December 15, 2012

Pretty horrible day. I’ve driven through Newtown, CT – it’s the kind of New England town right out of a Chamber of Commerce travelogue. People can say something to the effect that if something like this can happen in a place like that it can happen anywhere, but where on God’s earth have they been? The sad truth is, it can, has, and will again happen in places just like Newtown, for there’s nothing so unique about that town or city in America that can prevent something like this from again. And there’s really little that can be done whenever it happens.

You feel so helpless when you hear about stuff like this, but another sad truth is that the only difference from the slaughter at Newtown from, say, any given weekend in a major urban city (like, say, Chicago) is the magnitude and the circumstances involved. Believe me, I’m not being heartless in writing this, it makes you sick to your stomach to think not only of the horror the people and children in that school went through and the fright and depair of the parents and the community involved, but if you want to total up all the victims of senseless violence in this country – gun and otherwise – on a daily basis Newtown is just a drop in a blood-filled bucket sitting on a tarp of violent and abhorrent national behavior. This country is out of control in every possible way and manner imaginable; nevertheless, it is still beyond my comprehension that there are people on this earth who could conceive of doing this kind of thing. I mean, it’s absolute madness.

I’m no psychologist or academic, but it seems to me that there’s no one single reason behind this kind of act of senseless violence. Our society and culture has become so dehumanized, alienated, coarse, angry, and broken I don’t even know if there’s anything you can do about it. Between technology, a 24/7 media that requires constant feeding, the breakdown of the family unit, morals and traditions, the daily assault by secularists and atheists on anything having to do with religion, and a “reality-show” mindset where anything involving self-indulgence and self-destructive behavior is a cause to sell and celebrate. Just take a look at any nightly lineup on the cable channels: we’ve become an entire nation of wackos and self-absorbed victims thirsting for our 15 minutes of fame and are willing to pay any price to get it. This isn’t the world I grew up in, and it’s amazing to see just far things have degenerated in just a few decades.

Of course, nothing that happens anymore is outside the realm of politics, so unfortunately (but typically) you have the usual array of ghoulish liberal prognosticators and progressives crawling out from their mansions and limousines to appear on the cable news networks demanding greater gun control measures and/or taking away people’s constitutional right to bear arms. I guarantee they won’t point a single figure at Hollywood or the manufacturers of computer games filled with copious amounts of violence and death. I’m not saying there won’t or shouldn’t be a debate worth having and arguing with the ignorant anti-2nd Ammendment crowd, but now is not the time. Rather, let’s get all the facts before police are sent into every home looking for guns and ammo to confiscate. This is time for people everywhere to offer their prayers and support to all those impacted in any way by this tragedy; there are hundreds of people for whom life itself has been changed irrevocably. I can’t even begin to imagine…

And prayers for this country wouldn’t be a bad thing, either. We are reaping the whirlwind we have sown for ourselves, and the sad fact is, things aren’t going to change or get better anytime soon.

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