-like day in the Valley of the Sun. Even though it’s before noon on this Sunday, the sky is already a sizzling electric blue and thunderheads are building over the Superstition mountains to the east. The driving range at Superstition Springs G.C is nearly deserted – it’s just me in my old familiar spot at the far left-hand end of the range (right next to Alex Black’s pristine instructional area) and another guy down at the other end. My exposed areas are lathered in SPF 50, I’ve got a wide-brimmed hat, and two big bottles of Gatorade blue in the tiny amount of shade created by my golf bag to keep me company.

Almost seven weeks from this very moment in time the 2015 Goodboys Invitational will be wrapping up. Seven weeks from tomorrow I’ll play one final post-Goodboys round with a small group of Goodboys at TPC River Highlands in Connecticut, and that will be pretty much it for 2015.

I’m ready to go to work.

Before I tip my bucket of balls over and reach into my bag to put on my glove I take a minute to drink in the surroundings (not to mention my Gatorade). Nothing has changed, and I’m back home where I want – and need – to be. As much of a tradition the Goodboys Invitational is in July, so is the prep work I begin putting in come June at the Superstition Springs driving range. Who knows what on God’s green earth I was thinking back in January when I said I was going to leave “The Springs” for greener pastures. Maybe it’s just the cowboy in me that never seems satisfied with good enough. Maybe just like everyone else I found out that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side, or that no matter where you go you always carry your baggage with you. But after four months in golf limbo, I’d finally realized that me and Alex Black and Superstition Springs are the golf equivalent of grapefruit juice and Hemingwway daiquiris – you can’t have one without the other.

So here I am, fresh off my lesson with Alex, with a large and small bucket to occupy my time this Sunday morning. The goals are simple: don’t stand too close to the ball, don’t play the ball too forward in my stance with any club, take a divot with my irons, and, with any ball I tee up, position the markings in the direction I want to hit it before I place my club-face behind it and take my stance at address.

My session is very typical of Springs past: good stretches and not-so good stretches. I battled through an attack of the shanks that appeared out of nowhere while trying to hit 75-yard sand wedges (of all things) and finished on a high note. More than anything else, by following Alex’s advice of positioning my ball and not standing so close at address I hit my driver better than I have all year. And just as importantly, afterwards at the putting green I found my short game come back like an old familiar friend by not standing so close to the ball and taking the club back on a slightly flatter place.

All told, being back at “The Springs” has me in a much better frame of mind as I prepare for this year’s Goodboys weekend. The prodigal son has returned, and no one seems to care one way or the other. I’ve got a good foundation in place; the only thing is to see if I can keep things moving forward and positively as the weeks count down.

It’s good to be back. It’s good to be home.

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May 30, 2015

There are all kinds of things I could be doing on a late May Friday in the Valley of the Sun: working (now there’s a concept!), dodging bullets while sketching Mohammad cartoons out in front of a Islamic temple, and working on my Tiki bar roof are just a few options I can think of.

Me, I’m at the far end of the Superstition Springs Golf Club driving range in a tiny little shadowed area in 100-degree heat listening to feedback from my old swing coach Alex Black, who has just watched me hit a half-dozen 7-irons – a couple good, the others not so good. The 7-iron wasn’t my choice of club – I was only there because my inability to hit anything but dead-pull yanks and duck hooks off the tee with my driver had driven me to the point of despair.

“Look, Alex, I’m less than seven weeks away from Goodboys Invitational weekend, and any time spent focusing on anything less than my driver is just a waste of time. Clock’s ticking, dude.”

Alex walked over to my bag and grabbed my 7-iron. “Fine. But first I want to see you hit some 7-irons.”

Which is exactly what the obedient student did. Then the world stood still for a moment.

We watched a couple of players hit their balls from the left side of the range back into play on the 9th hole. A mother and her baby foo-foo bird dropped in front of us, then took off into the phosphorescent blue sky. The earth was quiet, the air still, not even a whisper of breeze.

“I wouldn’t touch your swing”, says Alex, “but you’ve obviously gotten away from some fundamentals we discussed the last time we got together.”

I suddenly knew where he was going. I had a flashback from our last session, even though it was two years ago.

“You’re not taking a divot. Nothing against Mother Earth, but grass was created by God to be scooped out with a divot in front of your ball, not behind it. And judging from the fact that the shots you have hit pure are still being pulled right, I can tell you’re standing too close to the ball.”

Alex demonstrates with the bottom of his hand against his belly-button, his hand sticking out. “I want to see my students with one hand distance with irons, one and a half hands with woods. You’re standing too close to the ball, you’re choking off any ability to let your arms work. As a result, your hands are too active in the hitting zone and the ball is pulled right. You need to give your swing room to breathe.”

He drops a ball at my feet, which, standing further away at address I proceed to pulverize 140 yards. “That’s the best swing you’ve taken all day. And why? Because when you’re goal is to take a divot in front of the ball you have to shift your weight. And the ball went straight because the additional distance between you and the ball – even if it’s just a few inches – allows you to take a fuller swing, generating more power at impact.”

I feel like a fool.

He grabs my driver and has me tee up a ball. Before I even begin to swing he stops me.

“Let me ask you a question. How often do you get to touch your ball on a given hole?”

Now that’s a question even this dummy knew the answer to. “On the tee and on the green.”

“So why don’t you take advantage of it? Let me ask you another question. What are you thinking when you tee up the ball?”

“Not to hit it into the woods or the water”, I reply, knowing that these are very negative thoughts to have. But hey, I didn’t get to be a 27-handicap for no reason.

“What you should be thinking is how to use the ball to increase the chances you’ll align yourself properly.” He grabs the range ball with the three stripes on it and shows it to me. “The best way to ensure you’re lined up properly is to place the ball with whatever the manufacturer has given you to point in the direction you want the ball to go.” He places the ball so that the three stripes are pointed down the middle of the imaginary fairway we have created for ourselves. “What kind of ball do you play?”

“Well, I was playing Callaway Supersofts until I lost all three dozen over the last three rounds of golf I played.”

Alex doesn’t get the joke (which, actually, was no joke at all). “Then you use the arrow the Callaway logo gives you to point where you want the ball to go. You then approach the ball from behind, position your club face behind the ball, then align your body so it is square to that direction. It’s a discipline, I know, but I guarantee if you do that you’re gonna see more consistent results.”

The dutiful student does what he is told, and I’m getting ready to swing when he stops me again.

