December 3, 2014

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and if there were any better example of the utter moral and intellectual bankruptcy of African-American Democrats when it comes to how the “Michael Brown affair” in Ferguson has played out on the national level, I have yet to see one.

Let me get this straight: one black man is dead, shot by a police officer. A grand jury is convened and as a result of the testimony by sworn witnesses (primarily African-American) the police officer is cleared of wrongdoing. Following the announcement, looters, rioters, and thugs burn and destroy dozens of businesses while police pretty much watch it all go down and the National Guard isn’t called in until the second night. President Obama then holds a series of meetings at the White House to discuss the situation and the only aggrieved parties represented are the those on the side of Michael Brown? And who’s part of that representation? A despicable, low-life, race-baiting shakedown artist and tax cheat like “The Rev” Al Sharpton? Subsequently, you see members of the Congressional Black Caucus use the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives parrot the blatantly false and unquestioningly-disproven “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” narrative that Michael Brown was shot trying to surrender to Darren Wilson?

Is that what goes for the established political voice of African-Americans these days? If so, where was Charlie Rangel – he’s another African-American tax-cheating fraud of an elected official. Oh well, I guess when as a President you aren’t afraid to look straight into a camera and outright lie to the American people, or as an Attorney General you can be held in contempt of Congress for stonewalling any number of scandals that have occurred under your watch, well, there’s no bar low enough to exclude anyone.

I guess what bothers me the most about this whole Ferguson thing is the incredible damage it is doing not just to race relations in the United States, but to the African-American community in general. Is this their reward for voting Democrat as a bloc for decades? Mindless sloganeering and incessant pandering by race-baiting agitators and community organizers all because of one dead convenience store thief? After all, that same scene is played out in spades on the streets of Chicago and other American inner cities on any given weekend; but I don’t see “the Reverend Al” or his partner-in-crime Jesse Jackson marching those mean streets demanding an end to the violence committed against minorities by minorities. Guess it just doesn’t fit their preferred narrative that white cops everywhere are on the prowl just begging for a reason to bag yet another poor, mild-mannered, innocent black youth who just wants to go to college and fulfill his dreams.

If this President had any integrity whatsoever he would have used the White House meeting to hear from all aggrieved parties in the ongoing Ferguson conflict – not just those seeing “justice” (i.e., revenge) for Michael Brown. But, sadly, that’s just not the way this president operates. He thrives on agitating and creating division and could care less about the Ferguson residents, business owners, and employees who have seen and are seeing their livelihoods vanish before their very eyes. All because no one at the very first protest following Brown’s shooting laid down the law and started arresting the very first rock-throwers. Or, more importantly heard from African-American “leaders” and elected officials at all levels of government – federal, state, and county – for calm and respect for the rule of law while the system plays out.

There’s little doubt that as soon as the unstated approval of lawlessness in Ferguson was approved by what goes under the name of “African-American leaders” these days, the stage was set for the violence that has occurred since then. The question, then, is why did this happen? Why would African-American “leaders” sanction such lawlessness and violence? Because after decades of life on the Democratic Party plantation, these modern-day slaves to power have no other card in the deck to play. Radio talk-show host “The Great One”, Mark Levin, hit the nail on the head: (Hat tip: Real Clear Politics):

Now, this country’s being turned upside down by this president and attorney general and their surrogates, so the question is why, and I’ll tell you why, among other reasons.

In the black community under our first black president and first black attorney general, it’s miserable, high unemployment. The schools stink. And they oppose school choice. What else is going on?

Black on black crime is through the roof. Nine out of ten blacks are murdered by blacks. You have gang violence in inner cities like Chicago. What are they doing about it? Nothing.

When they met on Monday, did they talk about it? Not a word. What about those shop owners burned out in Ferguson, MO? Overwhelmingly black and Hispanic. Were they invited to speak on Monday? Nothing.

So now Obama and Holder and the surrogates are doing what? They’re undermining our police officers. All police officers regardless of race pushing what, an agenda to nationalize local police forces. Why? Why? He’s doing a disastrous job. This has nothing to do with racial profiling, nothing to do with racist cops, nothing to do with the militarization of the police force, and yet this is what they burp up and spit out.

But that’s what happens when you have race-baiting agitators pushing a narrative completely void of truth and fact and entirely for political and self-serving purposes. It’s beyond a disgrace, and especially so because there are many other African-Americans whose voices are not welcomed at the table simply because their own narratives don’t fit the well-worn script of Democratic racial politics played by shameless and morally and intellectually bankrupt African-American Democrats.

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