June 9, 2013

A few thoughts after another brutally hot day – I know it’s June but it’s early in June, a little early for heat of this nature.

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins, who are headed to the NHL finals following a sweep of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Well done, lads!

Between the Obama administration’s unwillingness to make anyone accountable for the various scandals surrounding it and the IRS harrassing and targeting conservative groups simply on the basis of their political ideology, Americans are finally getting an accurate picture of a federal government completely out of control and so big and unwieldy that it’s impossible to trust anything it does anymore. William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection blog has it right:

Obamacare will put into the hands of the IRS medical and health information of an unprecedented level. As bad as leaks as to which websites you visit would be, the threat of leakage of your medical information could be equally devastating to freedom of speech and the political process. It would take a mere nod and a wink to convince someone that participation in the political process was not worth it if the result was the exposure of sensitive medical issues.

You can’t separate the data mining, the culture of intimidation, and criminalization of daily life.

The answer to this problem is not easy, precisely because of the legitimate national security concerns. That where to draw the line may be difficult to ascertain does not mean that a line should not be drawn. The wholesale creation of a national database of everything electronic crosses any reasonable line.

Obama’s response is that we should trust the government.

The Obama scandals tell us otherwise. From the phony Benghazi talking points, to IRS targeting, to deceptive measures to obtain journalist phone and email records, the Obama administration at multiple levels and in multiple agencies has proven that it is not worthy of our trust. Or of our information.

2013 has been a bad year for liberalism and its big-government agenda, and I think history will look back on this year as the year the federal government reached its apex in terms of size and influence. Come the 2014 mid-terms no Democrat who wants to win is gonna run on a platform of more of the same; likewise, Republicans won’t have to work too hard to find issues that will define their opponents. The Obama years are going to be looked back on as the last gasp of 1960s liberalism. It’s ironic that the ’60s radical agenda was formed to wage battle against an administration they saw as overreaching in its power and influence; once they themselves gained power what they’re doing is far worse than anything the Nixon administration could have ever dreamed up.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m hardly a fan of First Lady Michelle Obama, but she was absolutely right telling that gay activist attempting to disrupt her appearance the other day that either the activist be escorted out or she would leave. Let alone the fact that gays, lesbians, transgenders and whatever the hell else they call themselves these days – I’m told “queer” is now back in vogue – have known no greater supporters than the Obama administration, it amazes me just how unhappy gay and atheist activists are. I mean, these are the most unpleasant and unhappy people on the face of the earth, yet somehow they get all the attention. I’m not talking about homosexuals who go about their lives as we heterosexuals do, and/or atheists and agnostics that go about their daily lives the same as we believers do, I’m talking about those activists who seem to live their lives in constant offense at the least perceived slight. Wish they’d get a life and leave the rest of us alone.

OK, enough ranting. The pool is already 92 degrees, so I’m heading back in for a little late-night dip.

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