“You’re standing too close to the ball. Step back.

I move back a few inches.

“Back further.”

I step back another few inches.

“Back further.”

Now I’m so far back that I feel as if my arms are almost straight out.

“Now take your swing.”

My drive hurtles left in long, sizzling arc.

“Hit another one. This time with the ball back 3-4 inches from where you played that one.”

It’s a serious smash, dead center, with a high, lovely arc.

I then proceed to try the same deliberate set-up at address – the placing of the ball just-so on the tee, the club-face placed behind the ball, the squaring at address with the ball not too forward, for a dozen swings. Some are good (actually awesome), some not so (I actually whiffed on one). And when the dread snap-hook shows up I can feel that I never shifted my weight properly. Now it’s just a matter of more reps and getting comfortable with what I’ve learned.

“You know what you need to do, now there’s no reason why you can’t repeat the same set-up before each tee ball”, says Alex. “You can’t control the results you get, but you can control how you set up. And I guarantee you’ll see more consistent results if you just take your time and do what we’ve done today.”

I tell Alex of the problems I’ve been having with my short game, and he only needs to hear what has been happening to deliver his assessment. “I guarantee you’re standing too close to the ball there as well. Take some practice around the green and give your swing some room to breathe and I think you’re gonna find yourself feeling like your old self. You just got into some bad habits, which is why I’m here.”

After Alex leaves I hit a small bucket of balls – with mixed results – but I know where he is coming from. He’s a wonderful teacher and I’m feeling more positive about these next seven weeks than I ever thought possible. I can’t wait to hit the range and really get down to work to solidify the changes he has recommended.

I hit a few chips around the putting green and he was exactly right – not standing so close to the ball I was able to take a little more flatter swing and felt a little more like my old self.

Who knows what the future will hold and if what Alex said will take in this bird brain of mine. But the time was well worth spent.

Now what did I do with the paper and pencils I had? I have some Prophet Mohammad cartoons to draw.

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May 28, 2015

The late Gabriel Gracia Marquez was one of my all-time favorite authors, one of the most gifted authors of his time. In my mind, he was up there with Thomas Merton and Henri Nouwen – someone whom you could pick up one of his works and know you wouldn’t go away disappointed.

Sure, he was probably a Marxist by nature, but his prose was seldom equaled, and whether it was on a lounge chair on a cruise ship or soaking my bod in a bubble bath at home, whenever I felt like escaping to another place (i.e., Latin America) and simply enjoying the gift of writing for what it is, his works always took me away and brought me pleasure.

For the preamble of the Goodboys newsletter this year, I thought I would try and write something in the spirit of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Here, then, is the preamble to my first novella (planned for the fall of this year), “A Goodboy in His Himalayan Decrepitude”. It tells the story of Goodboy Ron “Cubby” Myerow, who ends up the lone remaining Goodboy following a time of American evolution and revolution where the liberal intelligentsia has triumphed and, in a post-Hillary Clinton presidency, put all Goodboys they could find to death.

But not Cubby: out of a dream he finds the path to Buddhism, and in his dotage, finds his dharma as a Tibetan priest high in the Himalayas:

“…And it occurred to him in those later years, when he could still vaguely recall his time as a Goodboy, before the ravages of time and space would rob him of those memories forever, that it had all seemed akin to a dream, that of doors opening and doors closing, much in the way the dense jungle gives way to the open sea and in the abandonment of her clothing a mistress submits to her lover. The bricks of the monastery floor felt cool to his feet in the gray dampness of the Tibetan morning, easing the fever that raged in his head. He longed for an orange, yet found only almonds in the kitchen. Perhaps it was the fever that brought back so clearly in his mind the way it had all ended: the smell of lilac, the Elizabeth Montgomery statue, the final ceremonial tossing of that damned Spielberg Memorial Trophy into Salem harbor. Before the Goodboys he had been Ron, once a Goodboys (always a Goodboy?) he had been Cubby, now in his dharma he was Drokmi Lotsawa. ‘Things have a life of their own’, he recalled “Vegas” Clark saying before his execution. ‘And this thing is horseshit.’ A gong echoed across the fog-shrouded Himalayas. He heaved a heavy sigh and returned to his bed.

I await an interested publisher.

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May 27, 2015

The official 2015 Goodboys Invitational newsletter is done, and we’re seven weeks away from what is known in Goodboys circles as “Christmas Eve” – the night before the Goodboys gather for Goodboys Invitational weekend. This year is pretty special: it’s the 25th year the Goodboys have gotten together, and there is bound to be lots of fun and surprises. You don’t go 25 years and not figure out a way to celebrate it in a special way, do you?

I wish I could say I was ready for the 2015 festivities, but, truth be told, my tee game is in shambles. They say the first step towards recovery is recognition and acceptance that you have a problem, and the fact is, my tee game has never been worse. Thanks to Hunter Mahan and Brady Riggs I’m actually hitting my irons pretty damned well, but what good is that if you’re lying three with yet another lost ball in the woods?

What is most sobering is the fact that the courses the Goodboys are playing this year: Waverly Oaks, The Pinehills, and Crosswinds, comprise the toughest courses the Goodboys have ever played in their 25-year history. Each of these courses put a premium on driving accuracy, and stray tee shots oftentimes have to contend with woods and side-hill lies and declivities. I should know – I shot a buck 22 at Crosswinds a couple of weeks ago, only to be told its the easiest of the three courses!

And don’t get me started on my short game – can you say, Tiger Woods at Torrey Pines this past February?

The short game I think I can ultimately work out with practice, but my tee game has become intolerable. Hence, the call has gone out to my former swing coach Alex Black. I don’t know if a quick fix is possible at this point, but if it’s not yours truly is in a world of hurt heading into the 25th Goodboys Invitational.

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May 25, 2015

On this Memorial Day my thoughts go to my late brother Mark, who, while he didn’t actually die while serving in combat, was as much a casualty of war as anyone who did. He carried the heavy burden of the things he had done while serving in Operation Desert Storm and just wasn’t able to in the end reconcile it as stuff soldiers are called to do in wartime. He had his flaws like all of us did, but he was a good soul. This poem by a Mrs. Lyman Hancock goes out to him and all those who have died and mourn their passing on this Memorial Day:

When I come to the end of my journey
And I travel my last weary mile,
Just forget if you can, that I ever frowned
And remember only the smile.

