March 29, 2014

Off for a golf lesson with my swing guru Alex Black. Will have full details in a post to come. In the meanwhile…

If true, this could be very exciting news. To have a more active monsoon season followed by a wet winter would be just what the doctor ordered around here. Folks are already saying that, El Nino aside, the dust we’ve had over the past two days already points to a more active monsoon come late June. In the desert Southwest you take whatever wet you can get.

Who knew there were even churches in Antarctica? I know I sure didn’t. But the photos here are breathtaking and the stories quite interesting. Enjoy! (Hat tip: National Review Online’s Corner Blog)

Here’s hoping Grady Sizemore is able to stay healthy and have a great season for the Boston Red Sox. If he can stay healthy – and that’s a huge if – Sizemore is a better player than Jacoby Ellsbury ever was, and ever will be for the New York Yankees.

This is as much an indictment on Barack Obama’s failed presidency as anything else that has been written.

It is hard to imagine a presidency with so little to its credit after five years of frenetic activity. Disastrous decisions of the Bush presidency set the stage, but are no excuse for today’s failures. Three years after we were assured the recession was over, underemployment stands at 13 percent, 7 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force, our debt has topped a fantastical $17 trillion, and GDP growth barely touches 2 percent. Great Britain now has a higher labor-force participation rate than the United States. The nation’s health-care system is in increasing disarray thanks to an imprudent, utopian plan that has solved few of the problems it set out to reduce while introducing heartless uncertainty for millions of others. Meanwhile, this president, far more than his predecessors, acts in capricious and lawless ways, deciding by personal whim which elements of law he will ignore. In response, the so-called media eagerly follow his college-basketball picks and record his personal shopping sprees.

Barack Obama is a liar and a stooge, and his wife nothing more than a moocher living the high life on a scale even Marie Antoinette would find astonishing at the taxpayer’s expense. The two of them are nothing but a couple of con artists using their politics and their race as weapons against any kind of journalistic scrutiny, and the USA is going to be paying for the damage they have done both to the Presidency and the rule of law for decades to come. And shame on the mainstream media for playing the role of co-conspirators by rolling over and playing dead during the Obama presidency. They are as much of a disgrace to their profession as the Obamas have been to this country and to the Presidency.

It’s about time folks started noticing just how deep the currents of corruption and lawlessness run in today’s Democratic Party. Personally, I think I think it’s time the entire Democratic Party is investigated for fraud and corruption under the RICO statutes. Between its inherent ties to the labor unions, voter fraud, corruption, lying to Congress, and abusing the rule of law the President, the IRS, and his departments of Justice and Health and Human Services have abused their power and authority to the point of impeachment and criminal prosecution. Barack Obama and his Chicago gangsters make Richard Nixon look like a petty dime store thief, and Senate President Harry Reid and Attorney General Eric Holder have disgraced their offices beyond anything seen in this country’s history.

For the record, the prediction here is the Red Sox make the playoffs and the Yankees don’t. I’d go with predictions by division, but with the season as long as it is that’s become akin to New Year predictions on New Year’s Eve. All I will say is I think Detroit and St. Louis have a great chance of meeting in the 2014 World Series, so I’ll stick to that.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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