September 5, 2013

It’s really breathtaking to see the extent of the hypocrisy being shown by liberals and Democrats who have suddenly become war hawks when it comes to Syria and President Obama’s request for Congressional authorization for military intervention there. I mean, these are the very same folks who rode herd over President Bush when it came to Iraq, never mind the measures to which his administration went in building international consensus and making its case for toppling Saddam Hussein’s regime. One might disagree with the conclusions that were drawn as a result of the evidence presented for the Iraq invasion, but at least there was concrete evidence presented and months of debate before bipartisan approval to attack Iraq was given.

When it comes to Syria, it’s just the opposite: someone gassed someone so now let’s do something quick lest we (i.e., President Obama) look weak, but not too much that we might be seen as over-aggressors overstepping our bounds. It’s beyond pathetic.

The whole debate over Syria is nothing more than Washington politics at its worst and most cynical. You have a President at the mercy of his own foreign policy naïvete and incompetence pushing for military action because he otherwise risks looking weak, indecisive, and out of his league. You have Democrats pushing for military intervention to “support the President” (war’s suddenly OK when your President is a Democrat) and Republican leaders who you know damned well are offering their support for the President only in return for White House concessions down the road on other matters. And you have precious few on both sides expressing their honest concerns about actions they know are virtually meaningless while afraid of what can happen if a “limited engagement” goes unlimited (as wars are known to do). And finally, you have the lap-dog mainstream media who can’t bring themselves to do their job and ask the hard questions and for once hold this administration of lightweights and incompetents accountable for its actions.

Rick Wilson of Ricochet blog has it right when he addresses those in Congress supporting such an ill-advised, frighteningly short-sighted and misguided (lack of) foreign policy:

You’re willing to bail out President Barack Obama after he’s managed to set the Middle East on fire?

You’re going to give Obama cover after two years of Syrian civil war, a growing threat to Israel, a nuclear Iran closer than ever, and Egypt and Libya in chaos…all of which has been met with a shrug and “at this point, what difference does it make” nonchalance?

As in practically everything but campaigning, Barack Obama’s zone of competence in foreign policy is so far in the rearview mirror it’s almost comical…and now he wants the GOP to save him from himself.

He’s being played by sand-trap dictators, Al Qaeda’s bankers, and Russian bad boys like some rube just fallen off the pumpkin truck…but please, go ahead and join him.

By all means, become a stakeholder in an ill-planned Administration policy with almost no possible good outcomes for the United States.

While you’re at it, reward Obama and the Democrats’ brazen, utterly shameless hypocrisy over war and Presidential power as if the last 10 years didn’t happen.

I could bore you by questioning our President’s apparent revulsion over the deaths of children in Syria by gas when over 100,00 abortions take place in the USA every month. And I could risk being labeled a racist by calling Barack Obama “Liar-in-Chief” when he so brazenly lies about comments he made a year ago. Rather, I’ll let Jon Stewart of Comedy Central ask the very same questions I am, knowing all-too-well what the answer is.

What’s truly sad about this is that we’re not debating whether military action in Syria is warranted or not (after all, one could make a reasonable case either way), it’s all about Barack Obama and the prospect of people dying just to save his sorry ass. You can argue whether Iraq or Afghanistan were the right thing to do, but at least the previous administration did their homework as best they could. This clown – a Nobel Peace Prize winner, no less – and his administration of incompetent fools shoot their mouths off, then suddenly want to throw our military weight around when their words come back to haunt them. And to see the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean supporting this shows you just how vile and morally bankrupt they are as human beings.

One can only hope that reasonable minds prevail and Congress denies President Obama the authority to begin military strikes on Syria. It’s reckless, dangerous, and a waste of our military’s time, resources, and money. There’s sufficient danger out there in the world without wasting it on a pointless venture with very little to gain and very much to lose if things were to go wrong. Let “Mr. Nobel Peace Prize” use his so-called incomparable rhetorical and political skills to extricate his butt out of this crisis without shots being fired and more innocent people killed.

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