Forget unkind words I have spoken;
Remember some good I have done.
Forget that I ever had heartache
And remember I’ve had loads of fun.

Forget that I’ve stumbled and blundered
And sometimes fell by the way.
Remember I have fought some hard battles
And won, ere the close of the day.

Then forget to grieve for my going,
I would not have you sad for a day,
But in summer just gather some flowers
And remember the place where I lay,

And come in the shade of evening
When the sun paints the sky in the west
Stand for a few moments beside me
And remember only my best.

May you all find the rest in God’s love and peace that you never were able to achieve in life. You’re all far better and more courageous people than I could ever hope to be.

Hat tip: The Memorial Day Tribute

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May 24, 2015

…for this year is the Tiki Bar roof. We bought the Tiki Bar nearly ten years ago and it has done its thing. But last year I noticed the roof was starting to look a little ratty and saggy as a result of the relentless Arizona heat and sun, so it was decided 2015 was going to be the year to replace it. The roof is made of what they call Tahitian thatch, and the final material is manufactured down in Mexico. It’s not cheap – the replacement material cost around $500, but the alternative is to have a monsoon storm blow in here with hail and I’ll have thatch strewn all over the place and a window to the skies.

The material came a couple of weeks ago but the pressure-cooker around here and a trip back to Massachusetts prevented me from getting started earlier. I was fortunate – any other year the temps would already be over 100 but the El Nino has made this a cooler and wetter spring for the Valley of the Sun.

You can see the material laying on the ground and how fresh it looks compared to the existing roof. In reality, the Tiki bar roof was nothing more than a bunch of thatch sections stapled into the wood, and once you started prying the staples out of the wood the old material either disintegrated or could be easily pealed off. Before I did so, however, I made very careful drawings and measurements of the size and placement of all the sections. After all, you only really know how to put something together after taking it off.

It was a messy job with all the old thatch literally falling apart in my hands. The wood underneath is not in the best of shape, so before I go replacing the thatch roof I’m going to paint it with preservative and remove all the old staples, which are not insignificant in size. I think I’m going to need to rent a compressed-air staple gun from The Home Depot.

Now that’s what I call staples! At the end of the day, after all the mess was swept up and tossed into large plastic bags I’ve got a roof shell and a plan to layer the thatch a whole lot better than the way it was done at the factory. With all the other stuff going on around me it was nice to simply have an afternoon by myself to do physical work and put in place a solution that will be better, and I hope last longer, than what was originally bought.

It’s like every other project I’ve undertaken over the past few years – you think you can get it done over a weekend but you get started and then find out there’s a whole lot more work involved than originally thought. I’m sure if I wanted to I could get back up on the ladder with my reliable right-hand man / sister-in-law Tammy and put the roof back on, but I want to take care of my investment as much a possible, so you either do it right or don’t do it at all.

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May 22, 2015

I know this collection is not going to be to everyone’s taste, but there’s no question it’s the most esoteric – one look at the song titles will tell you that. I won’t bother to go into the Exotica genre – I wrote about it at length here – but suffice to say, if you wanted to check out any of these artists on YouTube I think you’ll find it all pretty cool. Sometimes exotic, sometimes hypnotic, sometimes dreamy, always unique artists seeking to sketch an image into your mind of places long ago and far away through the transcendental power of music and imagination. That’s Exotica.

And I’m pleased to say it looks like one of my favorite Exotica artists, the Tikiyaki Orchestra, has a new release planned for this summer. If it’s truly only going to be made available on LP that would be really exotic. I’d have to see if I can drum up a turntable!

