April 18, 2013

I’m not a gun owner, don’t have plans (at least for now, but it’s not out of the question) to own a gun, but it gave me great joy to see the U.S. Senate fail to pass that gun control legislation pushed so hard by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Make no mistake about it: this was nothing more than a power play to try once again to use horrific events and human misery to push a progressive, ultra-liberal agenda to take away people’s guns, it’s as simple as that. Remember, this was the whole idea behind Attorney General Eric Holder’s failed “Fast and Furious” gun-running program that melted down following the deaths of one, perhaps two U.S. Border agents at hands of guns allowed to “run” across the border into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels.

If you remember – you certainly won’t find this in the mainstream media – the whole idea behind “Fast and Furious” was to create so much gun violence along our southern border that folks there would rise up and demand stricter gun control measures. This was Holder’s idea from the very beginning – talk about flawed and stupid! And if you don’t think Barack Obama knew and even approved of this idea then you’re smoking something now legal in Washington state. If “Fast and Furious” had been done under a Republican president there’s a good chance he would have been impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. Instead, the Anointed One, Mr. Nobel Peace Prize winner and his AG skate free.

The same thing happened after the Newtown massacre. President Obama and his pathetic, lying toady of a Vice President used the poor families and victims of Newtown as human shields to push once again, with great vigor, gun control legislation even though they knew damned well the legislation they were pushing would have done nothing to prevent Newtown from happening.

I’m going to tell y’all something you’re not going to want to hear, but I don’t care – it’s my blog and I’ll say what I believe in my heart of hearts: Barack Obama and Joe Biden could care less about the Newtown massacre and the families, this was all about exploiting a horrific tragedy for their own political gain. Pure and simple.

You don’t believe me? Check Obama’s angry, juvenile Rose Garden performance after the Senate bill failed. It was never about gun control, it was about his legacy – he’s pissed that the Senate had the nerve to reject his own political agenda. You can hear the anger and spite in his voice – how anyone dare to reject what the petulant prince wants! He’s a pathetic man-child masquerading as a third-world tin-horn dictator, unhappy that as President he can’t get what he wants by simply snapping his fingers. Commentary Magazine’s Peter Wehner has it about right:

What Mr. Obama has been attempting to do throughout this gun control debate is to build his case based on a false premise, which is that the laws he’s proposing would have stopped the mass killing in Newtown. The families of the Newtown massacre are being used by the president in an effort to frame the issue this way: If you’re with Obama, you’re on the side of saving innocent children from mass killings–and if you’re against Obama, you have the blood of the children of Newtown on your hands. But it actually does matter if what Obama is proposing would have made any difference when it came to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. And the fact that it would not have is what makes Obama’s gambit so shameful and disturbing. (I say that as someone who is somewhat sympathetic to the expanded background checks.)

The truth is, the majority of Americans don’t consider gun control a priority. And I would argue they don’t want greater gun control legislation. Like the upcoming immigration battle, most American just want the existing laws on the books enforced – something that the radical left and the Democrats in Washington simply have no interest in doing.

You want to reduce the amount of gun massacres? Put more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. I guarantee if any of the school administrators at Newtown carried the number of deaths would have been reduced greatly.

To watch Barack Obama and Joe Biden use the Newtown families as living props for their ultra-liberal agenda to take guns away from Americans makes me want to vomit. But I long ago gave up any idea that this President and his spiteful clown of a Vice-President were anything else but a disgrace to their offices. And anything the Senate or the Congress can do to block any of their attempts to expand the reach and control of the federal government into good, law-abiding people’s lives is a damned good thing indeed.

Now let’s hope the same thing happens with immigration reform.

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