May 3, 2013

I’ll say this for Barack Obama – dude knows how to turn an elected second term into a lame-duck presidency in record time. Consider in just a week’s time:

1. He holds a press conference with nothing to announce, other than it’s all the Republican’s fault that nothing is getting done in Washington. Thus leading to even his biggest supporters in the mainstream dino-media to wonder what he’s doing and where the leadership is.

2. Obamacare – you know, the Democrat-passed plan to overhaul healthcare in the U.S. with the slogan, “if you like your plan you can keep it” is springing so many leaks it looks like my master bath did yesterday. Not only has one of its original backers called its deployment a “train wreck”, but now you have the Senate Majority Leader whining they – you got it! – need more money to implement it properly and avoid said train wreck.

3. Explosive hearings on the Benghazi whistle-blowers are scheduled to start next week. They will undoubtedly show not just Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the administration’s callous incompetence and carelessness during the embassy attacks that resulted in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others, but, it now appears there were al Qaeda operatives involved in a plan that was obvious well-coordinated and either missed or ignored by our intelligence community. And it’s not helping that the Obama administration is also showing the same level of incompetence, weakness, and disorganization when it comes to recent events in Syria.

4. The President’s immigration reform bill (yes, it’s his even though the so-called “Gang of Ocho” are the face of it in the Senate) is in the process of imploding, not just for its promise of amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, but the investigations involving the terrorists who set off the bombs at the Boston Marathon showing (who could have guessed it!) huge holes in our existing immigration laws and intelligence community – both of which could have prevented the deaths and injuries that resulted from even happening.

5. The President and Vice-President’s push for gun control failed miserably – not because there aren’t things that could be done to tighten up current laws, but because the majority of the country saw the push for what it was – to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens using the blood of innocent children as political pawns.

6. The President appears at Planned Parenthood’s national conference – the first president to do so at the very time grisly and horrific details about that abortion doctor on trial in Philadelphia leak out despite aggressive attempts by the media to ignore and suppress the events and the truth. As a result, more details about other abortion clinics, and how the industry operates in general, are showing just how far this country has gone down the road to infanticide. Mark my words, this story is not going away – there’s a sea change taking effect across the country, and the pro-baby killing (oops, I mean “pro choice”) lobby finds itself for the first time in decades on its heels.

If you haven’t heard or seen any of these above items being covered on your nightly NBC, ABC, or CBS newscasts, or on the latest “60 Minutes” you shouldn’t be surprised – the Obama presidency is going down in flames before our very eyes but you’ll never get the media to cover it. Can you imagine if a Republican president was in the White House with these kinds of things happening? Why, every morning talk show and evening newscast would have as its headline the fact that the President is now a lame duck and incapable of leading the country forward.

Truth is – and as the Obama administration finds even greater headwinds in its desperate attempt to implement its far-left agenda while it can (i.e., before the 2014 midterms when the Democrats take another 2010-style thumping) – the media is going to turn on the President for not living up to their dreams and expectations. And because the Left is like that, they’ll turn they lonely eyes to Hillary Clinton (!) to rescue their agenda in 2016. Why? Because this community organizer who never ran so much as a lemonade stand in his life, this pretender to the throne, has been revealed to be someone who really isn’t interested in getting his hands dirty in leading the country. Oh, he and his wife love the perks that go along with the job – the vacations, the golf, the fundraising – but it’s pretty clear after this time he’s not just that into being President. It’s, y’know, too much work. And because of his unwillingness and inability to engage the job and instead leave the details to trusted subordinates (who also, as academics and intellectuals, have no experience in either governing or business), his agenda is coming apart in a haze of pettiness, incompetence, sloppiness, and amateurness at all levels.

You won’t hear me complain – frankly, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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