101 Strings Orchestra – The Moon Of Manakoora.mp3
Aqualads – Oasis.mp3
Arthur Lyman – Akaka Falls.wma
Arthur Lyman – Bwana A.wma
Arthur Lyman – Caravan.wma
Arthur Lyman – China Clipper.mp3
Arthur Lyman – Dahil Sayo.wma
Arthur Lyman – Katsumi Love Theme.wma
Arthur Lyman – Love Song of Kalua.wma
Arthur Lyman – Misirlou.wma
Arthur Lyman – Moon Over a Ruined Castle.wma
Arthur Lyman – Ringo Oiwake.wma
Arthur Lyman – Sea Breeze.wma
Arthur Lyman – Sim Sim.wma
Arthur Lyman – Taboo.wma
Arthur Lyman – Waikiki Serenade.wma
Clouseaux – Copper Locked Nymph.mp3
Clouseaux – Destination _ Oasis.mp3
Clouseaux – Krakatoa.mp3
Clouseaux – Lost Lagoon (Intro).mp3
Clouseaux – Lost Lagoon (Reprise).mp3
Clouseaux – Noctopia.mp3
Clouseaux – Reum With A View.mp3
Clouseaux – Shrunken Heads.mp3
Clouseaux – The Dance Of The Crustraceans.mp3
Clouseaux – The Kiss Of Ku.mp3
Clouseaux – Walking From Juarez.mp3
Don Tiki – All Quiet Flows the Don.wma
Don Tiki – An Occasional Man.wma
Don Tiki – Bam-Boozled.wma
Don Tiki – Barbi in Bali.wma
Don Tiki- Bwana Banana.wma
Don Tiki – Close Your Eyes.wma
Don Tiki – Clutch Cargo Cult.wma
Don Tiki – Da T’Ing He Grow.wma
Don Tiki – El Producto.wma
Don Tiki – Exotica ’97.wma
Don Tiki (featuring Martin Denny) – Forever & Ever.wma
Don Tiki – Hot Like Lava.wma
Don Tiki – The Other Side of the Moon.wma
Don Tiki – Itchy Palms.wma
Don Tiki – Maidenhair Fern.wma
Don Tiki – Polyamor‚.wma
Don Tiki – Primativa.wma
Don Tiki – Terminal.wma
Don Tiki – The Natives Are Restless.wma
Don Tiki – Wet Cave.wma
Drew’s Famous Party Music – Aqua Blues.mp3
Drew’s Famous Party Music – Honolulu Moonlight.mp3
Drew’s Famous Party Music – Hula Days.mp3
Drew’s Famous Party Music – Hawaiian Breeze.mp3
Drew’s Famous Party Music – Let’s Just Hula.mp3
Drew’s Famous Party Music – Maui Magic.mp3
Eden Ahbez – Eden’s Island.mp3
Eden Ahbez – The Old Boat.mp3
Eden Ahbez – Tradewind.mp3
Gaston Georis – Bellies and Bracelets.mp3
Gaston Georis – Balabana Jive.wma
Gaston Georis – Bubbly Spring Dancers.wma
Gaston Georis – Dr. Gray Revisited.wma
Gaston Georis – Eagle River Float.mp3
Gaston Georis – Il Cembalotero.wma
Gaston Georis – Illusions.wma
Gaston Georis – Istanbul Markets.wma
Gaston Georis – Jungle Temple.wma
Gaston Georis – Kalahari Storm.wma
Gaston Georis – La Grotte Du Yeti.wma
Gaston Georis – Migrations.wma
Gaston Georis – Mutron Spin.wma
Gaston Georis – Sueno de Milonga.wma
Gaston Georis – Sunrise Caravan.mp3
Gaston Georis – The Magician.wma
Gaston Georis – Trekking In The Khyber.mp3
Jackie Gleason – Lawrence_Of_Arabia.mp3
Kava Kon – 9 Hours.mp3
Kava Kon – Behind The Sun.mp3
Kava Kon – Build Your House Underground.mp3
Kava Kon – Cherry Rain.mp3
Kava Kon – Chinese Pirate.mp3
Kava Kon – Chinese Surfer.mp3
Kava Kon – Journey Home.mp3
Kava Kon – Nan Madol.mp3
Kava Kon – Oceania.mp3
Kava Kon – Pacifica 66.mp3
Kava Kon – Palace Of The Tiger Women.mp3
Kava Kon – Polynesia Poppies.mp3
Kava Kon – Pyramid Point.mp3
Kava Kon – Sakau Bar.mp3
Kava Kon – Six Eleven.mp3
Kava Kon – The Atomic Clock.mp3
Kava Kon – The Exotic Traveler.mp3
Kava Kon – The Killing River (Without The Sun, Moon, Or Stars).mp3
Kava Kon – Tiki Sunrise.mp3
Kava Kon – Turkish Honey.mp3
Kava Kon – Zero Gravity Lounge.mp3
Kava Kon – Zombie.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Aliens in Honolulu.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Erotica Exotica.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Jungle River.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Kaanapali.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Margarita.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Ponape.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Slow Ride.mp3
Kenny Sasaki & the Tiki Boys – Torches.mp3
Les Baxter – Amazon Falls.wma
Les Baxter – Atlantis.mp3
Les Baxter – Acapulco.wma
Les Baxter – Blue Jungle.wma
Les Baxter – Bom Bom-Mood Tattoed.wma
Les Baxter – Busy Port.wma
Les Baxter – City of Veils.wma
Les Baxter – Congo Train.wma
Les Baxter – Coral Castle.mp3
Les Baxter – Dancing Diamonds.mp3
Les Baxter – Dawn Under The Sea.mp3
Les Baxter – Dolphin.mp3
Les Baxter – Enchanted Sea.mp3
Les Baxter – Girl From Nassau.mp3
Les Baxter – Go Chango.wma
Les Baxter – Harem Silks from Bombay.wma
Les Baxter – Jewels Of The Sea.mp3
Les Baxter – Jungalero.wma
Les Baxter – Jungle Flower.wma
Les Baxter – Jungle River Boat.wma
Les Baxter – Lost City.wma
Les Baxter – Mombasa After Midnight.wma
Les Baxter – Mozambique.wma
Les Baxter – Nightingale.wma
Les Baxter – Oasis of Dakhla.wma
Les Baxter – Pantan.wma
Les Baxter – Papagayo.wma
Les Baxter – Pool of Love.wma
Les Baxter – Quiet Village.wma
Les Baxter – Safari.wma
Les Baxter – Sea Numph.mp3
Les Baxter – Simba.wma
Les Baxter – Singing Sea Shells.mp3
Les Baxter – Spice Islands Sea Birds.wma
Les Baxter – Stars In The Sand.mp3
Les Baxter – Stone God.wma
Les Baxter – Sunken City.mp3
Les Baxter – Taboo
Les Baxter – Tahiti- A Summer Night at Sea.wma
Les Baxter – Tehran.wma
Les Baxter – Temple of Gold.wma
Les Baxter – Temptation.wma
Les Baxter – The Ancient Galleon.wma
Les Baxter – The Left Arm of Buddha.wma
Les Baxter – Voodoo Dreams.wma
Martin Denny – Ah Me Furi.wma
Martin Denny – August Bells.wma
Martin Denny – Bacoa.wma
Martin Denny – Baubles, Bangles And Beads.mp3
Martin Denny – Beyond The Reef.mp3
Martin Denny – Beyond The Sea (La Mer).mp3
Martin Denny – China Nights.wma
Martin Denny – Coronation.mp3
Martin Denny – Cross Current.mp3
Martin Denny – Escales.wma
Martin Denny – Hawaiian War Chant.mp3
Martin Denny – Hong Kong Cable Car.wma
Martin Denny – Hong Kong Blues.wma
Martin Denny – Island of Dreams.wma
Martin Denny – Japanese Farewell Song (Sayonara).wma
Martin Denny – Jasmine.wma
Martin Denny – Lotus Land.wma
Martin Denny – Love Dance.wma
Martin Denny – Martinique.mp3
Martin Denny – My Isle Of Golden Dreams.mp3
Martin Denny – My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua Hawaii.mp3
Martin Denny – Off Shore.mp3
Martin Denny – Pagan Love Song.mp3
Martin Denny – Paradise Found.mp3
Martin Denny – Quiet Village.wma
Martin Denny – Return to Paradise.wma
Martin Denny – Sake Rock.mp3
Martin Denny – Similau.mp3
Martin Denny – Singing Bamboos.wma
Martin Denny – Song Of The Islands.mp3
Martin Denny – Soshu Night Serenade.wma
Martin Denny – Stardust.mp3
Martin Denny – Stranger In Paradise.mp3
Martin Denny – The Enchanted Sea.mp3
Martin Denny – Trade Winds.mp3
Martin Denny – Tune From Rangoon.mp3
Martin Denny – Waipo.wma
Martin Denny – Wedding Song (Ke Kali Ne Au).wma
Martin Denny – When First I Love.mp3
Martini Kings – At the Tonga Hut.wma
Martini Kings – Beyond the Sea.mp3
Martini Kings – Can’t Help Falling in Love.mp3
Martini Kings – Dance of the Virgins (Long Version).mp3
Martini Kings – Dance of the Virgins.mp3
Martini Kings – Enchanted Lovers.mp3
Martini Kings – Las Nuedas.mp3
Martini Kings – Missing the Maui Moon.mp3
Martini Kings (featuring Big Sandy) – My Ukulele.mp3
Martini Kings – My Ukulele.mp3
Martini Kings – Nylon Jungle.mp3
Martini Kings – Poincianna.mp3
Martini Kings – Quiet Village.mp3
Martini Kings – Return to Moorea.mp3
Martini Kings – Singapore Sling.mp3
Martini Kings – Song of the Islands.mp3
Martini Kings – Tiny Bubbles.mp3
Martini Kings – We’re Uke’in.mp3
Martini Kings – Sticky Rice.mp3
Martini Kings – The Last Aloha.mp3
Martini Kings – The March of the Moai.mp3
Martini Kings – The Winds of Waikaloa.mp3
Martini Kings – Winds Rush In.mp3
Martini Kings & King Paris – Invasion.mp3
Miles Corbin – Beats Around the Bush.mp3
Miles Corbin – California Slack.mp3
Miles Corbin – Coconut Syrup Daydream Skies.mp3
Miles Corbin – Enchanted Island.mp3
Miles Corbin – Indian Summer.mp3
Miles Corbin – Kahuna.mp3
Miles Corbin – Quintana Roo.mp3
Miles Corbin – Sister Moonlight.mp3
Miles Corbin – Tiki Hut.mp3
Miles Corbin – Trail to Magic Falls.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Arab Dance.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Autumn Digging Dance.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Colorado Waltz.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Lonesome Aku of Alewife.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Lyman ’59.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Maika.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Moai Thief.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Phoenix, Goodbye.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Terre Exotique.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Third River Rangoon.mp3
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica – Thor’s Arrival.mp3
Penthouse Playboys – Exotic Isle.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Chant Of The Moon.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Desiree.mp3
Robert Drasnin – East of Xanadu.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Enchantment.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Habanera In Blue.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Hindara.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Jardin De La Noche.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Kahluha Mist.mp3
