April 27, 2014

Here is my thinking about Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s controversial comments that the media and the majority of conservatives swooped in so quickly to condemn – and to a certain extent, rightly so. After all, using racially-inflammatory terms like “colored people”, “Negroes”, and “picking cotton” are going to get you in trouble, no matter what you’re trying to say, and no matter what the context is.

But the points I think Bundy was trying to make (not well articulated, that’s a given) were two-fold: 1) the importance of individual freedom and the traditional family unit, both of which are under assault these days from virtually every corner, and 2) the impact of a massive and over-reaching federal government that, under the guise of “compassion” and “caring”, has resulted in the destruction of the African-American family unit and generations of African-American families dependent on some form of government assistance at every level. And while his racially-insensitive words are to be condemned, what is he saying here that is really wrong?

Look at our failed inner-cities, by and large controlled by corrupt Democratic political machines and the labor unions. Look at the disproportionate number of African-American babies aborted each year and the number of young African-Americans in prison or jobless. Look at the crappy public schools inner-city youth attend and the Democrats’ war on education vouchers, private schools, and home schooling. Look at the inner-city youth and gang violence the mainstream media does everything it can to suppress news of. Look at Democrat attempts to flood an already-depressed market for lower-skilled workers with millions of illegal aliens. Look at corrupt shakedown artists like Attorney General Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, who, rather than be open to an honest debate over the state of the African-American community in 21st century America, seek to stifle that debate and maintain the status quo by crying “racist!” at every turn.

How does any of this work in the African-American community’s favor? I’ll tell you – it doesn’t.

Cliven Bundy may not have articulated his words in a way that are appropriate for use in this day and age, but the message he was trying to get across is spot on. Modern-day liberalism doesn’t care about anyone and anything else other than attaining and expanding its power, and it seeks to employ an activist court system and federal government to pursue those objectives at every turn. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the only time Democrats and liberals truly care about African-Americans is when election day comes around. And you can’t tell me that deep down, these oh-so-caring and oh-so-compassionate big-government, liberal elites don’t fully understand who the real modern-day slave masters and plantation owners are: it’s THEM.

This is why anytime you hear Democrats say that there’s absolutely no waste in government and absolutely no place to cut without hurting “the most in need”, they’re actually talking about THEMSELVES. After all, THEY’RE the ones with the most to lose if African-Americans were to ever find a way to cast off the shackles of six decades of “Great Society” programs and policies, that, perhaps well-meaning at the start, have served to decimate the African-American community and its culture in the 21st century.

Look, I don’t know if Cliven Bundy is a racist or not. And the words he used to express his concerns about the federal government and its war on the traditional family unit and individual freedom were both highly inflammatory and inappropriate, no question.

But that doesn’t mean the concerns he was expressing weren’t wrong.

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