September 8, 2013

What’s really astounding about the media coverage of this possible Syria military intervention thing is, rather than honestly reporting on the pulse of the country and Americans’ reluctance to commit armed forces to yet another Mideast conflict, the story is all about protecting Barack Obama’s presidency and nothing more. If we had true journalists in this country instead of a bunch of elitist, progressive cause advocates, they’d recognize exactly what Gateway Pundit guest-blogger Sister Toldjah writes about:

Is America war-weary? Absolutely. Between Afghanistan and Iraq, the American people are tired of seeing their sons and daughters come home with life-altering injuries, or in body bags, are tired of hearing about how the murders of innocents by jihadis are continuing in both Iraq and Afghanistan, NOT exactly what we signed on for when we went to war in both countries. Are some Americans understandably skeptical about the rationale given by the administration and their allies to date on why we “must” intervene in Syria, considering the massive stockpiles of WMD we thought were in Iraq that were never found there? Yes. Are these the only considerations the American people are taking when it comes to determining whether or not to support action in Syria? No.

The real issue here is not weariness and skepticism due to Iraq. It’s the fact that our celebrity President, the supposed “greatest speech-giver evahh!!!!” hasn’t made a convincing case to date on Syria action, nor have the doves-turned-hawks in his party, nor have his adoring press. Why do you think he’s going before the American people next week? Because the communications/PR effort on this issue has been a disaster from the get-go, and this administration knows it. And they also know the more information that comes out about the Christian-hating jihadi “rebel forces” who oppose Assad, the likelihood that the opposition to using force in Syria will continue to grow.

They say a sign of maturity is learning from one’s past mistakes, and there are no shortage of conservatives who have wised up to Beltway Republican neocons like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and others who don’t seem to have learned anything from our adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq. They say it’s also a sign of madness when you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a diffrent outcome. Have we learned nothing from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya? There’s no such thing as limited engagements when it comes to war – you either go all in with the only goal of victory and vanquishing your foe or you don’t go in at all.

To you suddenly-hawkisk, warmongering liberals and progressives in the media and elsewhere who are using Syria’s use of chemical weapons as the excuse to save your incompetent and in-way-over-his-head President’s hide I have only one question: where were you when it came to Iraq? After all, Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against his own people and Iran back in the eighties? I’ll tell you where: calling George W. Bush a warmonger, BusHitler, and worse. So excuse me for calling you all out on your blatant hypocrisy. Your beloved Nobel Peace Prize winning, civilian-killing-by-drone-crazy President has got his butt in a sling, and I and a vast majority of my fellow countrymen aren’t willing to save his sorry ass by making the mistakes we’ve already made in the Middle East worse with more military action against a country where you can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys.

While I think this fellow at a recent John McCain town meeting in Prescott is a little over the top in calling our elected leaders traitors for pushing military action in Syria, he’s not far off the mark in decrying the huge disconnect between Washington and the American people, a gap that grows wider with each passing election cycle. It’s a dangerous game the Obama administration and others are playing by ignoring the will of the American people, because they know if we are ever successful in making our voices heard when it comes to Syria, it will only embolden us further when it comes to Obamacare, illegal immigration, and other actions Washington has taken that do not server the interests ofthe country and its future.

Because, in the end, to Democrats and liberals it’s all about Barack Obama, isn’t it? Never mind the innocent lives that could be lost in any Syria intervention, all that matters is that Barack Obama and his presidency emerge unscathed. It’s both disgusting and pathetic.

Nevertheless, the folks in Washington and the Obama lapdog media know this, which is why they are pulling out all the stops to save the President and presidency from his own reckless incompetence and arrogance.

I say let him sink and his presidency sleep with the fishes. The prospect of taking innocent Syrian lives to make Barack Obama look good just isn’t worth it.

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