Robert Drasnin – La Mer Velours.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Luz de la Luna.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Mirage.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Moorean Moonbeams.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Orinoco.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Paradise.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Polynesian Bolero.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Puente Doble.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Reminiscence.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Sambalerro.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Siren Song.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Tahitian Dream.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Tambuku.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Voodoo.mp3
Robert Drasnin – Warm Night Wind.mp3
Robert Drasnin – You.mp3
The Beach Boys – Diamond Head.mp3
The Hawaiians – Red Sails In The Sunset.mp3
The Out-Islanders – Moon Mist.mp3
The Surfmen – Bamboo.mp3
The Surfmen – Forbidden Island.mp3
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Alegre.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Aloha Amor.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Bamboo Skin.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Belles Of Bombay.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Baxter Pad.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Bom Dia, Ipanema.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Entrancement.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Grey Jungle Reign.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Haleiwa.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Hanauma Bay.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Hawaiian Blues.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Honolulu.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Hotter In The Shade.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Hypnotica.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Islands In Orbit.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Kihei Keiki.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – La Luna Negra.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Lullaby For The Lono.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Mai Tai Mambo.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Moonlight Moods.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Night Of The Jungle.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Pineapple Salsa.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Polynesian Dreams.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Quiet Voyage.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Rio De Jean.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Sacred Island.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Sandbar.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Soul Of The Sea.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Stoic Moai.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Tiki Joe A Go Go.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Under The Midnight Sun.wma
Tiki Joe’s Ocean – Waikiki Pursuit.wma
Tiki Lounge Crew – Cool A Go-Go.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Suburbia 62.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Crime De Menthe.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Bikini Bambini.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Mambo Twango.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Bongo Nova.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Cheezo Cha Cha.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Hipsters Lair.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – In The Elevator.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Into The Cookie Jar.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Perky, Jazzy & Chic.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – The Morning Show.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Tiki Lounge Goddess.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Summer Sunset.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Smoke & Lager.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – C Breeze.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Martini Nova.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Copa Del Mar.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Chic To Chic.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Martini Sunset.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Mambo Loco.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Bongo Delic.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Upscale Cocktail.mp3
Tiki Lounge Crew – Cocktails With Armando.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Ali’i Fire Dance.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Aloha, Baby!.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Bachelor #1.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Bachelor #2.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Bachelor #3.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Bali Ha’i.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Bali Hai-ball.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Black Sand, Blue Sea.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Chateau Leilani.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Crossing Kilauea.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Dan-o’s Day Off.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Exotique.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Hawai’i Nocturne.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – In Search of Mei Ting.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Koko Sufu.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Kono’s Revenge.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – La Hula Rhumba.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Lahaina Morning Rain.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Last Sampan to Kowloon.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Lotus Operandi.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Makaha.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Mana Pacifica.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Mai Tais on the Moon.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Mysteria.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Ocean Ambience.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Poho Moku.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Polynesian Village Love Theme.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Shaka Huka Bossa Nova.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Singapore Swing.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Sneaky Tiki.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Stranded in Paradise.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Sunset On the Kona Kai.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Tabu for Two.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Tango Tahiti.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – The Road to Punalu’u.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Theme For Jetsetters.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Waikiki Serenade.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – X _— You are Here.mp3
Waitiki – Bwana, Bwana a.wma
Waitiki – Cave of the Tarpon.mp3
Waitiki – Cave of Uldo.wma
Waitiki – China Clipper.wma
Waitiki – China Fan.mp3
Waitiki – Choko Chunichu.mp3
Waitiki – Dew Drop Inn, If You Please, My Humming Flower.wma
Waitiki – Flower Humming.mp3
Waitiki – Fuzzy Mammoth Breath.wma
Waitiki – Haole Beach Sunset.mp3
Waitiki – Manila.mp3
Waitiki – March for Chief Maumau.wma
Waitiki – Merry Adventures of the Sleepy Space Kadet.wma
Waitiki – Mr. Ho’s Yummy Hut Yee-Haw.wma
Waitiki – Pan-Xotik-Da.wma
Waitiki – Pineapple Lilt.mp3
Waitiki – Plamingo Flagoda.wma
Waitiki – Plamingo Merengue.mp3
Waitiki – Primitiva.wma
Waitiki – Satyritar.wma
Waitiki – Stirring Cocktail Journey Thru Okonkuluku.mp3
Waitiki – Sweet Pikake Serenade.mp3
Waitiki – Voodoo Love.mp3
Waitiki – Wadada.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Adventures in Paradise.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Bali Hai.mp3
Waitiki 7 – China Fan.wma
Waitiki 7 – Coronation.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Craving.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Flower Humming.wma
Waitiki 7 – Her Majesty’s Pearl.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Left Arm of Buddha.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Manila.wma
Waitiki 7 – Mood Indigo.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Ouanalao.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Tiki.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Rendezvous in Okonkuluku.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Ruby.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Sacha-cha.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Similau.wma
Waitiki 7 – Sweet Pikake Serenade.wma
Waitiki 7 – Tiki.mp3
Waitiki 7 – Totem Pole.mp3
Waitiki 7 – When First I Love.wma

