November 24, 2014

So the world waits for the announcement of a decision in the Michael Brown grand jury. Are you as sick as I am over the clowns in Ferguson, MO who are calling for “justice” but seem to have no real interest in what true justice and the rule of law is? They want officer Darren Wilson’s head, and nothing short of that will satisfy. All because, have you heard? The police officer was white and Michael Brown was black.

Oh, my bad, I’m guessing you thought I was talking about the folks in Ferguson who will be most directly impacted by the decision, whatever it may be.

Oh, my bad, I’m guessing you thought I was talking about the professional agitators now in Ferguson just waiting for an excuse to commit violent acts against the system. They’re not from Ferguson and they could care less about who Michael Brown was. They take their orders from “the Reverend” Al Sharpton, or wear those stupid Guy Fawkes masks to send a message to law and authority that they’re mad as hell and not going take it any more.

Unfortunately, Ferguson also has become a huge electromagnet for professional protesters who bounce from one focus of fury to the next.

These permanently angry people starred in anti-globalization demonstrations in Seattle, Miami, and Cancun. They screamed themselves hoarse as Governor Scott Walker curtailed the special privileges of the Badger State’s unionized government workers. This mob moved on to Occupy Wall Street — where they turned Zuccotti Park into an open toilet and rape camp — and Occupy Oakland, which featured vandalism and arson.

And now they are in Ferguson. Amid shuttered storefronts, padlocked school yards, and deployed National Guardsmen, this scene threatens to become the Super Bowl of mass public outrage.

Oh my bad, I thought you knew I was talking about the mainstream media. A media that, true to that that Don Henley song, is only interested in violence, death, and destruction because you know it just plays so well over the big-screen TVs to folks sitting in their comfortable living rooms munching popcorn and shaking their heads in disgust. Never mind that since Brown’s murder people’s lives and businesses are being uprooted and systematically destroyed; the film at 11 is always more interesting when it shows those who: a) have no regard for the rule of law, b) have nothing better to do with their lives than to vent their outrage at “the system”, and c) find a more-than-willing accomplice to give their pathetic political agendas a voice.

No matter what happens, the sad truth is that a young man is dead, whether rightly or wrongly, and a community through little fault of its own is in the process of being destroyed from within and from outside by those who could care less. All the while, a mainstream “drive by” media bent on sensationalizing a family’s loss and a community’s tragedy rubs their collective hands in glee at the prospect of sky-high ratings when the violence escalates.

All the while, yet another weekend in Chicago brings news of more deaths of minorities at the hands of other minorities. But you won’t hear about it in the national mainstream press. And you know why? Because they’re all in Ferguson – after all, that’s where the real action is. It’s disgraceful.

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