April 28, 2014

A few thoughts and observations to kick off another work week…

Prayers up for the folks in the Midwest and South who have lost loved ones and are up against what looks to be a pretty significant tornado outbreak.

Yep, this ought to scare the crap out of Vladimir Putin, all right. And to think, this from one of our State Department spokespeople. This country is in the best of hands.

What a fraud. She ran as a fraud and continues to make her living as the progressive Left’s “darling” in her fight for justice against the evil one percent. Yep, between Elizabeth Warren and lifetime political hack Ed Markey, Massachusetts is perfectly represented by two U.S. senators with a powerful voice against the wealthy and politically connected.

And while we’re speaking about the wealthy, this just shows the wealthy don’t have the corner on brains. I mean, how stupid can you be. Here’s what I think the NBA ought to do: 1) force Sterling to apologize in writing to the league, its players, and its fans; 2) The league should suspend Sterling’s involvement with the team, and 3) take temporary ownership of the team until Sterling finds a buyer for the team. I’m all for free speech, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences to what you might say.

Pretty cool to see the Chiller channel on DirectV (channel 257) now adding The X Files to their schedule. Tracey was a fan before I was, and she caught the series on Fox after it had already become a cult classic. It’s cool to see Mulder and Scully looking so young in the show’s first season before all the characters that helped made the show what it became. Even early on, the quality of the plots is pretty impressive.

When I first read this story I thought I had misread something. Hard to believe there are people like that out there. Or maybe with the way things are these days, maybe it’s not.

Congrats to Seung-yul Noh and Lydia Ko for some marvelous weekend golf that resulted in two Asian players with a ton of talent winning their first PGA Tour and LPGA Tour victories. While Ko had won previously as an amateur, this was her first victory since turning pro.

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  1. I spoke with family in Latvia yesterday…the Baltic countries are more than nervous…Russian military planes spotted in restricted air space…two Ukrainian politicians found tortured and dead…the Russian population of the Baltics and Poland would support a return to Russian occupation…Putin has Communist beliefs…if Ukraine falls, Poland is next and then the Baltics. There is a increased US military presence in Latvia and Lithuania. Former Soviet countries have a huge Russian population and would welcome Russian rule as they have tried to force Russian as an official language in Latvia, which was defeated. They are now trying to force Russian only schools. We do not hear this news and I plan to keep more in touch with my family there to get “the rest of the story”. Putin is a dangerous man and needs to be stopped. The former Soviet countries would love nothing more than to see him dead.

    Comment by jana — April 28, 2014 @ 5:52 am

  2. Oh and I spent the day watching X-Files and thought of Tracey. Love love love X-Files.

    Comment by jana — April 28, 2014 @ 5:56 am

  3. Well, just wait until Putin sees our State Department’s #hashtag offensive – that will stop him in his tracks!

    Comment by The Great White Shank — April 28, 2014 @ 9:08 pm

  4. I only hope something, anything, stops the situation with Russia. The Baltics have nothing that even resembles an army to defend their borders. In 1991 during the cessation battles, people used whatever they had and it wasn’t armament. My parents lost everything in the Communist take over..their land, country and families. How does one country lay claim to another country that is already inhabited by people who lived their since the beginnings of time. Same as what happened here in the US when the Europeans laid claim to a land where the Natives have “always” been here.

    Comment by jana — April 29, 2014 @ 5:51 am

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