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May 14, 2015

Kind of a tough weekend as this past Saturday we had the remaining member of the “Beastie Boys”, my sister-in-law’s rabbit Floppy (he’s the one on the right), put down. He had taken ill earlier in the week and had been left disabled and blind, so we did the right thing for him. While Tam had named him Floppy, he had come to known as Sherman because he had a very dominating personality, sort of like a Sherman tank.

Floppy was an awesome rabbit. While his departed mate Cookie (the one on the left) was quiet, yet mischievous, Floppy hid nothing – he was what he was and he glorified in it. He hated having to do his business in litter, to the point where he’d physically scoop it out of the box. And do it over and over again to the point of monotony. While he loved Tam’s attention he really couldn’t be bothered with the attentions or affections of anyone else. After Cookie left us he enjoyed the company of Tam’s other rabbit Butterscotch, but I think he really saw his role in the world as making himself comfortable and happy first and foremost. I wouldn’t call him affectionate. I wouldn’t call him unaffectionate. He was just Sherm. He loved to eat. He loved to throw litter around. And more than anything else I think he loved knowing that Tam adored him.

Floppy and Cookie were with Tam during the toughest times in her life. When everything else seemed to be falling apart around her, the “Beastie Boys” were a constant source of joy and affection. When I was called upon to rescue her from her situation in Florida, we didn’t leave until the Beastie Boys were snuck out while her a$$hole ex-husband’s back was turned. And all the way on that drive from Florida to Arizona the Beastie Boys sucked it up. Because they knew Tam was counting on them to.

Rest in peace, Floppy. You were a great rabbit – truly one of a kind. You were loved and your owner misses you dearly.

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May 13, 2015

“When loud by landside streamlets gush,
And clear in the greenwood quires the thrush,
With sun on the meadows
And songs in the shadows
Comes again to me
The gift of the tongues of the lea,
The gift of the tongues of meadows.
So when the earth is alive with gods,
And the lusty ploughman breaks the sod,
And the grass sings in the meadows,
And the flowers smile in the shadows,
Sits my heart at ease,
Hearing the song of the leas,
Singing the songs of the meadows.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson, Spring Carol, 1918

Hat tip:

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May 7, 2015

[Ed. note: Now that I’ve got my music collections pretty much done it occurred to me that some music afficianado out there might want to know the contents of each of them so they too, if so inclined, would have a starting point for their own collection or just be interested in checking some of the songs out on YouTube or elsewhere. So here is the second in a series of posts containing the contents of my collections.]

Of all my musical collections the one I’m most proud of is “Tropical Breezes”. The concept actually came from a Dish Network channel we once had before we went to DirecTV – it was a combination of Jimmy Buffett’s more laid-back stuff combined with the kind of steel-drum music you’d hear on board a cruise ship, but my collection gradually expanded into all kinds of Latin, classic Cuban, and Caribbean-flavored music spanning artists from Jimmy Buffett to Herb Alpert to Buena Vista Social Club to Frank Sinatra to Texas Tornados to Sergio Mendes to Ibrahim Ferrer to Bob Marley to Kenny Chesney to Cachao to Harry Belafonte to Stan Getz and beyond, and in doing so I found where my musical soul lies. Every time I put it on shuffle there’s beautiful music and surprises beyond anything I originally conceived – the journey far eclipsed any intention I originally had, and my musical horizons expanded far beyond anything I could ever have imagined. The finest of all my collections, on a sunny or tropical-like rainy afternoon it simply can’t be beat.

It’s soothing, it’s eclectic, and best of all, it seems to grow almost every week with new discoveries!

