December 1, 2014

Driving over to the Superstition Springs driving range on a calm, warm, and bright early-December afternoon my mind wasn’t on hitting golf balls, but on the poor folks in Ferguson, MO who lost their jobs, businesses, and economic livelihoods all because of a bunch of lawless thugs and losers, and incompetent, race-baiting politicians – of both colors, no race can stake claim for what happened. I won’t get into Monday-morning quarterbacking here, there’s no point in it, but nearly a week later I can’t get those folks out of my mind and can’t help but wonder if there is any remorse by anyone now that they have had their lawless masturbatory moment in the sun.

Not sure how a town like that goes forward, but hopefully the political agitator outsiders and the mainstream media fools have all had their fill and can just leave and let the town try and put its life back together. Like George Harrison once sang, it’s gonna take a whole lot of precious time, patience and spending money….

So it was on my way over to Superstition Springs that an idea grabbed me – a real solution for this day and age – for those special occasions when “the man”, “the system”, or other usual targets of progressive fury create such a sense of unfairness or injustice that these folks need a place where they can gather and protest and cover their faces and put those dopey little Guy Fawkes masks on to blow off whatever steam is needed without harming the lives and livelihoods of hard-working and tax-paying folks – y’know, people who actually have a life.

And in honor of Attorney General Eric Holder’s rabbit-ear sensitivity to anything smacking of racial inequality and injustice, and his oh-so-faux outrage at the drop of one of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s dimes (a mere fraction of the estimated 4.5 mil in back taxes he’s said to owe, BTW), I propose a solution any city or town can create at a fraction of the cost it would take to rebuild real lost businesses and lives – Holdervilles.

The idea came to me as I was passing the Rockin’ R Ranch, a tourist thing located a mile or two from Superstition Springs. As a state with lots of tourism and snowbirds, we have them all over Arizona – faux “Wild West” towns where folks can bring their families for fun, food, and entertainment. They’re all sorta like towns of by-gone days – wooden structures with signs like “Hotel”, “Bank”, “Apothecary”, “General Store” – you get the picture. Well, putting that kind of thing into everyday use, here is how my idea would work:

Let’s say you’re a city or town that’s about to host a WTO summit, or one where May Day typically brings out your left-wing loons (Oakland and Seattle come to mind), or one with a history of racial problems and/or tensions between the police and African-Americans, or just a place where folks are generally pissed off and regularly on edge – Chicago, for instance. 🙂 You pick a location far away from the center of town easy to access and secure, then construct your own “Wild West” town, complete with plenty of stores for looting (liquor stores and electronics stores are a must!), as well as all other kinds of business every modern-day city has: banks, grocery stores, Laundromats – whatever you want. Then, the next time some a supposedly mild-mannered “gentle giant” steals from a convenience store and roughs up the owner, then attacks a police officer through the window of his cruiser before being unlawfully shot and killed, you direct all the protesters, looters, and shooters to that part of town where they can burn and destroy to their heart’s content.

It’s a win/win idea – it’s good for the protestors, good for the law-abiding folks, good for everyone. Then after “Holderville” has been burned to the ground, you simply employ local contractors to rebuild and restore it at a mere fraction of what it would cost were it a real town or city. Pretty creative, wouldn’t you say? And a perfect solution for life in the post-political, post-racial, America unified “Age of Obama”.

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