February 22, 2013

After the election I promised I would never again blog about politics because it’s become increasingly clear that as long as Barack and Michelle Obama occupy the White House no one in the mainstream media, few in Washington, and an increasingly-huge segment of the American population really don’t care that this country is on the road to financial ruin. It’s not hard to see the problems before us: our government is far too large and intrusive, and spending far more money than it can possibly support with the revenue (read: higher taxes) available, our country is growing older, which is pushing so-called “entitlement programs” like Social Security and Medicare to insolvency, and our unsecured southern border continues to invite low-skilled workers without jobs to take advantage of the various social services offered by border states. The latter also serves to take jobs away from lesser-skilled workers who just happen to be citizens of this country.

The above problems wouldn’t be such a problem if you had politicians in Washington from the White House on down – in both parties – not just unwilling and unable to even have a mature conversation with the American people about the dire consequences that await us if these problems are not dealt with, but, even worse, cynically play on the fears and emotions of people whenever the slightest suggestion of reigning in the size and scope of the federal government and federal spending is raised.

Consider the so-called “sequestration” that supposed to take effect at the end of the month. Never mind the fact this was – no matter how much he’s protesting now – wholly and completely President Obama’s idea as a way to force Republicans to his goal to end the Bush “tax cuts” and raise taxes for the so-called “rich”. What’s worse is that President Obama, the Democrats, and their syncophants in the mainstream media are doing their best to scare as many people as they can by painting pictures of catastrophic job losses and losses of services at all levels of government if the “cuts” imposed by sequestration takes place.

Fact is, and you won’t hear this from the Democratic Party/mainstream media complex, is that these are not cuts at all, but a reduction in the annual growth of spending. There are no cuts, it just that – gasp! – government departments may have to scale back plans to expand their staffs and services. Not cut. Just not expand. Just don’t expect to hear this anywhere else but conservative blogs and news outlets like Fox News.

What bothers me about this whole thing is how brazenly disingenuous the President and the Democrats are. And how no one – and I mean no one in the mainstream media has the journalistic integrity to call them out on it. And you have low-information voters who could care less about the country’s pending financial ruin, only that they get their “Obamaphones” and disbility while they can before it all goes to shit. Worse than that, you have Republicans in Washington seemingly incapable of standing up and saying “no” to all this madness. They were elected by conservatives and former Republicans like me to bring fiscal discipline and a true opposition party to the nation’s capital; instead, they’re more concerned with what the New York Times and the Washington Post writes about them and/or what the pollsters tell them. Gutles weasels, all of them.

My feeling since the election has been that, if this is what the country wants let ’em have it: sooner or later, when everything collapses the people who think Barack and Michelle Obama care so much them will be the first ones squealing like pigs when the trough becomes empty. Anyone with a brain can see that Barack Obama’s presidency is, and always has been, only about them. He cares nothing about the unemployed (if Obama did, he wouldn’t have had a “Jobs Council” that never met regularly end its operation. He cares nothing about the Constitution (if he did he wouldn’t be trying to shove his socialist agenda through by executive action). He cares nothing about competency and transparency in government (if he did he would have demanded the resignations of Eric Holder for the Fast & Furious operation fiasco and Hillary Clinton for the State Department’s actions – or lack thereof – in last September’s Benghazi consulate massacre).

Taken all of the above together, while I rarely listen to Rush Limbaugh, I have to say I agree with him when he says that this whole sequester hysteria has him ashamed of this country. Not what it stands for. Not what it has done in the past in sacrificing its blood to free millions of people from slavery and oppression. Rather, what it has become today.

To my mind, a once proud, “can-do”, and self-sufficient people has morphed into a bunch of lazy, self-obsessed, and petulant children seeking in Barack and Michelle Obama a continuation of the parenting they’ve grown so accustomed to over the past two decades – parents who give them whatever they want before they throw a tantrum, parents who make them feel good about themselves (look at us, we elected the first black President!), parents who demand nothing in terms of rsponsibility and self-discipline. Don’t want to work? Don’t want to take responsibility for your life and the personal lifestyle choices you make? That’s OK, all that’s important is that you feel good about yourself. Don’t worry mommy and daddy Democrat will find someone to pay for that – after all, there’s plenty of mean and selfish rich conservatives to fund your every whim and need. Just don’t demand that we pass a budget and – heaven forbid – be forced to live within our means.

Maybe this all plays in Peoria and just about everywhere else, but Barack Obama’s drama queen presidency infuriates and disgusts me to no end – not because he’s some self-absorbed, manipulative socialist hell-bent on destroying this country – which he is – but so many people believe in this so-called wizard behind a curtain. To think this guy is even President ought to scare the bejeezus out of anyone who cares about this country and its future. I can only hope that Peggy Noonan is right when she writes that this sequester hysteria he’s whipped up is one bridge too far, that he who “doth protest too much” will ultimately reveal himself as the political shill and incompetent that he is and has been all along. But I’m not counting on it.

And it won’t end with Barack Obama: the liberal/mainstream media complex has already started the drumbeat for Hillary Clinton as the continuation of Barack Obama’s imperial, progressive presidency. God help us if that happens.

There. Rant over.

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