Alan Jackson / Jimmy Buffett – Its Five O Clock Somewhere.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Bahama Mama.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – I Wish You Love.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Indian Love Call.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Jamaica Farewell.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Joyful Fantasy.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Juanita Morel.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – La La Jam.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Lovers Anniversary.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Manha De Carnival.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Mary Ann.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Mathilda.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Once I Loved.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Samba De Orfeo.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Serenade.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Yellow Bird.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Dancing in the Street.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Girl From Ipanema.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – I Feel to Dance.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – O Nosso Amor (Our Love).mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Sugar Bum Bum.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – The Return of the Bull.mp3
Alfred St. Johns Trinidad Tobago Steelband – Three Little Birds.mp3
Alzonia the Southern Caribbean Steel Band – The Island.mp3
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Antigua.mp3
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Caribe.mp3
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Corcovado.mp3
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Tide.mp3
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Wave.mp3
Astrud Gilberto – Amor Em Paz.mp3
Bob Marley – Redemption Song.mp3
Bobby_Bloom – Montego Bay.mp3
Brazilian Tropical Orchestra – Desafinado.mp3
Brazilian Tropical Orchestra – Samba de Uma Nota So.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Amor de Loca Juventud.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Candela.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – De Camino a La Vereda.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Dos Gardenias.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – El Carretero.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – El Cuarto de Tula.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – La Bayamesa.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Murmullo.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Orgullecida.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Pueblo Nuevo.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Veinte Anos.mp3
Buena Vista Social Club – Y Tu Que Has Hecho.mp3
Cachao – Africa Viva.mp3
Cachao – Isora Club.mp3
Cachao – Juan Pescao.mp3
Caribe Producers – Marimba Nova.mp3
Chris Isaak – I Wonder.mp3
Chris Isaak – South Of The Border.mp3
Chris Isaak – Yellow Bird.mp3
Chubby Checker – Limbo Rock.mp3
David Shelley – A Gentle Mind.mp3
David Shelley – Groovy Nights.mp3
David Shelley – Hot And Happy.mp3
David Shelley – Island Sunset.mp3
David Shelley – Jump (Marimba Feature).mp3
David Shelley – Palm Tree Paradise.mp3
David Shelley – Sea And Sand.mp3
David Shelley – Sunny Day.mp3
David Shelley – Warm Breeze.mp3
David Shelley – With Soul.mp3
Desi Arnaz Orchestra – Babalu.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – A Pirate Looks at 40.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Changes in Lattitudes.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Cheeseburger in Paradise.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Grapefruit, Juicy Fruit.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – He Went to Paris.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Its Five OClock Somewhere.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Jamming for J..mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Jolly Mon.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Son of a Sailor.mp3
Doug Walker, Steel Drum Artist – Volcano.mp3
Frank Sinatra – Bonita.mp3
Frank Sinatra – Change Partners.mp3
Frank Sinatra – Don’t Ever Go Away (Por Causa de Voce).mp3
Frank Sinatra – Drinking Water (Agua De Beber).mp3
Frank Sinatra – How Insensitive.wma
Frank Sinatra – I Concentrate on You.wma
Frank Sinatra – Meditation (Medita‡ao).mp3
Frank Sinatra – Off Key (Desafinado).mp3
Frank Sinatra – Once I Loved (O Amor en Paz).wma
Frank Sinatra – One Note Samba.mp3
Frank Sinatra – Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado).mp3
Frank Sinatra – Someone To Light Up My Life.mp3
Frank Sinatra – The Girl From Ipanema.mp3
Frank Sinatra – This Happy Madness (Estrada Branca).mp3
Frank Sinatra – Triste.mp3
Frank Sinatra – Wave.wma
Gary McFarland – Desafinado.mp3
Gary McFarland – Flamingo.mp3
Gary McFarland – O Morro.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Beyond The Reef.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Day O.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Hanalei Moon.mp3
Greg MacDonald – La Paloma.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Limbo Rock.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Pearl Shells.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Quando Quando.mp3
Greg MacDonald – Sea Breeze.mp3
Happy Sound Orchestra – Blame It On The Bossa Nova.mp3
Harry Belafonte – Day-O (Banana Boat).mp3
Harry Belafonte – Island In The Sun.mp3
Harry Belafonte – Jamaica Farewell.mp3
Herb Alpert The Tijuana Brass – Cantina Blue.mp3
Herb Alpert The Tijuana Brass – Flamingo.mp3
Herb Alpert The Tijuana Brass – Tangerine.mp3
Herb Alpert – Last Tango In Paris.mp3
Herb Alpert – Save The Sunlight.mp3
Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass – A Beautiful Friend.mp3
Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass – Panama.mp3
Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass – She Touched Me.mp3
Ibrahim Ferrer – Como Fue.mp3
Ibrahim Ferrer – Nuestra Ultima Cita.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Aloha.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Brazil.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Island In The Sun.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Islande.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Jamaican Farewell.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Kingston Town.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Peanut Vendor.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Red, Red Wine.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Tocame.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Volare.mp3
Jamaican Steel Band – Yellow Bird.mp3
James Taylor – Mexico.mp3
Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme.mp3
Jan Hammer – Miami Vice Theme.mp3
Jan Hammer – Theme from Miami Vice.mp3
Jason Roseman – Always On My Mind.mp3
Jason Roseman – Jammin.mp3
Jason Roseman – Ojos Espanoles (Spanish Eyes).mp3
Jason Roseman – Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus).mp3
Jason Roseman – Steel Drum Planet (Pan Planet).mp3
Jason Roseman – Stir It Up.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – A Pirate Looks at Forty – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – A Pirate Looks at Forty.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Back To The Island.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Banana Republics.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Banana Wind – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Banana Wind.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Barometer Soup.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Boat Drinks – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Boat Drinks.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Boats To Build.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Brown Eyed Girl.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Changing Channels.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Coconut Telegraph.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Come Monday.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Creola.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Death Of An Unpopular Poet.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Defying Gravity.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Delaney Talks To Statues.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – False Echoes.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Fins.wma
