January 17, 2014

It’s hard to believe that between this and this on top of all the state exchange failures like this and this that anyone is taking Obamacare seriously as a measure of success for the Obama administration. And it will only be getting worse as the employer mandate kicks in later this year when hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people start receiving cancellation letters right around the 2014 midterms.

Even though I’m not a liberal nor a progressive, I have to wonder what on earth the Obamacare administration was doing all this time since the “Affordable Care Act” (which is neither affordable, nor does it care about the people it is supposed to cover) was passed back in 2009. Wasn’t anyone in charge of the law’s deployment, design, or implementation? Obviously a boatload of money was simply handed over to a bunch of well-connected people and then told to run with it. But how on earth can you do that when you have people’s health and lives in play? For the amount of money this administration and the “Queen of Ghoul” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have wasted on this effort they simply could have handed out insurance coverage for free to all the uninsured they say they care so much about and left the rest of us alone.

In a world where people actually cared about competence, discipline, and financial oversight it is possible that Obamacare could have been a success – you know, if you liked your plan and your doctor you could keep it. If you’re uninsured, here are the financial incentives to have you purchase at the very least catastrophic injury insurance. I’d have no problem with something like that, especially if you were to add in strict oversight on Medicare spending and some level of tort reform to help reduce waste and costs.

But no, the Democrats weren’t satisfied with just that; as true progressives they simply had to thrown in all their social engineering crap into the pot as well, including every hot-button feminist issue (cheap contraception and abortion access) and all other winner/loser restrictions and regulations to try and level the dread “playing field”. And even that, in my mind, would be OK as long as they didn’t force people to go against their own consciences and religious traditions, and force the insurance companies to offer coverage people neither wanted or needed. But being liberals, they could hardly restrain themselves, this was their great chance to change everything and make things right as they see them.

In my mind, the Democrats made two horrendous mistakes that were easily avoidable and would have prevented the disaster that is currently unfolding. First, they could have put aside their fervor and zeal for a few seconds and made a few concessions in order to bring at least a few Republicans on board – that would have bought them at least a little political cover if by some chance the law ran into trouble. They didn’t, of course, so with zero Republican support in both the House and Senate the Democrats now own this fiasco 100%. Secondly, the Obama administration could have managed the whole Healthcare.gov design, development, and rollout much more carefully. It truly is inexcusable for something as complex as a national healthcare and insurance solution being brought together under a single roof not to have been managed more carefully. The reckless and widespread incompetence, willful neglect, and arrogance shown by this administration has been beyond breathtaking.

I don’t know how Obamacare will evolve in the future, but there’s little doubt that its most lasting effect is something that liberals and progressives ought to fear the most: the fact that in shooting for the moon and failing miserably, they’ve proven that the day of the big government program to solve society’s ills and bring about their dreams of equality are over. Who will ever trust the Obama administration and future administrations after this lying pack of bold-faced liars? Obamacare will not only destroy whatever ever dream progressives had of remaking society in their own image, but it has rendered the President’s second term as one big lame-duck session.

And they only have themselves to blame for it. But that’s what you get when you elect zealots to the highest office in the land.

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