August 21, 2013

It’s been nearly a year since the Benghazi terror attacks killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have blood on their hands – American blood – and Secretary of State John “Did you know I served in the Vietnam War?” Kerry has just ordered the four who were placed on administrative leave for the past eight months with pay reinstated to their former jobs. No one has been punished, no one lost their jobs, and no one is talking about what truly happened because people have been threatened with their livelihoods if they did so. A big story for the mainstream media, right?

Nothing to see here, folks. The Obamas have a new dog.

The NSA admits it has been conducting surveillance on American citizens and foreigners without a search warrant, even after President Obama lied through his teeth on nation TV by assuring everyone the federal government was doing everything perfectly legal and just trying to keep Americans safe. A big story for the mainstream media, right?

Nothing to see here, folks. The Obamas have a new dog.

The Obamacare exchanges are just weeks away from going live and the complete overhaul of the nation’s healthcare system is in the hands of bureaucrats who have missed countless deadlines, delayed action on the employee mandate as a result of sheer incompetence, directed healthcare exchange dollars to Planned Parenthood to kill as many babies as possible, and are training people without any security checks to be “navigators” with access to everyone’s health information. All the while, employers are reducing full-time jobs to avoid paying penalties, insurers and employers are dropping coverage, and people’s insurance costs are going through the roof.

Nothing to see here, folks. The Obamas have a new dog.

The nation’s economic recovery from the 2008 recession continues at a languid pace, and the lackluster jobs data can’t hide the fact that most of the jobs being created are part-time, thanks to the looming Obamacare shadow. The nation has settled into a deep malaise as people are grateful for whatever work they can get while millenials are moving back into their parents homes in droves because they can’t find sufficient work and the tens of thousands of student loan dollars they’ve accrued for a sh*t four-year degree doesn’t come close to meeting their full-time employment desires or needs.

Nothing to see here, folks. The Obamas have a new dog.

As PJMedia’s J. Christian Adams so succinctly puts it: Christians murdered all over Egypt, new puppy at the White House:

It’s Sunny at the White House! But not in Egypt, if you are a Christian or a Franciscan nun. All over the country, Christian churches are being burned, Christians murdered, and nuns paraded in the streets as “prisoners of war.”

The “war”: this can only mean a war of Islam vs. Christianity, right? What other “war” could they be prisoners of? (Their words, not mine.) The Muslim Brotherhood and their thug adherents are conducting a war of genocide against Christians, trying to erase the Copts – one of the oldest Christian groups in the world – from the land.

Once upon a time in America, the American president would have stood before the world, over and over again, and provided a moral counterweight to this evil. The great figures of the 20th century became great by denouncing evil and condemning genocidal and religious persecution: Reagan, Churchill, Wojtyla.

But Obama is no Wojtyla. He has remained nearly silent on the Muslim Brotherhood’s bloody war on Egypt’s Christians. The martyrs pile up; he plays golf.

You know, if the mainstream media ever woke out of its dope-induced Obama-mania stupor it might find out this country is teetering on the brink of fiscal and social collapse in the hands of an empty-suited, race-baiting stooge whose only interests are bashing Republicans, hob-nobbing with celebrities, listening to himself read a TelePrompTer, and playing golf as regularly as possible while his jet-setting First Lady, daughters, and dogs pile up the sky miles traveling to swanky vacation hideaways around the world, all on the taxpayer’s dime. But that’s OK, you see, because they’ve put the country in the safest hands possible by surrounding themselves with liberal ideologues hell-bent on eliminating the free market and regulating everyone and everything into dependency on the federal government for anything and everything.

These pathetic, despicable liberal elitists who once dreamed of one day being the next-generation’s Woodward and Bernstein ought to realize that while this all sounds well and good, at the core of this problem is what government provides, it can take or fritter away any time it wants to once it has the power and lack of accountability to do so. What happens when the day comes when there aren’t enough taxpayers to finance everyone’s negotiated union pensions, healthcare, Obamaphones, welfare, disability, food stamps, education, and God-knows-what-else people are expecting Mommy Fed or Daddy State to give them and the government can’t borrow, print, or lend any more money because Chinese investors no longer fear what will happen when the U.S. collapses into fiscal and social ruin?

Who cares? The Obamas will just get another friggin’ dog. God help us all.

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