Jimmy Buffett – Floridays – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Floridays.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Frenchman For The Night.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Havana Daydreamin – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Havana Daydreamin.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – He Went to Paris.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – I Have Found Me A Home.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – If The Phone Doesnt Ring, Its Me.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Incommunicado.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Island Fever.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Jamaica Mistaica.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Jolly Mon Sing.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – LAir De La Louisiane.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Life Is Just A Tire Swing.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Lone Palm.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Love In The Library.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Lovely Cruise.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Margaritaville – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Margaritaville.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Migration.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Nautical Wheelers.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – No Plane On Sunday.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – On A Slow Boat To China.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – One Particular Harbour – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – One Particular Harbour.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Pacing The Cage.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Somewhere Over China.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Son of a Son of a Sailor.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Stars Fell On Alabama.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Stars On The Water.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Steamer.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – The Pascagoula Run.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – They Dont Dance Like Carmen No More.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Volcano – Copy.mp3
Jimmy Buffett – Volcano.mp3
John Blakeley / Ron Nagle – Man Overboard.mp3
John Blakeley / Ron Nagle – Maruca.mp3
John Blakeley / Ron Nagle – Pearls of Wisdom.mp3
Johnny Nash – Stir It Up.mp3
Kenny Chesney – Hemingways Whiskey.mp3
Kenny Chesney – Keys In The Conch Shell.mp3
Kenny Chesney – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems – Copy.mp3
Kenny Chesney – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems.mp3
Kenny Chesney – Tequila Loves Me.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Come Monday.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Coral Reef Song.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Light Footin.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Margaritaville.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Montego Bay.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Rum Coca Cola.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Sarah.mp3
Kent Arnsbarger Steel Drum artist – Tobago Jam.mp3
Larry Hall – Sitting In Limbo.mp3
Larry Hall – Under The Sea.mp3
Lifescapes – Azure Skies.MP3
Lifescapes – Coral Reef – The Ocean’s Place.MP3
Lifescapes – Happy As A Clam.MP3
Lifescapes – Head In The Sand.MP3
Lifescapes – Heaven’s Beach.MP3
Lifescapes – Manana.MP3
Lifescapes – Manoa Valley.MP3
Lifescapes – White Sands.MP3
Lifescapes -Angel Fish.MP3
Lifescapes -Conch & Circumstance.MP3
Lifescapes -Shark Fin Soup.MP3
Lifescapes -The Perfect Wave.MP3
Lifescapes-Dance On The Half Shelf.MP3
Los Jets – Magic is the moonlight.mp3
Los Jets – Reptile.mp3
Luiz Bonfa , Stan Getz , Antonio Carlos Jobim – S¢ Dan‡o Samba.mp3
Mambo All-Stars Orchestra – Mambo #5.mp3
Marimba Chiapas – Corazon De Roca.mp3
Marimba Chiapas – Sinceridad.mp3
Martini Kings – Las Nuedas.wma
Martini Kings – Sloop John B.mp3
Martini Kings – So Danca Samba.wma
Martini Kings – Summer Samba.wma
Martini Kings – The Girl From Ipanema.wma
Martini Kings – Wave.wma
Martini Kings – Yellow Bird.wma
Mongo Santamaria – Linda Guajira.mp3
Mongo Santamaria – Watermelon Man.mp3
Noro Morales – Isla Verde.mp3
Perez Prado – Patricia.mp3
Perez Prado and His Orchestra – Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White.mp3
Ralph Robles Octet – Solamente.mp3
Ramone Stagnaro – Emerald Bay.mp3
Ramone Stagnaro – Lechuguilla.mp3
Ramone Stagnaro – Los Encantos.mp3
Ramone Stagnaro – Tropical Storm.mp3
Randy Peterson – The Water’s Edge.mp3
Reggae Beat – Is This Love (Reggae).mp3
Reggae Beat – JammingPunky Reggae Party (Reggae).mp3
Reggae Beat – One LovePeople Get Ready (Reggae).mp3
Reggae Beat – Red Red Wine (Reggae).mp3
Reggae Beat – Three Little Birds (Reggae).mp3
Robert Symons – Bermuda Is Another World.mp3
Robert Symons – Calypso Medley (Yellow Bird; Island in the Sun; Jamaica Farewell.mp3
Robert Symons – Fight.mp3
Robert Symons – It Might as Well Be Spring.mp3
Robert Symons – La Vie en Rose.mp3
Robert Symons – Morning Dance.mp3
Robert Symons – You Only Live Twice.mp3
Sergio Mendes Brasil 66 – Mais Que Nada.mp3
Sergio Mendes – Berimbau.mp3
Sergio Mendes – ConSolacao.mp3
Sergio Mendes – Shes A Carioca.mp3
Sergio Mendes – So Nice.mp3
Sergio Mendes – Tristeza Em Mim.mp3
Sheldon Burnett – Moon over Miami.mp3
Simon & Garfunkel – So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright.wma
Stan Getz – The Girl From Ipanema.mp3
Steel Drum Island – Mexico.mp3
Steel Drum Island Collection – Volume 3 – Guantanamera.mp3
Steel Tropics – Bon Voyage.mp3
Steel Tropics – Caribbean Dreams.mp3
Steel Tropics – Emerald Shores.mp3
Steel Tropics – Isabel.mp3
Steel Tropics – Journeys.mp3
Steel Tropics – Little Trini Jam.mp3
Steel Tropics – Mangoes.mp3
Steel Tropics – My Island Girl.mp3
Steel Tropics – Rain Walk.mp3
Steel Tropics – Sly Mongoose.mp3
Steel Tropics – Sweet Calypso Woman.mp3
Steel Tropics – Trade Winds.mp3
Steelasophical – Bamboleo.mp3
Steelasophical – Besame Mucho.mp3
Steelasophical – Girl from Japan.mp3
Steelasophical – How Insensitive.mp3
Steelasophical – I Have a Dream.mp3
Steelasophical – Let it be Me.mp3
Steelasophical – No Matter What.mp3
Steelasophical – Perfid¡a.mp3
Steelasophical – Soca Salsa.mp3
Steelasophical – Streets of London.mp3
Steelasophical – Summertime.mp3
Steelasophical – Tico Tico.mp3
Steelasophical – Tropical Surprise.mp3
Stephen Bishop – On And On.mp3
Syd Marsh – Beach Cruisin.mp3
Syd Marsh – Dreams of Montego Bay.mp3
Texas Tornados – Little Bit Is Better Than Nada.mp3
The Beach Boys – Kokomo.mp3
The Carnival Steel Drum Band – Redemption Song.mp3
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Beautiful Cuba.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Goza Mi Mambo Cubana.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Macorina.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Mambo.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Que Bueno Baila Usted.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Social Club de Marianao [Marianao Social Club].wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Suavecito.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Amaila Batista.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Guajira Clasica.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – La Bella Cubana.wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Si Me Pudieras Querer [Vocal Version].wma
The Lost City (Soundtrack) – Tenia Que Ser Asi.wma
The Penthouse Playboys – Twilight in Havanna.mp3
The Sandals – Gypsy Moods.wma
The Sandals – Oriental Sunset.mp3
The Sandals – Secret Garden.wma
The Sandals – Tradewinds – Copy.mp3
The Sandals – Tradewinds.mp3
The Sandals – Warm Winds.mp3
The Sandpipers – Guantanamera.mp3
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Ocean Ambience.mp3
Tim Heintz – Magens Lullaby.mp3
Tim Heintz – Rio Del Mar.mp3
Tim Heintz, Dan Higgins – A Quiet Cove.mp3
Tim Heintz, Dan Higgins – St. Croix.mp3
Tim Heintz, Dan Higgins – Trunk Bay.mp3
Tim Heintz, Dan Higgins, Grant Geissman – Cypress Grove.mp3
Tim Heintz, Dan Higgins, Grant Geissman – Guadalupe.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman – Infinite Blue.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman – Paradise.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman – Trade Winds.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman, Dan Higgins – El Yunque.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman, Dan Higgins – Southern Exposure.mp3
Tim Heintz, Grant Geissman, Dan Higgins – Suenos.mp3
Tim Heintz, Jim Walker – Bajada.mp3
Tim Heintz, Ramone Stagnaro – Thunder Island.mp3
Tito Rodr¡guez Y Su Conjunto – Flamingo.mp3
Tm Heintz, Dan Higgins, Grant Geissman – Whispering Wind.mp3
Tropics Steel Drum Band – Dave And Augustineapos;s Bossa.mp3
Tropics Steel Drum Band – Island Sunshine.mp3
Tropics Steel Drum Band – Touch De Moon.mp3
UB40 – Red Red Wine.mp3

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