March 15, 2013

It’s a lazy Friday after a beyond wicked work week.

Let the record show yesterday was the first day of undoubtedly many days where we finally had to turn the AC on. We got to 90 for the first time – a little early for around here – but my pool guy says all the signs he’s seeing (not sure what they are) tells him we’re in for a hotter than normal summer. We’ll see.

Paula Creamer remians my favorite golfer to watch on the LPGA Tour, but second place no longer belongs to Azahara Munoz (who’s still adorable in both appearance and swing), but Pornanong Phatlum has become a real favorite of mine. Cute as a button, she’s taken to wearing really outlandish, almost go-go girl like skirts with a hot pink ball to match. She’s got a beautiful swing and a short game to die for. I really love watching her play – especially to see what she wears each time out.

Just wondering: what happened to the Great Depression the Obama White House promised would set in if the sequestor passed. You can tell how bad it is for the White House when even Roll Call dumps on them for cancelling the White House tours so Barack and Michelle can spend more time cozying up to the likes of Tiger Woods and Beyonce. What an embarrassment to this country.

Prediction: The New England Patriots are going to miss Wes Welker.

Prediction: The Boston Red Sox aren’t going to see a lot of David Ortiz this year. Methinks “Big Papi” is just about done. And I’d be really concerned about shortstop as well, where I don’t think we’re gonna see a lot of Stephen Drew this year. Concussions like he is suffering from have been known to end careers.

I don’t always agree with the Wall Street Journal‘s Peggy Noonan – she’s often a little too elitist and high-falootin’ for my taste, but I think she absolutely nails it in her perception of the task before Pope Francis I and how he’s the right kind of man for the job and the times.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul never fails to say things I agree with. Of course, he’s talking about the likes of John McCain, John Boehner, and Lindsey Graham – all of which I’m tired of beyond words. I’m sick of Washington pols that go there to play the game. Paul refuses to do so, which is why he’s my main man.

Those Democrats in Washington who want to take away guns ought to think about this (my bolding):

They also said that “Lanza’s shooting spree lasted less than five minutes and that he fired 152 bullets while making his way through two classrooms in the elementary school.” This seems to contradict earlier reports that it took around 20 minutes for the police to arrive, which apparently precipitated Lanza’s suicide. In any event, it would be easy to fire 152 bullets in five minutes. If this latest version is correct, it confirms the adage that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Realistically, only an armed person who was already on the premises could have stopped Lanza’s rampage before numerous people were killed.

Prohibition and the war on drugs ought to have taught the politicians in Washington something. The more you try to outlaw things, the more things will end up in the hands of outlaws. It’s a fact of life. People who want to commit murder and mayhem will find a way to do so. I’d much rather spend the money on putting psychologically-troubled people back in hospitals or – yes – asylums – like they used to rather than assaulting people’s second amendment rights.

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