May 31, 2014

Maybe it’s just me hoping, but I’ve got a feeling that between President Obama’s horrendous speech before the West Point grads, his clueless State Department spokesperson’s laughable attempt to portray the administration’s foreign policy as competent, the Q1 GDP’s downward revision, and Obama’s pathetic “Blame Bush” excuse for the gross and (I’m guessing, ultimately) criminal misconduct at the VA is the straw that breaks the Obama administration’s back, at least as far as the lamestream media’s coverage goes.

What these events have done is finally, after six years of a “blame Bush” and “who, me?” presidency, reveal Barack Obama as nothing more than an incompetent figurehead, and his administration as a bunch of political hacks and shills pretending they have a clue when it comes to the concepts of leadership and administration. With 2 1/2 years left in his presidency, the Obama administration finds itself shown to be nothing more than a bunch of incompetents interested only in pursuing its radical leftist agenda without any accountability, ability to speak the truth, and interest in the rule of law. As a result, it now finds itself bereft of energy and out of ideas as to where his presidency goes from here.

The biggest problem with all of this if you are an Obama aficionado is that your fearless leader can only go to the well so many times before even his most loyal boosters in the media begin to see through the charade. How many times can you send your spokesperson out before the White House press corps and say it’s all Congress’s fault, or those dastardly Republicans and conservatives pushing political talking points, or that the President only found out about the latest breaking scandal by watching the news? How many times can you assert there’s not “a shred of evidence” behind the IRS scandal when the vast amount of evidence shows the obvious contrary? How many times can you look voters straight in the face and tell them one lie after another about their health coverage? At some point, people start to see you as the incompetent, clueless bozo you are and just tune you out.

And that’s why the Obama administration needs to be most concerned about the events of the past week. You see, there’s still significant work left to do in their agenda to transform America into the socialist vision they hold so near and dear. Climate change, income inequality, immigration – these are all areas President Obama thought he’d be able to push through in his second term using his popularity, the power of his rhetoric, and his political capital. But with everything going on, who but his most radical loyalists and low-information voters will listen to anything he has to say? True, there are things he’ll still be able to push through with executive action, but that’s about it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the only reason why Barack Obama and his Attorney General haven’t been impeached and forced to resign is because of the color of their skin. Anyone else – Democrat or Republican – would have been shown the door after the Benghazi attack and cover-up, and the IRS scandal. While Obama and his AG Eric Holder might be able to make it through the next 2 1/2 years unscathed (and I’m not sure about that, given even egregious scandals that are undoubtedly to unfold), this past week has finally revealed just how out of touch and incompetent this President is.

Will anyone listen to anything he or his administration says with a straight face anymore?

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